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Standard Chartered Great City Race; Thank You

On behalf of the members of the BA Athletics Club, I'd like to thank the 24 hardy soles who supported the Standard Chartered Great City Race last night in London. The weather wasn't kind but come rain or shine everyone who'd offered to help turned up and performed their duties admirably. They were duly rewarded with some very nice hospitality in a local pub, including some rather tasty burgers, hot dogs and a couple of free drinks each. The Club will benefit to the tune of 400 so it's right we thank them on behalf of the Club. Unfortunately the Piccadilly Line wasn't behaving itself, so some peoples journeys took a little longer home but spirits weren't dampened. The role of honour was as follows:

Eddie Giles, Steve Waite, Kat & John Stather, Glen & Ishi Harbott, Nick Edge, Chris Kelly, Joe Nolan, Sue & Steve Newell, Monica Alonso, Alastair Heslop, Alan Friar, Roderick Hoffman, Jagjit Singh, Alan & Ann Anderson, Jas Modaher, Steve Hillier, Brian Forrester, BJ Singh & Harry Wild (and me!).

That's it for London Marathon organised events for this year as the Hyde Park Womens Challenge isn't taking place due to the Olympics. When the call goes out for helpers next year, please consider helping, whilst it's great I can rely on stalwarts it would be great to see some new faces and at the end of the day it's financially supporting OUR Club.


Simon Turton

Quality Business Partner
Engineering Quality Assurance



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