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BA Athletics Club News Digest 31st October 2016


  • Thursday 3rd November - Dream Mile Bath Road - 12:45 Paul Knechtl*
  • Wednesday 9th November - Club Charity Quiz - Heston Venue from 19:45 (see below)*
  • Wednesday 30th November - Winter 5 mile handicap from 18:00 at Heston Venue*

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

*Club Event Map: [long Google-map hyperlink you would not type in]

Not for you, no longer interested?  remove me please.

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Wednesday 9th November - Club Charity Quiz - Heston Venue from 19:45

It's nearly time for the BAAC quiz.  Put your thinking caps on and join us for an evening of puzzlement at the Concorde Centre.  Food will be provided!   We look forward to seeing you in Heston from 19:45 on Wednesday 9th November.  You can either turn up as ready made teams of four or more OR fit yourself into a team on the night.

There will be the usual Wednesday evening training runs from 18:00 - nothing formally arranged but we can see who turns up and what distance / speed they want to do.

The quiz is a fund raiser for our nominated charity, White Lodge.  First prize is to have your team name and members published in this news digest. We expect a minimum donation of £2 per person but, since the club is providing food, we would hope that the average donation is at least £5. There is a normal bar and note that non-members are no longer being charged to enter the Heston Venue.

Please tell us to expect you so that we can get the food order right - particularly if you are coming with a ready made team.

Steve Hillier (

New Promotional Poster

I've prepared a new poster to attract new runners to join in with the club and our activities.  Please click on the link below and load the PDF version of the poster and print it out for display in your vicinity. The more members the club attracts the bigger the range of events we can participate in:

Roderick Hoffman

Winter Five Mile Handicap - first run Wednesday 26th October : Result

It is the 5 Mile handicap season again.

The 2016/17 Winter 5M handicap season got under way on Oct 26th. It was a cool dry Wednesday evening when 13 set off on the first handicap run of the season. We had 1 newcomer taking part for the first time, 1 female and 1 hitting their handicap exactly, no it wasn't 3 people, all 3 were the same person, who commented 'beginners luck'. We shall see.

26-Oct-16 Handicap run time Time gap from handicap Rank this month Points this month Total points Next Start time
Alan Anderson 52:30 54:15 01:45 3 12 12 54:30
Tony Barnwell 53:00 55:00 02:00 2 11 11 55:00
Alan Friar 48:00 46:46 01:14 6 15 15 47:00
Steve Hillier 50:00 48:53 01:07 7 16 16 49:00
Roderick Hoffman 45:00 45:01 00:01 12 22 22 45:00
Piers Keenleyside 37:00 36:36 00:24 8 17 17 36:30
Chris Kelly 33:30 38:49 05:19 1 10 10 39:00
Trish McCabe 45:00 45:00 00:00 13 25 25 45:00
Gary Rushmer 33:30 33:43 00:13 10 19 19 33:30
Steve Taylor 42:00 41:49 00:11 11 20 20 42:00
Simon Turton 35:00 36:28 01:28 4 13 13 36:30
Barry Walters 35:00 36:28 01:28 4 13 13 36:30
Harry Wild 40:00 39:38 00:22 9 18 18 39:30

The after event was held in the Queens Head where runners were able to refuel after their exertions.

The next event is on Wednesday 30th November and remember that runners can discard their lowest result from the series so so far no one is at a disadvantage - even if you didn't make it last week!

Paul Brandon

WARR Corrected Results and other news

The WARR results have now been reprocessed and our successes can be restated as:

Race Award Category Placing Runner Code Airline Name Net Time Previously
5K IND MEN OVERALL             3 Knechtl, Paul BA BRITISH AIRWAYS 00:18:12 As awarded
5K IND WOMEN MASTERS 1 Barclay, Julie BA BRITISH AIRWAYS 00:22:45 As awarded
10K IND MEN OVERALL             3 Knechtl, Paul BA BRITISH AIRWAYS 00:36:15 As awarded
10K IND WOMEN MASTERS 1 Barclay, Julie BA BRITISH AIRWAYS 00:43:43 Awarded 3rd
5K IND WOMEN 35-39 2 Helsdon, Deborah BA BRITISH AIRWAYS 00:23:04 Awarded 3rd
5K IND WOMEN 35-39 3 Pritchard, Lissa BA BRITISH AIRWAYS 00:24:04  
10K IND MEN 25-29 1 Parker-Brown, Billy BA BRITISH AIRWAYS 00:38:23 As awarded
10K IND MEN 55-59 3 Frediani, Neil BA BRITISH AIRWAYS 00:50:05  
10K IND WOMEN 35-39 2 Helsdon, Deborah BA BRITISH AIRWAYS 00:45:52 Awarded 3rd
10K IND WOMEN 35-39 3 Pritchard, Lissa BA BRITISH AIRWAYS 00:48:00  
10K IND WOMEN 45-49 2 Alonso, Monica BA BRITISH AIRWAYS 00:54:21 As awarded
10K IND WOMEN 60-64 2 Scaife, Benita BA BRITISH AIRWAYS 00:57:23  
5K TEAM Men's Masters Team 2     BRITISH AIRWAYS 49 Points As awarded
10K TEAM Men's Masters Team 3     BRITISH AIRWAYS 45 Points  
10K TEAM Women's Masters Team 2     BRITISH AIRWAYS 43 Points  
5K IND NON-AIRLINE - MEN 1 Strange, Stephen NN NON AIRLINE RUNNER 00:17:16 As awarded
10K IND NON-AIRLINE - MEN 1 Strange, Stephen NN NON AIRLINE RUNNER 00:35:16 As awarded
10K IND NON-AIRLINE - MEN 3 Bellars, Luke NN NON AIRLINE RUNNER 00:40:27 May have been awarded for 5k?

Detailed results file - [and I recommend the "other-format" link for the up-to-date Excel version].

International Chairman Revision

Note that due to his current workload commitments Dave O'Connor has decided that he can't currently contribute to the management of WARR hence he has agreed that Jen Zimmer will be sole chair for now.

WARR Awards Change Proposal

The WARR committee has confirmed that they cannot guarantee to produce accurate results on the evening after the races unless simplifications are made to the awards.  The following changes have been proposed. Could any club member who would like more information on these proposals and/or to provide feedback or assistance with these suggestions please let me know so that I can coordinate the club's feedback .  The committees proposals are:

  • Removal of the Masters category,
  • Changing from five year award age bands to ten year award bands,
  • Removal of the "International" and "Travel" team awards (therefore leaving just the "Participation" Team award. This is the one awarded based on each runner's position in either of the two races),
  • Addition of a Masters 1,2,3 awards category for the non-airline runners (for both events and each gender),
  • Addition of an eldest male and female runner award.

This would reduce the total number of awards to be presented on the night from around 205 to 136.

WARR 2017

Next Year's WARR has been confirmed to be in Singapore, hosted by Singapore Airlines and/or their running Club (Ghana Segaran as chair) and focused on 5th to 8th October 2017.  For those who know Singapore the proposed race headquarters hotel will be the Pan Pacific.  The start/finish area for the races has initially been proposed as the area used each year for the Grand Prix pits though there is a complication - the Singapore Grand Prix has been moved to be on Sunday 1st October 2017, just one week before, and this means it may be too soon after the Grand Prix for that area to be ready for our race.  We can expect Ghana to either make this work or for an alternative race course to be arranged.

Roderick Hoffman

Club parkrun results for Saturday 29th October

29th October family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
Alan Anderson 31:00 Gunnersbury 208th run at Gunnersbury 70%
Julie Barclay 23:00 Rushmoor run #84   76%
Tony Barnwell 32:25 Wycombe Rye run #120 57%
Benita Chaytow 23:34 Crane Park run #149 58%
Caroline Cockram 28:39 Bedfont Lakes run #244 57%
John Coffey 26:55 Homewood Park 3rd run at Homewood, pb 69%
Jonathan Cox 21:27 Bushy Park run #289 72%
Scott Davison 22:34 Bedfont Lakes run #184 63%
Linda Dodsworth 29:13 Crosby run #84, park #20 54%
Steve Dodsworth 23:46 Crosby BA park #298, park #20 64%
David Duggan 28:19 Bedfont Lakes run 170 55%
Alan Friar 27:27 Reading run #215, 145th at Reading 66%
Sarah Gordon 36:14 Brueton 2nd run at Brueton 52%
Adrian Haines 18:20 Horsham run #27, 4th at Horsham 80%
Roderick Hoffman 27:16 Canons Park park #173, club course record 57%
Kevin Holland 30:53 Woking run #62, 32nd at Woking 56%
Piers Keenleyside 22:08 Gunnersbury run #147 72%
Chris Kelly 26:29 Stretford run #308, BA park #299 56%
John Lennon 25:54 Bedfont Lakes run #225 59%
Kerstin Luksch 21:04 Gunnersbury run #202 71%
Steve Newell 33:30 Gunnersbury 96th run at Gunnersbury 54%
Benita Scaife 29:39 The Ponds run #50 65%
John Scaife 29:39 The Ponds run #60, BA park #297, 12th in NSW 55%
Steve Taylor 24:54 Northala Fields 24th run at Northala 61%
Emily Warburton-Brown 27:14 Peckham Rye run #18 54%
Paul Watt 21:02 Rushmoor run #30 71%
Ian Cockram volunteer Bedfont Lakes race director
Paul Westbrook volunteer Bedfont Lakes finish tokens
Trish McCabe volunteer Bedfont Lakes pre-event set up
Michael Kelly volunteer Stretford marshal
Teresa Kelly volunteer Stretford marshal
Tom Rowley volunteer Woking marshal

Pride of place this week goes to Adrian Haines (18:20 at Horsham) who has run three sub-19 parkruns in the same month and with times improving with each appearance he appears to be on a roll. {Ed: But he still hasn't matched the times of Dave Dixon or Paul Knechtl from earlier this year!}

The early results from Australia came in during the wee small hours with Benita and John Scaife (29:39) finishing at The Ponds in Sydney.  They have now each done 12 parkruns in New South Wales.  Benita became the lastest member to earn her "50" T-shirt.  Steve (23:46) and Linda Dodsworth (29:13) were our first members to run at Crosby on Merseyside where Dame Shirley Williams (Gang of Four) was once the local MP.  Chris Kelly (26:29), on a family visit to Manchester, ran at Stretford for the first time.  That makes three new parkrun venues on each of the last three Saturdays and takes the club total to 299.

There was a record turnout of 465 at Gunnersbury to celebrate the 5th anniversary.  Kerstin Luksch (21:02) was presented with the female points table trophy.  Piers Keenleyside (22:08), Alan Anderson (31:00) and Steve Newell (33:30) all ran in various Halloween theme outfits (see Gunnersbury parkrun website for photos. 

Roderick Hoffman (27:16) ran at Canons Park, his 173rd different parkrun, to retain his top 20 place in the global most events table for another week but his position is precarious and there are others breathing down his neck week on week*.

John Coffey (26:55, course pb) maintained his 100% record at Homewood in Chertsey with his third run there.

The next parkrun for London has been confirmed as Beckenham Place in Brian Forrester's home borough of Lewisham with a start date of 19th November. {Ed: So Steve and Roderick and many other parkrun Tourists will be Current LonDone Undone again in just a few weeks' time}.

Updated parkrun stats:

Steve Newell

New South Wales continues to sprout parkruns at a dizzying pace. Having done the 2nd Galston a couple of weeks ago we will just miss 3 inaugurals as we are returning to the UK this Thursday. Willoughby starts on 5th Nov and will be our Australian "home" parkrun as Simon lives close to the start/finish point. Then Nepean River gets underway on 12th November followed on 10th December by Rooty Hill. The latter has been prompted in part to relieve serious congestion at nearby The Ponds which we did last Saturday in a field of 436 on narrow paths through bushland.

John Scaife

Running in the Family

My mum announced that she would be travelling to Australia and needed help getting to and from the airport.  I looked at her schedule and quickly volunteered to take the day off on the Tuesday and collect her on her way back.  That was because her outbound flight was scheduled to depart from Birmingham International Airport at 09:40 on a Saturday!   My sister Sarah agreed to take mum to the airport that day - which was last Saturday.  I was surprised therefore to see Sarah achieve a parkrun result as shown in the table above.  However Brueton is just down the road from the airport and an 09:40 departure actually means that a flyer needing assistance needs to be airside well before 09:00 - giving enough time for Sarah to get to the start of the run, do the run and then look out for the departing aircraft from the cafe. My mum has reported on arrival in Melbourne without any mention of having been rushed or abandoned at Birmingham.

*As previously advertised I'll be returning to Gunpowder this Saturday, November 5th, to see if the parkrun goes with a bang, and I'll also be part of the parkrun tourist volunteer takeover of Queen Elizabeth Park parkrun on November 19th.

Roderick Hoffman

Stretford parkrun

Visiting Manchester for the traditional Didsbury Beer Festival (9th great year) I was determined to marshal my Friday night Ale intake to avoid missing out on that wonderful parkrun feeling you get by about 9:27am (give or take). This was successfully achieved (at some cost to all other feelings between 7:27 and 8:59).

Stretford parkrun starts and finishes on an Athletic track, and it is a very pleasant aspect to it. The field thinned out naturally at the start before heading out onto the paths around the rest of the park, and there was a definite spring in the step on the return to close out the last 300m - which was fine, as anyone going faster could simply go round the outside.

There is, to be fair, an awkward spot in the middle, where the path doglegs along a bit of road, and in between some bollards, which must be a bit tricky for the folks at the front, travelling at speed, especially this time of year, with the loose wet leaves covering some bits of uneven surface. I might even avoid it if I was going fast - but otherwise the environs of Longford Park are very pleasant, and the start/finish is cool.

End of the Stretford parkrun 

My Dad was doing some Marshal tourism (and waking me up), and an old school friend Dan ran it with me - we realised it must be about 25 years since we last ran together, at one of the Sunday Times Hyde Park Fun Runs back in the day. Tempus Fugit...!

Rgds, Chris Kelly

Great South Run Sunday 23rd Oct

Last Sunday I ran the above race at Portsmouth. According to the officials there were approx. 23,000 runners at the start. We were divided into 4 waves starting with the Elite women followed by the Elite men and then 2waves of fast and not so fast runners. The gap between the waves being 10 mins so as to allow a not so congested start.

The day was bright and mild with a 10.45 start and as this was to be my last 10mile race I was determined to put in a reasonable performance.
It was a flat course which went thru the centre of Portsmouth and past all the tourist sites of the Historic Dockyard and Spinnaker Tower. I saw Elaine at 5miles just as we entered Southsea. The route then went to the end of Southsea before returning back along the seafront past the pier and finishing in front of the Pyramids Leisure Centre.

Up to 7miles my times were consistent and I felt good without  slackening off. I managed to increase my speed over the last 3 miles to finish in 1hr 44.44 and saw Elaine again at 9.5miles for her support over the last half mile.

The crowd response was great 3-4 deep in most places and very well organised.

At my age I was pleased with my time especially as I overtook many runners on the last 400m and a great way to finish.

A race I would thoroughly recommend to all runners.

I believe Trish also ran and did a great time of just under 1hr 30. Congratulations to her.
Tony Barnwell

Retired Runners Lunch 4 13 on 13th @ 13:00 @ 1^8 Q

Or in English...

Table for 12-ish now booked at "One Over The Ait", by Kew Bridge (Middlesex side) for 1 p.m. on Tuesday 13th December.

Steve Newell

Running Shorts

Beachy Head Marathon

A friend texted 47 hrs prior to start of the Beachy Head marathon saying he had a spare place. Having run Toronto Waterfront marathon 13 days prior, plus other runs since and knew Beachy was a toughie, thought ‘Treat it as a day out.’  Feeling no personal pressure to run a time and with such fantastic views, especially the Seven Sisters (Birling gap) I thoroughly enjoyed the event.  Recommend running with a camel pack as only 4 drink stations, plenty of marshals and very supportive. Time 4:12. My personal lesson – not every marathon needs to be run hard, just enjoy it!

Colin Haylock

Late Result - Berlin Marathon

"SIX members of the Athletics Section joined 4,500 other athletes in the Berlin Marathon on September 26. David Blackett, the section chairman, led his team and finished 97th in 2 hrs 47 mins. Other team members included Eddie Thorp, Tony Betteridge, David Harper, Paul Ash and Paul Raine."

That was originally printed in the BA News edition of 8th October 1982, the week I joined the airline.  I remember David Blackett (who is still around and active in the Heston area) and David Harper and I wonder if "Paul Ash" is the "Peter Ash" I recall from my early days with the club. Don't forget that the 35th anniversary event for the club is being planned for Wednesday 21st December.

Roderick Hoffman


There are rumours of club runners finishing the River Thames Half yesterday and also running in the Milocarian XC match at Sandhurst on Saturday but no reports have been submitted hence these will need to remain as rumours until next week.

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