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BAAC Club Futures your help needed

BAAC Club Futures your help needed
As you all know we are looking at options for increasing our attractiveness for new members.  The main deliverable on this so far is the new website which by now you should be familiar with.
The Committee want us to develop two or three further ideas to move the club forward.  To achieve this we would like to have a subgroup of four to six club members who would meet for an hour or so on two to three occasions over the next couple of months.  When and where we will meet can depend on who volunteers and the weather forecast.  Please offer your assistance by emailing me at .
As an example of options we could consider it was suggested that we could use our team presence at different parkruns to promote the impression of a harmonious group committed to enjoy and develop our running.  This is an easy idea but needs a small group to plan how to put it into action.
PS There is still scope to provide additional content for the baRUNNER website for instance there are gaps for topics such as the Concorde Race, Cross Country, Parkruns, Relays and others.  Pass to me offers to write content or simply send me completed text for me to embed in new website pages.
good running,
Roderick Hoffman



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