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BA Athletics Club News Digest 9th April 2013

This News Digest

This is being sent to you because you are on the BA Athletics Club email list.  If you wish to be removed please email us at Do you know someone who might appreciate being on the mailing list?  They don't need to be a member.  Let us know.

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NEXT WEEK's Digest should be a pre-London Marathon special.  I say "should be" because I'll need contributions from some of our 25 runners and 120 marshals to make it so.  How much training have you done?  How many miles in your peak week?  Will you be taking specific food and drink with you? And a question for the runners rather than the marshals - what is your target time? (the target time isn't for curiosity or so that we can laugh at you afterwards - it will help us to spot you to cheer you on at our marshalling points between 25 miles and the finish).  Also what colour shirt will you have on - and if you are doing the run for charity what is your charity collection page? BRIEF answers please - e.g. 26 words or less!  To us at and/or Steve Hillier Steve Hillier.

Forthcoming Events

Don't forget the following priority club events:

  • Wednesday 10th April - "Watersplash" 10k followed by social with food - Concorde Centre 18:00
  • Sunday 21st April - London Marathon - good luck to the 20 runners and 120 marshals
  • Saturday 27th April - Club Featured parkrun - Bushy Park for 09:00

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.

The full events diary is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. This has been updated to include events up to November.

Watersplash 10k and 5k final reminder

Don't forget to email Steve Newell if you expect to be joining us for the free food after tomorrow's run. And please join us for the run also.

Steve Newell (

Track & Field Championship Results

Full results are now available on the website following this link.

Eddie Giles

Alterations to the Club Diary

I will have made alterations to the calendar but could you also add notifications into the digest re the following:
  • Club attendance at PARKRUN on 27th April will now be at Bushy Park. [Steve Newell says that we may have a club member achieving a parkrun milestone that week]
  • Green Belt Relay has been cancelled by the organisers. [That is a pity, adds Roderick, but it will enable me to promote the Stockley Park 10k on Sunday 12th May]

Neil Frediani

BAAC Winter 5Mile Handicap Results

27th March

    Handicap run time Time gap from handicap Points this month Total points
Steve Hillier 49:30 47:57 01:33 3 14
Steve Newell 49:30 47:05 02:25 1 52.5
Neil Frediani 42:30 41:49 00:41 6 8
Joe Nolan 41:00 40:20 00:40 7 28.5
Eddie Giles 38:30 37:25 01:05 5 57
John Scaife 37:00 37:03 00:03 10 20
Matthew Stratful 33:00 32:22 00:38 8 20
Simon Turton 33:00 33:01 00:01 11 33
Gary Rushmer 31:30 30:24 01:06 4 40.5
Jeremy Short 30:30 32:09 01:39 2 6.5
Chris Kelly 30:30 30:45 00:15 9 24.5

So Simon narrowly beat John on the night but across the six events it was Eddie who out performed Steve N and with Gary in third place.


  Total Points Runs
Eddie Giles 57 6
Steve Newell 52.5 6
Gary Rushmer 40.5 5
Richard Ruffell 37 4
Simon Turton 33 4
Joe Nolan 28.5 4
Graham Taylor 26.5 2
Barry Walters 25 4
Chris Kelly 24.5 4
Roderick Hoffman 23 4
John Scaife 20 2
Matthew Stratful 20 2
Colin Haylock 17 2
Steve Taylor 17 2
Alan Anderson 14.5 5
Steve Hillier 14 4
Denis Foxley 13 3
Paul Knektl 13 1
Steve Waite 12.5 2
Paul Goldsmith 9 1
Neil Frediani 8 2
Jeremy Short 6.5 2
Alan Friar 1 1
Piers Keenleyside 1 1
Helen Smith 1 1

Paul Brandon

New Club Technical T Shirt - Initial Orders Required

Just a reminder that the closing date to get your "technical" T-shirt (cost 8.00 each) orders in is this Friday 12th April.

I have received orders from the following people (numbers and style excluded):

  • Roderick Hoffman
  • Trevor Plows
  • John Scaife
  • Steve Taylor
  • Richard Ruffell
  • Neil Frediani
  • Clara Halket
  • Steve Hillier
  • Gary Rushmer
  • Eddie Giles
  • Susan Cover
  • Simon Turton
  • Kevin Holland

If you have replied and your name is missing from the list or you would like to purchase one of these shirts, please reply to Paul Knechtl ( ), with the size and number of T-shirts you require.
Ladies I will assume you require the ladies cut version, so please let me know if this is NOT the case.

Paul Knechtl

News for the next BAAC News Digest? Please send material to the news@... address.  You can copy Paul Brandon and Roderick Hoffman in BUT the news address is the one that we use when the digest is compiled.

Please let us have your ideas for how club communications can be improved and please send us items for inclusion in the next Digest.  Results, news, feedback, jokes, stores - send it to us at,uk.

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