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Hi All

The following is for your information, and I'm looking for a volunteer to attend the AGM as I'm not able to - will be in Salisbury that weekend as running the Stonehenge marathon.

If I correctly read the sentiments of our team runners, I believe that we do not want all 4 races to be 8k, so our vote should be 'NO' to the motion to extend the distance.  However, if most of you prefer the longer distance for all 4 races, then obviously we'll support it.  If anyone can attend this, please can you let me know.

Thank you

Clara Halket

full agenda    report for AGM    minutes of AGM    income and expenditure

I confirm our AGM will be held on Friday 4th May in Belgrave Hll at 7.30 pm.

Attached are 4 documents, i.e S4 providing the agenda, S5 Minutes of
last year's AGM, S6 is my report on the past season and XL1 Statement
of Income and Expenditure up to 31.03.2012.

Included in this year's agenda are to proposals to change two rules.  

One by HHH to increase the distance of the Seniors race for all 4 matches to
8 kms and I know HHH circulated clubs by e-mail of their proposal some
time ago and I have seen some of the responses (for and against).   I
therefore remind you that only the Clubs present can vote on the proposal
and for it to be carried by least 2/3rds of those present at the meeting. I
think it is importantthat someone comes from your with a mandate to
vote either for or against.

The current rule re the Seniors race distance was brought in 3 years ago,
i.e. between 5 & 6 kms for the first 2 matches and between 6 & 8 kms for
the last 2, reviewed one year later and kept, and last year 26.2 RRC
unsuccessfully endeavoured to reduce the distance to a maximum of 6 kms.
This means this will be the fourth time the distance will have been reviewed
so I am proposing to introduce a new rule barring any proposal to amend
the same rule for 3 years.

Kind regards,

Ron Gobey,
Surrey Ladies CC League.




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