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BAAC parkrun results for July 8th (advance notification of BAAC 5k run on August 18th)

BA Place Venue Place Runner Time Venue Lifetime parkruns
1 2 Barry WALTERS 00:19:54 Bedfont Lakes   9
2 11 Richard RUFFELL 00:21:17 Bedfont Lakes   14
3 19 Piers Keenleyside 00:21:45 Gunnersbury 20
4 20 Scott DAVISON 00:22:43 Bedfont Lakes 52
5 14 John COFFEY 00:23:40 CranePark 124
6 42 Ian WHITE 00:25:11 Bedfont Lakes 17
7 152 Roderick HOFFMAN 00:27:20 Glasgow 25
8 92 Steve NEWELL 00:28:42 Gunnersbury 58
9 94 Alan ANDERSON 00:28:49 Gunnersbury 226

Although I’ve listed our performances on Saturday in time order that isn’t what parkrun is all about.  I could have listed us in “Lifetime parkruns” order, highest first, showing how Alan Anderson is streets, or parks, ahead of the rest of us.  I could also have listed us in the order of the number of different parkruns each of us has done – I’ve now done 25 different parkruns but I don’t have that information to hand for the rest of the BA team.
I know that many of the BA Athletics Club members have yet to try out parkrun.  Give it a go. Find out what you are missing.  Contact any of us to join in at your local parkrun (or a distant one in my case!) or put Saturday August 18th onto your running calendar because that is the next BA Athletics Club parkrun “flash mob” when we’ll descend as a team on Cranepark parkrun. Check out for an early view of that one…or talk to John Coffey for his experience last Saturday.
Roderick Hoffman



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