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Awards for 2023 (presented March 2024)

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2023 Recipient Reason
Chairmanís Award Stephen Taylor [Awarded by the club committee since we don't currently have a Chairman]
Last year Stephen achieved an all-round sporting feat which requires a huge amount of solitary training. He completed the London Marathon last April after a winter of pounding the streets. Six weeks later he set off on his bike for a 100 kilometre cycle through London and rural Essex, completing Ride London in 7:35.  Then in September he completed the Serpentine Swim of two miles in 1:34.  All three London Classics completed in a blisteringly hot summer.
Alamo Trophy Roderick Hoffman This year the award has been given for the most foolish act committed by a member of the BA WARR team. A warm-up run was arranged at the Calgary Nose Hill parkrun and several team members attended. Roderick, with the experience of hundreds of parkruns, managed to hand in his finish token before having his result scanned, hence had to retrieve it to get a result. And it was impossible to hide his mistake - since the volunteer sorting the tokens was a club colleague.
Brian Forrester 10K Trophy Julie Barclay 10k races are less popular than they used to be twenty years ago, but there are still a swathe of events to be run, and a healthy group of members still tackle them.  Notable performances in 2023 included good runs by Phil & Paola Howard at WARR and Ian Haylock tackling a Grizzly Bear run in Battersea Park,.  Trish McCabe ran in extreme conditions: torrential rain in Tenby and very hot weather on Horsell Common.  Julie ran an outstanding 10k race at WARR, to win her own age category, and also "win" the next age group younger.
Tom Rowley Participation Trophy Roderick Hoffman This trophy rewards club involvement.  The more events you devise, organise, help with or compete in, the more chances you have of winning the award.   It is dedicated to that great participator in club events, Tom Rowley. Once again, competition for this award was tight between three members, all of whom would be happy to be challenged for this award.  At the end of this close-run race, Steve Hillier and Steve Newell tied for second place, but ahead of them by the equivalent of one marshalling effort was Roderick Hoffman.
Menís Track and Field Steve Hillier The menís team competed in both the Veteranís and Rosenheim Leagues.  We didnít quite reach the heights of 2022, missing out on the Rosenheim Final in 2023.  However, we managed some notable performances. Michael Ball sprinted consistently, only missing one match as he blitzed the 100, 200 and 400 metre events.  New member Sean OíKeeffe proved to be a great find in field events, winning the discus and high jump in the Veteranís League.  Steve Hillier tackled sprints, jumps and all of the throws, which meant that he collected the most points throughout the summer and wins the trophy.
Ladies' Track and Field Janet Smith  Despite some injuries, our ladies still produced good performances in the Veteranís League.  With strong opposition from the likes of Hillingdon and Serpentine, our ladies won a series of running and throwing events.  In particular, Fiona Bishop had a great season on the track, while Janet Smith won every throwing event she entered for us.  Janet came top in the Hammer, shot and discus and wins the trophy for the third year running (throwing).
The Club parkrun Trophy Julie Barclay and Paul Watt parkrun normally happens in your local park on the 52 Saturdays of the year - but it also takes place on strange days in far-away places.  Along with New Year's Day each country nominates a special day for their extra parkrun - Christmas Day, National Day, Independence Day and so on.  Paul and Julie managed to find the opportunity to travel to and take part in 61 parkruns over the year.  And not only did they tick the quantity box, they also achieved good quality, both exceeding 80% age related times.
Menís Cross-Country Trophy (2022/23 season) Paul Knechtl This trophy is presented to the man who had most success last year with our cross-country team.  This takes account of age, appearances and placings during the winter season 2022/23.  Our men competed in six events.  Turnout was down slightly from the previous winter, but a combination of talent and determination kept the team mid-table in the league.  Once again, Adam Moquet produced some spectacular performances, finishing first BA runner in the four events he covered.  Mark, John and Graham Taylor were regular supports of the team, with Mark picking up two second places and Graham battling injury to complete five of the six events.  Paul was never out of the top two for the club, and leading the team home at Chobham and Minet Park.  He ran in every race, he just held off Mark for this trophy, and he finished top V50 in the league.
Ladies Cross-Country Trophy
(2022/23 season)
Amanda Coombs We had eight lady runners competing during the 2022/23 season, and the six events had three different leading BA ladies.  Emma Moreton led the team home at Chobham and Moden, while Julie Barclay took first place at Oxshott and Minet Park.  Julieís sister Vera also had a strong season, with three league finishes. Amanda was first at Reigate and Sandhurst.  She competed in every race throughout the winter, and her organisation and captaincy ensured a fine league finish for the Ladies. 
Most Improved Athlete Fiona Bishop Fiona is yet another product of the Tom Rowley stable of fine improving athletes.  In 2023 she has improved her age grade times to an amazing figure above 84%, up from 74% two years earlier.  As far as Track and Field is concerned, she has helped the British Airways cause by covering events from 200m to 3000m, and continues to break Club records, including her own, on a regular basis.  She has always finished in the top two in her age group.  Most significantly, she has made the 2000m walk an art form, with times around thirteen minutes in a blur of trainers, where one foot is always on the ground.
Female Athlete of the Year Jain Reid We have seen some impressive performances by our female athletes this year.  Mention must also go to Frankie Hogge, who completed the Comrades Marathon in an impressive debut time.  This yearís Female Athlete winner has battled back from injury to complete in a series of major races in exceptional times.  Seven marathons were ticked off, including Seville, Valencia, Berlin and London.  Her times were consistent throughout the year.  Between these races, she is a regular parkrunner in Richmond Park, and can be found supporting BAAC marshalling efforts at the big London races.  In May, she made the trek to South Africa to take part in the gruelling Comrades Marathon (actually twice the marathon distance).  Her determination took her to the end of the course in less than eleven hours.
Male Athlete of the Year Paul Knechtl Early summer 2023 was a busy time for the club.  Not only were we involved in the London Marathon, the Comrades, and the Track and Field season, we also committed ourselves once again to the Green Belt Relay.  This gruelling event involves many club members, who not only run but move cars, marshal, ferry runners and generally have a stressful but good time.  Our overall top half position was a team effort, but was much helped by Paul who won the V50 category on his leg on both days.  As well as his cross-country performances he also produced some strong parkrun times and a fast run in the Farnborough Half Marathon. 
Veteranís Trophy Petra Otto Petra has shown great resilience over recent times.  A fine runner of 5Ks and 5 mile races and with good marathon times over the years. Petra has had more than her fair share of injuries last year; including sciatica, hamstring problems and a hand injury.  So, whatís her solution?  A grumble, a cup of tea and a slice of cake?  No, she has studied ways of exercising during recovery, with High Intensity Interval Training, parkwalking, the Nordic Skiing machine and weights.  And in April, between injuries, gym sessions and hospital visits, she completed a Virtual London Marathon. She is an inspiration to us all.
BA Cross Country Championship Trophy (March 2024) Paul Knechtl and Vicky McFarlin This yearís race was run in honour of Harry Wild, a long-time servant of British Airways AC and Hillingdon AC.  Both clubs fielded strong teams.  The event had been preceded by weeks of rain, and Cranford Park began to take on the look of a swamp.  After two changes in route, the run was able to take place across heavy ground, with the areas of knee deep water avoided.  The ladies tackled 2 laps measuring 3 miles, with the men enduring a third lap.  The race for leading BA man saw strong runs by John and Mark Taylor, but at the front of the pack was Paul Knechtl for the third year running.  In the ladies race, Emma Moreton challenged throughout the two laps, but the leading BA runner was new member Vicky McFarlin.
Five Mile Handicap Trophy (2022/23) Paul Watt This six event series ended last March. Participants scored points depending on how close they got to their handicap time - with their handicap being set based on their previous run of the course. Being spot on was best, thereafter being fast scores better than being slow. Not everyone can make all six events so the winner of the series is the individual with the highest total from their best four event results. Most years the winner will be someone who has run five or six of the events and so has been able to drop their worst score. But not this year. Finishing third was Maarten Stenham, having run five of the events, finishing second was Stephen Taylor, having run all six, but the clear winner was Paul Watt despite having run just four events. Paul is the 9th different recipient of this award in the last nine years!

Link to Award Presentation notes from Previous Years

Special Awards

Year award earned Award Recipient
2013 Special Marathon Award Jagjit Singh Batth
2013 Tom Mitchell Trophy (awarded by BA Clubs) Chris Kelly

Chairman's Award

The award presented by the Chairman to the club member who has made the greatest contribution to the club over the previous period of time.

Year Chairman's Award
2023 Stephen Taylor *
2022 Steve Newell
2021 Amanda Coombs
2020 John and Benita Scaife
2019 Joe Nolan
2018 Simon Turton
2017 Steve Newell
2016 Steve Hillier
2015 Chris Kelly
2014 Alastair Heslop
2013 Roderick Hoffman
2012 Tom Rowley
2011 Simon Turton
2010 Katherine Henville (Stather) and Roderick Hoffman
2009 Paul Brandon
2008 Alan Friar
2007 Steve Hillier
2006 Alastair Heslop
2005 Malcolm Field
2004 Melanie Rook (Holman)
2003 Tom Rowley
2002 Frank Di Martino and George Jones
2001 Harry Wild and Patrick O'Shea
2000 Bill Buckley
1999 Paul Knechtl
1997 - 1998 Steve Newell
1996 - 1997 Anne Coffey
1995 - 1996 Jane Harbert and Ron Feeney
1994 - 1995 Simon Turton and Ian Hudson
1993 - 1994 Eddie Ketterick
1992 - 1993 Tom Rowley
1991 - 1992 Taylor Family
1990 - 1991 Mowle Family

* Awarded by the Club Committee rather than by the Chairman

Alamo Trophy

Presented for the most note-worthy performance at the year's World Airline Road Race, not necessarily running related!

Year Alamo Trophy Winner
2023 Roderick Hoffman
2022 Julie Barclay, Tim Bellars, Roderick Hoffman and Paul Watt
2021 Not presented
2020 Not presented
2019 Clara Halket and Trish McCabe
2018 Piers Keenleyside
2017 Tim Bellars, John Scaife and Benita Scaife
2016 Tom Rowley
2015 Paul Knechtl
2014 Lissa Pritchard and Deby Helsdon
2013 Richard Ruffell
2012 Gareth Snook
2011 Adrian Haines
2010 The WARR Core team Alan Friar, Graham Taylor; Helen Smith; John Taylor; Marion Woodhouse; Mark Taylor; Natalie Lang; Nick Edge; Paul Brandon; Simon Turton
2009 Paul Knechtl and Monica Alonso
2008 ?
2007 George & Suzie Jones
2006 Dave Rimmer
2005 The Taylor Family
2004 Paul Toms
2003 George Jones
2002 Alan Anderson

Brian Forrester 10k Trophy

Presented to the club member with the most outstanding 10k achievement in the previous year.

Year Brian Forrester 10K Trophy
2023 Julie Barclay
2022 Julie Barclay
2021 Bob Bannister
2020 Chris Kelly
2019 Clara Halket
2018 Tim Bellars
2017 Adrian Haines
2016 Paul Knechtl
2015 Julie Barclay
2014 Paul Knechtl, Adrian Haines and Dave Dixon
2013 Paul Knechtl
2012 Tony Barnwell
2011 Joe Nolan
2010 Dave Dixon
2009 Joe Nolan
2008 Tony Barnwell
2007 Joe Nolan
2006 Deby Helsdon
2005 John Taylor
2004 Barry Walters
2003 Brian Bennett

Tom Rowley Participation / Round-the-Block Trophy

This is a trophy that has to be earned by devising, marshalling and taking part in BA events throughout the year.  The more you compete, plan or marshal, the more points you earn. For its 2022 presentation, for the year 2021, this trophy was renamed the "Tom Rowley Participation Trophy".

Year Tom Rowley Participation Trophy
2023 Roderick Hoffman
2022 Roderick Hoffman
2021 Roderick Hoffman and Steve Newell
2020 Roderick Hoffman
2019 Roderick Hoffman
2018 Steve Newell
2017 Roderick Hoffman
2016 Steve Hillier
2015 Neil Frediani
2014 Neil Frediani
2013 Steve Newell
2012 Steve Newell
2011 Steve Hillier
2010 Brian Forrester
2009 Steve Hillier
2008 Brian Forrester
2007 Richard Ruffell
2006 Richard Ruffell
2005 Steve Newell
2004 Steve Newell
2003 Richard Ruffell
2002 ? John Coffey
2001 John Coffey
2000 Steve Newell
1999 Welsh Boyos (driving over from Wales for each cross country)
1998 Nick Edge
1997 ?
1996 Alistair Heslop / Steve Hillier
1995 Graham Taylor / Steve Hillier
1994 Alastair Heslop
1993 Alison Cheung
1992 ?
1991 Ian Monk
1990 ?
1989 Brian Bennett
1988 ?
1987 Malcolm Cook
1986 John Williams
1985 ?
1984 Laurence Heath

Men's Track and Field

Presented to the male athlete who has shown the greatest all round ability at a wide range of events at the club's track and field fixtures. 

Year Menís Track and Field
2023 Steve Hillier
2022 Steve Hillier
2021 Paul Watt
2020 Not presented
2019 Steve Hillier
2018 Steve Hillier
2017 Steve Hillier
2016 Gary Rushmer
2015 Gary Rushmer
2014 Gary Rushmer
2013 Gary Rushmer
2012 Eddie Giles
2011 Eddie Giles
2010 Eddie Giles
2009 Adrian Haines
2008 Paul Goldsmith
2007 Gary Rushmer
2006 Gareth Hobby
2005 Martin Holman
2004 Martin Holman
2003 Paul Goldsmith
2002 Tommy Di Martino
2001 Tommy Di Martino
2000 John Taylor
1999 John Taylor

Ladies Track and Field

Presented to the female athlete who has shown the greatest all round ability at a wide range of events at the club's track and field fixtures.
Year Ladies Track and Field
2023 Janet Smith
2022 Janet Smith
2021 Janet Smith
2020 Not presented
2019 Julie Barclay
2018 Janet Smith
2017 Janet Smith
2016 Julie Barclay
2015 Janet Smith
2014 Not awarded
2013 Not awarded
2012 Not awarded
2011 Melanie Holman
2010 Katherine Henville (Stather)
2009 Marion Woodhouse
2008 Deby Helsdon
2007 Katherine Henville
2006 Katherine Henville
2005 Melanie Holman
2004 Katherine Henville
2003 Melanie Rook
2002 Melanie Rook
2001 Anne Hurn
2000 Anne Hurn
1999 Anne Hurn
1998 Anne Hurn
1997 Janet Smith
1996 Janet Smith

Club parkrun Trophy

Presented to the club member with the greatest parkrun contribution or achievement

Year parkrun Trophy
2023 Julie Barclay & Paul Watt
2022 Emma Moreton
2021 David Duggan
2020 Not presented
2019 Julie Barclay
2018 David Duggan
2017 Roderick Hoffman
2016 Steve Newell
2015 Alan Anderson

Men's Cross-Country Trophy

Presented to the man who had most cross country success in the previous year.
Year Menís Cross-Country Trophy
2023 Paul Knechtl
2022 John Taylor
2021 Not awarded
2020 Mike Dennison
2019 Mark Taylor
2018 Gary Rushmer
2017 Gary Rushmer
2016 Richard Ruffell
2015 Mark Taylor
2014 Gary Rushmer
2013 John Taylor
2012 Barry Walters
2011 Barry Walters
2010 Barry Walters
2009 Mark Taylor
2008 Barry Walters
2007 Gary Rushmer
2006 Gary Rushmer
2004/5 John Coffey
2003/4 Graham Taylor
2002/3 Barry Walters
2001/2 Mark Taylor
2000/1 John Taylor
1999/2000 Howard Harnett
1998/9 John Taylor
1997/8 Barry Walters

Ladies Cross-Country Trophy

Presented to our lady athlete who had most cross country success in the previous year.
Year Ladies Cross-Country Trophy
2023 Amanda Coombs
2022 Amanda Coombs
2021 Not awarded
2020 Julie Barclay
2019 Trish McCabe
2018 Helen Smith
2017 Deby Helsdon
2016 Monica Alonso
2015 Monica Alonso
2014 Helen Smith
2013 Marion Woodhouse
2012 Helen Smith
2011 Marion Woodhouse
2010 Katherine Henville (Stather)
2009 Monica Alonso
2008 Helen Smith
2007 Deby Helsdon
2006 Helen Smith
2005 Lesley Macaskill
2004 Colette O'Neill
2003 Colette O'Neill
2002 Colette O'Neill
2001 ?
2000 Colette O'Neill
1999 Colette O'Neill & Caroline Yarnell
1998 Lesley Macaskill
1997 Lesley Macaskill

Most Improved Runner

Presented to the club member with the best year on year improvement to their running performances.

Year   Most Improved Runner Award
2023 Fiona Bishop
2022 Emma Moreton
2021 Mike Dennison
2020 Mike Dennison
2019 Michael Ball
2018 Tim Bellars
2017 Paul Watt
2016 Neil Frediani
2015 Ian Cunningham
2014 Joe Nolan
2013 Roderick Hoffman
2012 Simon Turton
2011   Simon Ashford
2010   Marion Woodhouse
2009   John Coffey
2008   Caroline Akazou
2007   Chris Kelly
2006   Toby Houghton
2005   Martin Holman
2004   Dennis Foxley
2003   Leigh Bickerdyke
2002   Richard Ruffell
2001   Toby Houghton
2000   Paul Knechtl
1999   Anne Hurn
1998   Simon Turton
1996 - 1997   Tim Clark
1995 - 1996   George Jones
1995   Simon Turton
1994 Judy Connaghton
1992 - 1993 Martin Bruce
1991 - 1992 Robert Garner
1990 Alastair Heslop
1989 Eddie Ketterick
1988 Duncan Wright

Female Athlete of the Year

Year Female Athlete of the Year
2023 Jain Reid
2022 Maria Jovani
2021 Julie Barclay
2020 Clara Halket
2019 Christine Munden
2018 Jacqui Musselwhite
2017 Trish McCabe
2016 Julie Barclay
2015 Monica Alonso
2014 Janet Smith
2013 Helen Smith
2012 Marion Woodhouse
2011 Lissa Pritchard
2010 Lissa Pritchard
2009 Katherine Henville
2008 Melanie Holman
2007 Katherine Henville
2006 Deby Helsdon
2005 Katherine Henville
2004 Katherine Henville
2003 Colette O'Neill
2002 Melanie Holman
2001 Judy Connaghton
2000 Jane Harbert*
1999 Caroline Yarnell
1998 Anne Hurn
1997 Lesley Macaskill
1996 Elsa Curran
1995 Lesley Macaskill
1994 Melody Collman
1992 - 1993 Jane Harbert
1991 - 1992 Sharon Kassemzadeh
1990 Sue Wells
1989 Jean Smith
1988 Melody Collman
1987 Jo Wells
1986 Jane Harbert

* A challenge was issued relating to Jane's eligibility in 2000, relating to her club membership status for that year. But it is her name that remains on the trophy.

Male Athlete of the Year
Year Male Athlete of the Year
2023 Paul Knechtl
2022 Mike Dennison
2021 Paul Watt
2020 Maarten Stenham
2019 Ian Cunningham
2018 Chris Kelly
2017 Neil Frediani
2016 Chris Kelly
2015 Colin Haylock
2014 Paul Knechtl
2013 Steve Hillier
2012 Paul Knechtl
2011 Chris Kelly
2010 Paul Knechtl
2009 Steve Hofmann
2008 Adrian Haines
2007 Dave Dixon
2006 Gary Rushmer
2005 Malcolm Field
2004 Barry Walters
2003 Andy Macaskill
2002 George Jones
2001 Tommy Di Martino
2000 Trevor Plows
1999 George Jones
1998 Steve Hillier
1997 Paul Goldsmith
1996 Andrew Eynon
1995 Graham Taylor
1994 Bruce Kennedy
1992/3 Paul Toms
1991 Colin Bloomfield
1990 John Davis
1989 Malcolm Mowle
1988 Steve Newell
1987 Allan Smith
1986 Malcolm Field

Veteran's Trophy
Year Veteranís Trophy
2023 Petra Otto
2022 Benita and John Scaife
2021 Jasvir Singh Modaher
2020 Piers Keenleyside
2019 Mike Dennison
2018 Adrian Haines
2017 Harry Wild
2016 Helen Smith
2015 Joe Nolan
2014 Eddie Giles
2013 John Coffey
2012 Steve Newell
2011 John Coffey
2010 Alan Anderson
2009 Adrian Haines
2008 Steve Newell
2007 Adrian Haines
2006 Eddie Giles
2005 John Taylor
2004 Gary Rushmer
2003 Barry Walters
2002 Mark and Graham Taylor
2001 Brian Bennett
2000 Chris Stockwell
1999 Lesley Macaskill
1998 Brian Forrester
1997 Steve Hillier
1996 Barry Walters
1995 John Coffey
1994 Allan Hardy
1993 Tom Rowley

Cross-Country Trophy

Held jointly each year by the top club women and man finishing in the BA Cross-Country Championships (or equivalent event).

Year Cross-Country Trophy Female / Male
2024 Vicky McFarlin Paul Knechtl
2023 Maria Jovani Paul Knechtl
2022 Maria Jovani Paul Knechtl
2021 Julie Barclay Adrian Haines
2020 Julie Barclay Gary Rushmer
2019 Julie Barclay Mark Taylor
2018 Julie Barclay Paul Knechtl
2017 Julie Barclay John Taylor
2016 Marion Woodhouse John Taylor
2015 Julie Barclay Mark Taylor
2014 Katherine Stather (nee Henville) Paul Knechtl
2013   John Taylor
2012 Deby Helsdon Gary Rushmer
2011 Marion Woodhouse Paul Knechtl
2010 Katherine Henville Gary Rushmer
2009 Melanie Holman Mark Taylor
2008 Deby Helsdon Adrian Haines
2007 Katherine Henville Paul Knechtl
2006 Colette O'Neill David Dixon
2005 Katherine Henville Barry Walters
2004 Lesley MacAskill Andy MacAskill

Five-Mile Handicap

Awarded to the winner of the winter season five-mile handicap event. The exact course and rules may very each year.

Year Five-Mile Handicap Trophy
2023-24 Paul Watt
2021-22 Roderick Hoffman
2020-21 Amanda Coombs
2019-20 Simon Turton
2018-19 Maarten Stenham
2017-18 Trish McCabe
2016-17 Gary Rushmer
2015-16 Piers Keenleyside
2014-15 Richard Ruffell
2013-14 Richard Ruffell
2012-13 Eddie Giles
2011-12 Simon Turton
2010-11 Alan Anderson
2009-10 Nick Edge



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