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BA Athletics Club News Digest 31st July 2017


  • Thursday 3rd August, Dream Mile, Bath Road 12:45*
  • Saturday 5th August, Run-of-the-Month, Black Park parkrun at 09:00 (see below)*
  • Wednesday 23rd August, Club-In-house-Event, BBQ on Harmondsworth Moor from 18:00

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Updated July 17th.

*Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

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City Race 2017 - Thank you

On behalf of both the London Marathon and BAAC, I’d like to thank you for your help and support at last night’s Standard Chartered Great City Race 2017. The race is normally on a Thursday but for various reasons was moved to later in the month of July and a Monday evening, coupled with school holidays commencing I think accounted for the lower number of pedestrians experienced around the course. Feedback from all marshalling positions was very positive and for those that were able to make the post-race hospitality at the Windmill pub, the catering was very much appreciated (so much so that Nick commented we were, ‘out catered’ as there was food left over; unheard of in previous years!). I know it’s not the most onerous event to marshal but I think that’s why I enjoy the City Race so much, because it’s nice to get time to socialise with not just the BAAC team but marshals from other clubs. The LM staff I talked with (Nick Bitel (LM Chief Executive), Hugh Brasher (LM Event Director), Lucy Ferguson (Ops Asst), James Quinlan (Volunteer Mgr) etc. were falling over themselves to heap praise on the marshalling teams, so give yourself a pat on the back. Special thanks to Dave D for making sure all marshals got their preferred T-shirt size.

Mike and Zara Thorn, David Duggan, Trish McCabe, Zoe Ostley, Guilaine Sheward, Roderick Hoffman, Steve Taylor, Clara Halket, Janet Smith, Jagjit Singh, Ayee Tavares, Bob and Anne Bannister, Steve Hillier, John and Benita Scaife, Chris Kelly, Jas and Tejinder Singh Modaher, Nick Edge.
Thanks again,

Simon Turton

World Airline Road Race 2017 Singapore - October 4th to 8th

This is now just over two months away so it is time to get down to some serious thinking about attending.  All members, relatives and friends are welcome.  The airline team will consist of all current airline employees (including employees of airline subsidiaries) and retirees - former employees claiming a company pension or old enough to do so and not in full time employment for another company.  Please check with me if you have any doubts on your eligibility.  Non-employees/retirees are eligible to run in the non-airline team category.

Singapore's MerlionThe event consists of the following and more:

  • Host hotel of the Pan Pacific in Marina Bay near all of the event venues including race course and many Singapore top locations.
  • Meet and Greet party on Thursday 5th (Host hotel)
  • T-Shirt Swap party on Friday 6th (Host hotel) - Clara and I are looking into the logistics and cost of having a team shirt this year
  • 10k Race Saturday October 7th at 06:00 from "The Float" in Marina Bay.
  • 5k Race at 07:30 from "The Float"
  • Awards Dinner Saturday October 7th (Host hotel)
  • Optional additional race - Singapore Charity Run on October 8th from 07:30: Singapore Charity Run 

I'm aware of the following team members registered for the event.  If you have registered but aren't listed here then please let me know.

  • Roderick Hoffman,
  • Tim Bellars,
  • Piers Keenleyside,
  • Clara Halket,
  • Michelle (Shelly) Garratt,
  • John Scaife,
  • Benita Scaife,
  • David Rimmer,
  • Chariya Romphokaew-rimmer,
  • Monica Alonso,
  • Helen Smith

...and I know that Dorothy and Martin Cook have already registered, or are intending to shortly, and probably Gareth Snook also.

Others are yet to register - again let me know that you are planning on being with us.

Registration site:

Event details:

I'm advised that they are getting close to the date when they need to finalise numbers for the dinner although they haven't yet stated a cut-off date.

Roderick Hoffman (team captain,

Monopoly Event 2017

Last Wednesday saw the fourth running of the Monopoly event.  The simple plan was for each team to collect as many Monopoly tokens as possible from Community Chest (Paddy, the far side of the field), Free Parking (Harry, somewhere beyond the Motorway Bridge) and Chance (Steve, beyond the footbridge over the Parkway), and return them one at a time to GO (Linda) at the Concorde Centre. 

Thimble counterWith only five entrants, picking equal teams became tricky, but we got close.  The Thimbles (Chris Kelly and Roderick Hoffman) managed to collect 11 title deeds between them in the allotted time, amassing a fortune worth £2,120.  They were marginally out-invested by the three man battleship team of Simon Turton, Alan Anderson and Steve Newell, who collected 13 title deeds worth £2,345.  BattleshipAll competitors timed their runs to perfection, returning to GO as the clock ticked down to the last minute, hence avoiding time penalties.  All had a good run out including plenty of exhausting hill work. 

The teams celebrated their new-found wealth long into the evening at the Queens Head.  The only complaint on the night was from one of the Thimbles, "Battleship? He {Simon} is a fast cruiser!"

Thanks as always to Harry, Paddy and Linda for their help in making this event happen.

Steve Hillier

Club parkrun results for Saturday 29th July

29th July family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
Bob Bannister 24:38 Bedfont Lakes run #281 66%
Anne Bannister 30:24 Bedfont Lakes run #143 63%
Chris Evans 23:30 Bedfont Lakes run #171 63%
Gill Westbrook 31:09 Bedfont Lakes run #74 (all at Bedfont) 62%
James Shoulder 21:01 Bedfont Lakes run #19 61%
Scott Davison 24:06 Bedfont Lakes run #213 59%
Trish McCabe 27:17 Bedfont Lakes run #194 56%
Neil Frediani 29:30 Bedfont Lakes run #174 & event set-up 54%
Ian Cockram 28:55 Bedfont Lakes run #397 & pacer 51%
John Lennon 30:38 Bedfont Lakes run #258 51%
David Duggan 32:56 Bedfont Lakes run #210 47%
Joe Nolan 27:53 Black Park run #285, 267th at Black Park 59%
Janet Smith 46:08 Bracknell run #70, 1st at Bracknell 37%
John Coffey 26:18 Bushy Park run #247 72%
Ben  Chaytow 21:58 Bushy Park run #171, 17th at Bushy 62%
Ian Cunningham 27:08 Bushy Park run #295, 250th at Bushy 56%
Jonathan Cox 23:22 Crane Park run #320, 33rd at Crane 66%
Alan Anderson 30:46 Gunnersbury run #468 72%
Kerstin Luksch 22:04 Gunnersbury run #229 68%
Oliver Mathai 25:43 Gunnersbury run #43 64%
Steve Newell 35:49 Gunnersbury run #274 51%
Roderick Hoffman 26:38 Maldon Prom park #201, BApark #348 59%
Gregory Bailey 26:38 Maldon Prom run #200, park #200 56%
Steve Taylor 24:48 Northala Fields run #68, 40th at Northala 61%
Piers Keenleyside 24:44 Oxford 1st run at Oxford, park #30 65%
Chris Kelly 19:47 Reading 275th run at Reading 76%
Steve Waite 27:56 Riddlesdown run #9, all at Riddlesdown 62%
Alice Banks 28:11 Tring run #90, 1st at Tring 68%
Benita Scaife 30:50 Willoughby (NSW) run #83, 13th in NSW 64%
John Scaife 30:51 Willoughby (NSW) run #96, 13th in NSW 53%
Kevin Holland 30:43 Woking run #82, 42nd at Woking 57%
Alan Friar 27:53 Woodley run #237, 70th at Woodley 65%
Caroline Cockram volunteer Bedfont Lakes run director
Denis Foxley volunteer Harrow run director
Joan Foxley volunteer Harrow finish tokens

I’ll start this week in eastern Australia which is in a far earlier time zone and parkruns start at 7 a.m.  In spite of body clocks still being on Friday evening Benita (30:50) and John Scaife (30:51) visited their 13th different parkrun in New South Wales at Willoughby in northern Sydney. They are likely be running somewhere different next week.  There are now 60 parkruns in New South Wales alone and many others elsewhere in Australia.  Former member Caroline Yarnell has been running more regularly at nearby Curl Curl recently but visited UK this month and ran an impressive 23:02 (79.67%) at Maidstone.

Parkrun is a time trial and not a race and the speculation over whether Roderick Hoffman (201st different park) would be soundly “beaten” by Gregory Bailey (200th park out of 200 runs) turned out to be a waste of time.  They jogged round Maldon Prom together in 26:38.  Other tourists to join them included Ian Taylor (23:39) doing his 300th run but only his 113th park and Morgan Daniels running his 121st park out of 121 runs.

There were first time appearances by Janet Smith (46:08) at Bracknell, Alice Banks (28:11) at Tring, and Piers Keenleyside (24:44) at Oxford where Chris Kelly’s two year old club record of 19:47 remains safe for another week.

Next week – Black Park – see you there.

Steve Newell

Updated club parkrun stats

August ‘Run of the Month’ Countdown - Black Park parkrun 5th August

The time is now nearly here …..and we are hoping for a really good club turnout, both running and supporting.  If you haven’t registered for parkrun before (…shock horror !) make sure you do before Friday on - it only takes a few minutes to do and then you need to print out a barcode and bring it with you.

It’ll be an extra special day for a number of reasons:

  •  There will be a partnering of ‘Active Slough’ with Black Park for the parkrun, as a local borough promotion of health, wellbeing and fitness by participation in sporting activities, which should bring extra media coverage and maybe even local dignitaries attendance !
  •  Being first Saturday of the month it will be pacer day, with at least every minute covered from 20-40 plus run/walk.
  •  BAAC will be making a kind gesture in supplying a free bottle of water and other goodies to every parkrunner, to help promote the club and its wide range of activities.
  •  Tom Rowley has confirmed coming along, and will decide on the day whether to run somewhere between 0.1k and 5k !  Taking advantage of his appearance there will some media coverage of ‘parkrun participation age range’ by picturing Tom alongside a local running 4yr old and also a representative covering every decade between them.

Black Park parkrun locationsBlack Park is clearly signposted from the A412 between Slough and Iver Heath. It is approximately 4 miles from M40 Junction 1.5 miles from M4 Junction 5. For satnavs the nearest postcode is SL3 6DS or use the club map which marks this and all active parkruns. Follow the signs from the A412 for the public car park. Just through the gate at the head of the car park there is a coffee and snack kiosk to the right plus toilets, and the start line is about 100m straight ahead. The HQ shelter is about 50m to the left after passing through the gate.

Black Park has a discounted parkrunner two hour car parking charge of £2.70 if the ticket is purchased before 9am (£3.70 after 9am). If you are staying beyond two hours please purchase an appropriate ticket on arrival. The ticket machines will take cash or contactless payment cards, and require entry of the last 3 digits of your vehicle registration. Please arrive early as last minute queuing often occurs. Please note that there are regular enforcement patrols.  We are trying hard to arrange a longer than two hour duration for the discount ticket on 5th August but this will have to be confirmed if we do manage it in time. By the way, car park revenue is spent on park maintenance and development.

We need to get all BA runners to the front of the start area at the latest for 08:55 for a picture - photographer George Mardall, who does excellent downloadable pics, has been advised already so we don't really have to worry about taking pictures ourselves.

The course is one lap on firm, flat and wide tracks of compacted earth and gravel. It is a very popular venue, with 500 to 600 regular runners and fast times can be expected. It features very scenic woodland trails and there no serious inclines.  Tree roots are not much of a hazard.

The course: the start can be a congested but this can be beneficial in controlling a safer start speed. For the first 600m there is a slight incline  with some loose gravel before a right hand turn after which the course drops and your speed can comfortably increase; there will be more space around you by then. If you are wanting to use the metronome-like pacers, don’t try too hard to ‘hang on’ along this first stretch since you can easily ‘catch up’ after the right hander!  There is a sudden short incline shortly after 1k but then the course is mainly flat until another incline at 4k and thereafter down and flat to the end. Try to stay off the loose stones on the centre of the track and run on the slightly softer sides. There is always a photographer at about 4.5k who captures everyone so remember to smile thereabouts (or better still in fact endeavour to smile the whole way round !).  After going through the finish funnel you will be directly behind the HQ shelter and your barcodes and finish token will be scanned by a roving scanner.  It is sometimes easier to bypass them and be scanned within the HQ shelter where you can admire the token sorting equipment and pacer mission control if you haven’t seen them earlier ! The BAAC courtesy refreshments will be on a long bench in front of the shelter.

Steve Newell has compiled the following info on BA runners at Black Park:

  •  Black Park parkrun started on Saturday 18th July 2009 and has been run 426 times.  Attendance figures have built up gradually and 600+ runners is now typical.
  •  Members have been running at Black Park parkrun for almost eight years, since August 2009.  Longer than at any other parkruns except Bushy Park and Bedfont Lakes.
  •  Janet Smith was the first member to run at Black Park.  She has run there 36 times in total, just over half of all her parkruns.  Joe Nolan has run there more than anyone else with 267 runs followed by Tony Barnwell on 50.  Before Eddie Giles moved to Salisbury he had run at Black Park 27 times.  Even Roderick has run there four times (so Saturday will make five).
  •  The best times ever run are 15:09 (men) and 17:07 (women).  The club records are held by Chris Kelly (19:06) and Alice Banks (24:39). The overall VM75-79 record is held by Brian Bennett (22:57) and Alan Anderson held the VM80-85 record for a while.
  •  The ageing process will work against some of our members on 5th August but Joe Nolan expects his pacing team to nurse a few round quick enough to earn a pb.  These are the times people will be trying to improve on.  Chris Kelly (19:06), Barry Walters (20:03), Richard Ruffell (21:04), Simon Ashford (21:04), Brian Bennett (22:15), Eddie Giles (22:19), Alan Friar (22:43), Joe Nolan (22:47), Ian Cockram (23:03), Neil Frediani (23:54), Steve Taylor (24:14), Alice Banks (24:39), Roderick Hoffman (25:02), Bob Bannister (25:29), Tony Barnwell (25:57), Caroline Cockram (26:28), David Duggan (26:43), Daniela Mayerova (27:16), John Lennon (27:37), Trish McCabe (28:07), Anne Bannister (28:17), Sreeram Sethuraman (29:29), Steve Newell (29:31), Janet Smith (30:26), Benita Scaife (30:47), John Scaife (30:48), Alan Anderson (31:56).

Any questions just give me a shout, and looking forward very much to welcoming you to my ‘other home’ ! If any club members would like to be a pacer on the day, let me know beforehand and I can pair you on a slot with one of the experienced squad. And lastly, #DFYB (don’t forget your barcode) !

Cheers, Joe Nolan

Joe Nolan {}

Petra's Australian Outback Marathon day - 29.7.2017

'Marathon' day arrived on Saturday, 29th of July. And, after yet another pretty sleepless night due to having been overly excited about the very long journey (one and a half days), finally it was off to the Australian Outback Marathon. I only arrived at the Ayers Rock resort on Thursday, 27th of July, on a specially organised trip. Two hours after most of us had arrived, we were already off on a 45-minute training run, to shake off the cobwebs, and to get some kind of idea of what the terrain was like.

Race day morning, a bus picked us up from our hotels at 5:45 am, to drive us to the start. It was a freezing cold morning, and only approx. 8 degrees C. Hot drinks were served, and so I grabbed the customary cup of coffee, especially in view of there having been portaloos set up for us. They looked quite out of place, situated in the middle of the outback!!!

Petra Outback Marathon with Ayers RockThe race started on time at 7:45 am for the marathon, as well as for the half. Our race number also contained the chip-timing electronics, so that everyone would get accurate timing. The course being where it is, had been measured as accurately as possible, but they could not guarantee total accuracy. The course itself was fairly flat, with deep red sand in places, turning my half-marathon into quite a challenge. It felt a bit like running through dunes. Put 31 degrees C into the equation on top of that, and you'll definitely have a big challenge ahead of you. However, the most beautiful scenery made more than up for that! The red sand was absolutely everywhere, not just underfoot, but also in our shoes and socks, and even on my teeth. Where the red sand had compacted it was fairly easy running. The atmosphere was incredibly friendly, with runners encouraging and spurring each other on. I was amazed about the lush plant life in the desert (it's currently winter), where you would find tiny flowers, some melons growing, and lemons ripening on the trees. The course was roughly the same for runners of the half and full marathon apart from towards the end, when it made the marathon runners turn left, with us doing the half distance continuing the last 3 to 4 kilometers towards the finish line.

I finished much better than I had hoped, as I hadn't been allowed by the consultant to train for half or full marathons anymore due to some arthritis in the lower back. I can run two half-marathons per year, but without putting all that training in that I used to do.

I seemed to have managed the half-marathon on one or two 6-mile runs per week (plus gym three times per week), finishing in 2:45:05. During the last 5 km I told myself that I only had the work of one Parkrun left. That thought certainly sped things up towards the end. 

I must praise the organisers, Travelling Fit, for one superbly organised race in every way. Absolutely everything had to be shipped over from their HQ, from the merchandise they sold, to the race markers, water bottles, food, tents, etc., i.e. everything you'd need for the staging of such a huge event! There was also a 6 km fun run for kids, as well as adults, and a 11 km race. All in all there were 650 runners from 29 (!) countries. The race, now in its 8th year, has reached full capacity. As the area around Uluru (Ayers Rock - in the photograph above) is a sacred place, and also an area of outstanding beauty and, therefore, protected, the number of runners may not increase much more. 

Entries to this once-in-a-lifetime trip can be made either through Mike Gratton of 2:09 Events, or through Travelling Fit down-under if Mike is not taking a group to this event himself. I can highly recommend this race, which has left me with so many memories. It will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2019 - now there's a thought...

Petra Otto

Tom's Report follow-up

Tom Rowley's report last week made reference to the presentation to him of a physical album of photographs put together by the ladies cross country team and other club members.  Helen Smith has passed on the following link that may work for you to be able to see the contents of that album:

Helen points out that the price-tag Photobox has attached to the album is not realistic so you should ignore it.  Obviously both the album, and the recipient Tom, are priceless.

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