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ASCA Superteam Event - Vienna 21-23 September 2012

Dear All

The ASCA Superteam event is here again! This year, Austrian Airlines are hosting it in Vienna and you can check out the information from the link below and the attached poster:  (See attached file: Superteam Package Vienna Sep12.pdf)

For this event, the teams arrive in Vienna on 21 September. Most people will arrive in the evening but the captains need to be there for the captains' meeting at 1900hrs. The main event is in the morning of 22 September, lunch, a tour of Vienna, and then awards/celebration dinner in the evening. The teams then leave the next day on 23 September.

Individual participants have to pay for their own package (140 euros each) plus hotel rooms. What usually happens is we let the host know how many single and double rooms we need and they will make the bookings for us and we give the hotel money to the host to pay for the rooms. Rooms are non refundable so you need to be sure what you need (single, double, how many nights, etc) before we send the list to the hosts.

There is a lot of organisation by the hosts - we need to give the hosts an indication of how many people are attending by end of July, and need to provide firm information of participants and their requirements of rooms by 2nd week in August. Pat also needs to organise air tickets and contact line managers well in advance.

I hope some of you can attend, it'll be great fun!

Clara Halket,



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