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BA Athletics Club News Digest 31st May 2021

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This Week's and Future Solo Events

Please help me by sending in your results, for instance by filling in the tables below and forwarding to Some events, such as the weekend achievement, will have "Prompts" set up in Facebook. These allow the posting of a single image and some text and make it easy to flip through everyone's entries.

Solo Mile (submit before Monday 14th June):

Run one mile and send me your time or add the details to the Facebook prompt. I'll then produce a fancy graph showing your time this month compared to those of other people and previous runs over the last year. Alternately join in the in-person event (not yet announced - you could offer).

Mile Participant Location Date Start Time Duration/Time Comment

Weekend Achievement (by 5pm on the Monday) or use the Facebook prompt that will be added on Friday:

Participant Event Distance Location Day/Start Time or Duration Details or comment, and other achievements
e.g. Running

May Track-on-Field Results

May Track-on-Field resultsFive results pictured here. Bob is probably disappointed in his 800m run, and Steve with his 100m (as usual)...alternately we may all be delighted with all of the other runs!

Orienteering and Hash runs

We will try the permanent Orienteering Course at Black Park on Wednesday 9th June with starts from 18:30.  Since all participants need to have a map printed for them you'll need to let me know to expect you. At the moment I'm hoping to see Chris Kelly, Alice Banks, Steve Hillier and Simon Turton but all are welcome and no experience is required, indeed those with no experience are wanted.

Now, at the most recent NOW event, someone whispered in my ear the suggestion that we have a hash run in the club. It is probably a good idea - the club used to do hashes and the format does encourage runners of all abilities to take part in the same event - and even see each other during the run. I won't describe what a hash is in this issue but just to give a flavour of what to expect I'll describe an experience I had during my run last Saturday. I was jogging along on the towpath, minding my own business but I was aware of two or three runners on the towpath ahead of me, and I was also aware of some rough flour markings on the side of the towpath - tell tail signs of a hash underway. Ahead a boat had come to a stop on the side of the canal and the tillerman was reaching out towards two of the runners. As I approached he shouted to me "Are you in the hash? I've got some whisky for you!" and waved a bottle in my direction. I declined...but it is typical of a hash to have such interruptions to the run.

If we were to have a hash it would be good if someone who knew what a hash is, and how it works, to volunteer to be the hare and set the trail (and obviously decide when and where we would hold the event). Preferably someone other than the usual volunteers or pressganged committee members or chairman.

> Roderick Hoffman

Speedbird Ladies Race - 26th May # Result

Speedbird Ladies race startIt felt very good to get the 2021 Speedbird Ladies race underway after our long lockdown. We still had to have some social distancing measures in place - the reduced numbers and the ultra-wide start line (1 metre per runner). We had 27 starters and 25 finishers. All of the results are on the website at baRUNNER Event Ladies Race page and more photographs, mainly by Paul Brandon, are at Shared MS OneDrive album.

It was close at the front - at the end of the first lap Emma Moreton had a short lead over Julie Barclay and Maria Jovani was just behind Julie. But by the end of the second the positions had been reversed with Maria crossing the finish line first and then Julie just six seconds behind just (one second) ahead of a fast finishing Emma. All had finished the long 5k course within 40 minutes. As a team the first three BAAC runners finished with a total time 76 seconds faster than the first three from Shepperton RG but that was closer than the last time this race was held in 2019, and this course was slightly longer. I've described this as a long 5km in length - Steve Newell went round with the wheel and one lap, from start to finish, was 2640metres in length but the second lap would have been shorter than the first because of the finish design.

But the event wasn't just about the fast runners - everyone seemed to enjoy it (probably including the two who only did the one lap due to various strains). The auditor did note in his report that social distancing was well observed before the start, at the start and during the race...but less so after the finish.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this event possible: Steve Hillier (dedicated first aider), Steve Taylor (entries, registration, timing & results), Denis Foxley (tail walker), Ken Saunders (race auditor), John Scaife (car park marshal & course marshal), Paul Brandon (first aider and photographer), Chris Kelly (finish & timing), Joe Nolan (car park marshal and course marshal) and Steve Newell, Paul Watt and Mike Dennison (course marshals).

 Roderick Hoffman  

SOLO Activity Achievements, Weekend 28th to 31st May 2021

24 activites recorded below with many of them actual side-by-side races.

Colleague Activity Distance Course Start Time Duration Comments
Andy Rayner Running 4miles XC Wed 00:56:00 Very muddy. Also Monday cycle: 2 x 4m cycle: out 20m 13s; return 19m 7s (with no mud reported)
Barry Walters Running 13km Swinley Forest Sat am 01:13:34 This was a comfortable run at a steady pace which I was able to pick up during the closing stages. Temperature was pleasant.
Ben Cooper Running 4.54km Cardiff Sat 00:20:31 Weekend failure, couldn't even finish 5k. Combination of zero fuel, rushed timings and running in midday heat. Meh!
Benita Scaife Running 5.75miles Hurley to Henley-on-Thames Sun am 01:04:31 Following the Thames Path as far as Aston, then leaving the river to traverse Remenham hill before descending to Henley bridge…
Chris Kelly Walking 13.7miles Ambleside, Lake District Sat 04:52:00 2,115ft elevation gain. OMM Lite Day 1 - Saturday - bit late back, so made sure to get back in time today. Marvellous.
Clara Halket Running 7.57km + 6.57km To and from work Fri 01:47:00 Failed on the slow jog in the morning (too fast!) but nailed it on the way home (7:30m/km).
Denis Foxley Running 5.5miles Ruislip Woods Sun am 01:05:00
Jacqui Musselwhite Running 6.96km Local cricket pitch Sun am 00:37:33 Including some speed work ready for the Vets league 800m next Monday .
Jain Reid Running Half-M Quicksilver Renaissance Half (Kempton Park) Sun 02:06:27 It didn't start til 1130 so turned hot pretty quickly. I set off too fast which made the second half pretty brutal for me and needed walk breaks. Incredibly well organised.
Jane Harbert Cycling 15miles To Arapahoe Basin Sun am 01:35:00 Cycled up to Arapahoe basin to ski. Into rain, thunder, lightning, then snow and then the lifts were closed due to lightning! Didn't get a photo.....hands too cold to get phone out.
Joan Foxley Running 4.5miles Ruislip Woods Sun am 01:00:00
Joe Nolan Running 2.62km Upton Court Park Fri 00:17:18 Continuing the latest comeback, hoping to crank this up a gear next week ! Also 7.16km cycle on Sunday in 26:22.
John Scaife Running 5.75miles Hurley to Henley-on-Thames Sun am 01:04:31 which point we crossed from Berkshire to Oxfordshire. The bridge was completed in 1786 and is a Grade 1 listed structure.
Julie Barclay  Race 5km Battersea Park Thu 00:21:50 First FV55 {Ed: Cheered on by Christine Munden who is doing lots of shifts with the organisers RunThrough}
Melanie Miller Cycling 50.64km Farnham to Petersfield Sun 04:36:34 Off-road ride via Frensham Ponds and a little sand..,lol…plus single dirt tracks & gravel paths. Very challenging specially on a bike I haven’t ridden before.
Michael Ball Track session Local (The Local?) Track and gym this weekend before the less serious beer bottle lifting.
Mike Dennison  Race 10km Quicksilver Renaissance 10k (Kempton Park) Sun am 00:40:31 The weather conditions at 9:30 for the start were good, and the race went better than I expected. I finished with a 21 second 10k PB so I was very pleased. I was also first in my age category (VM60-69)!
Paul Watt  Race 5km Battersea Park Thu 00:19:27 First MV55 {Ed: and faster than all the MV50s}
Piers Keenleyside  Race Half-M Richmond Park Half Marathon Sun am 02:07:38 My first race in over 15 months today - I was the 3rd V60 man (only 3 running!). I was 1:01 slower than the previous race (Benidorm Half) though on a hillier course.
Roderick Hoffman mixed Run/Walk 16km Canal loop via Greenford Sat 02:24:33 Managed 10km in 1:12:40 but then the conditions got to me and I walked the rest - including newly hatched Cygnet viewing.
Simon Turton Walking 15km Oxford Sat pm 03:00:00 Being in Oxford I walked into town and enjoyed the architecture. Avoided the crowds and instead followed a route around Christ Church meadow taking in the river Cherwell and the Thames [plus a hot Street-O on Monday].
Stephen Taylor Running 15mile Richmond Park Sat am 02:33:55 Marathon training - two loops of the park, plus a bit to round it up to 15 miles. Tough up the hills but lovely sights of the deer with their furry antlers.
Steve Hillier Running 5km Roxbourne Park 00:33:10 Biggest effort was getting home from Wembley stadium after the Brentford playoff * )
Tim Bellars Running 5.5miles Nazaré, Portugal Fri 00:55:00 No surfing as no waves today!!! Relatively flat along the beach front and marina but sharp incline at the end as I ran up cliff road. Lovely to be running in the sun again!

* Steve Hillier's tough challenge: Getting home by public transport during an unplanned closure of the Metropolitan Line, sitting on a bus through gridlocked Wembley, then discovering an unplanned closure of the Piccadilly line.  6 miles in 2 hours (but the day was worth it!) [Ed: Last time I went to Wembley after the match I ran from the ground to Greenford - so much easier and quicker than any alternative route home]

Weekend Achievement photos

Tim's photo showing the glorious sun and beach in Portugal arrived too late to be included. Have another look at Jane's instead.

Roderick Hoffman

BA Athletics Club Records - 3000m

The 3000m is another one of the events taking place at the Veterans match on 7th June at Uxbridge and you can see in the records that it is the Vets league that has been the spur for new records recently.

To qualify as a record the event has to be competitive and accurately measured and the participant has to be a paid-up member of the club and wearing a club vest (or in an in-house organised event). Members for whom BA is a second claim club may need permission from their first claim club for them to compete in a BA vest and claim the record (so the same performance cannot be claimed by two different clubs).

TRACK & FIELD - LADIES (OPEN) 3000m Elsa Curran 10:55.0 Bucks  Champs ?? May-96 Current
TRACK & FIELD - LADIES (FV35/40) 3000m Caroline Yarnell 11:23.0 Middlesex Vets Barn Elms Aug-00 Current
TRACK & FIELD - LADIES (FV45) 3000m Lesley Macaskill 11:29.0 Jan-98 Current
TRACK & FIELD - LADIES (FV50) 3000m Kay Trinder 11:50.4 Rosenheim Ewell May-19 New
TRACK & FIELD - LADIES (FV55) 3000m Julie Barclay 12:24.9 Rosenheim Ewell May-19 New
TRACK & FIELD - MEN (OPEN) 3000m Keith Goldsworthy 09:07.1 Rosenheim Tooting Bec Aug-97 Current
TRACK & FIELD - MEN (MV40) 3000m Keith Goldsworthy 09:38.0 Rosenheim  Epsom Jun-02 Current
TRACK & FIELD - MEN (MV45/50) 3000m Malcolm Field 10:19.9 Vets AC Champs Battersea Jul-05 Current
TRACK & FIELD - MEN (MV55/60) 3000m John Coffey 11:10.1 Rosenheim Walton May-02 Current
TRACK & FIELD - MEN (MV65) 3000m John Coffey 13:13.7 Rosenheim Woking Jul-12 New
TRACK & FIELD - MEN (MV70) 3000m John Coffey 13:56.3 Rosenheim Woking Jul-14 New
TRACK & FIELD - MEN (MV75) 3000m Alan Anderson 14:45.5 Vets League Perivale Jul-14 New


If you know better please send us your claim - we want to get these in the best shape possible. New records or questions:

Roderick Hoffman obo Paul Brandon

Ron Hill 1938-2021

David Barnard wrote in, suggesting that we give a mention to Ron Hill who recently finished his earthly race. For the younger members of the club it's good to know that Ron Hill was more than a seller of running kit. If you look at a list of the top ten fastest British Marathoners then Ron Hill's name is still there - from his 2:09:28 performance over 50 years ago. To the end of 2017 Ron also ran every day, at least a mile, for 52 years and 39 days (and including 67 parkruns). A fuller list of Ron's achievements is via the Guardian:

Roderick Hoffman

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