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 Improved Communications - please consider 

To all BAAC members and associates,
The Athletics Club Committee met to consider the changes recommended by the Club Futures sub committee.   The decision was to accept all eight recommendations with the proviso that some would require suitable volunteers to champion them.
This communication is to seek volunteers for a Communications Champion.  The sub committee saw the club’s style and methods of communication as being a contributor to our inability to recruit or maintain membership.  We want the club to become more outwards facing and more inclusive for all potential members and non-members.  The communications champion is needed not so much to do the communication, though they could take on some of this, but rather to change the culture of the club so that all club members contribute to this aim.  So for instance the communications champion wouldn’t be writing messages going out to club members but would be reviewing such communications and would point out style issues, where jargon has been used that some will not understand (CIE, parkrun, Heart Throb Hash etc), where important details have been excluded (such as the date of the event in the heading) and so on.  The champion would also review the different channels that are, or could be, available for communications and would recommend which channel is used for different communications – so for instance they could introduce a weekly digest of updates rather than having all updates sent out in real time.
One possibility is for me to step into this role.  The reason that I’m asking for someone else to step in instead is because I suspect that a subtle approach to the challenge may be more beneficial to the club than the “short sharp shock” approach that I’m know for!  I will be able to offer advice and support including running the website.
If you think that you might be able to perform the communications champion role OR nominate someone else OR if you are willing to support anyone else performing that role then please reply to me and/or Steve Hillier  .
Roderick Hoffman
British Airways Athletics Club




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