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 Something different - "Man vs Horse" 9 June / "Race the Train" 18 August

Hi All

You may remember that last year, Barry, Nick and I participated in the Man vs Horse event (team relay) at Llanwrtyd Wells, Mid Wales. This is a point-to-point 22-mile fell race with human racing against horses (and their riders!) to get to the finish line first. I can tell you that humans are better on the slopes than the horses, but they galloped right past you again on the flats! You can either run solo and be in a team of three, each running approximately 7-plus miles. There are free pickups at relay changing points to take you to the finish area.

This year's race will be held on Saturday 9 June and I would like to know if there is any interest as it's the day before our Concorde 10K. Last year we stayed at a hotel on the Friday night and returned home by Saturday evening.

More information can be found on 

The next one is Race The Train - Rotary Challenge. It is a 14-mile race in the hills of Tywyn, Mid Wales, on Saturday 18 August. This race usually starts at 14:00 so if you don't want to stay the Friday night at a hotel, there is enough time to make the start if you start your drive in the morning. You'll probably want to stay Saturday night as the after-party that evening is not one to miss! This is a circular run, starting and finishing at nearly the same place. There are new shorter races being put on this year in the morning of the same day, making it an ideal opportunity for families to go on a short break to Tywyn and enjoy some beautiful scenery as well as running at the same time. Supporters may also get on the steam train that the runners are trying to beat and cheer the runners from the train as it goes round the course. If you can run 14 hilly miles in under 1 hour 47 minutes, you will beat the train and about 100 plus people achieve that each year. It took me about 2:30 to get round and I usually just waved at the steam left behind by the train! The full schedule of the races available this year are:

  • Rotary Challenge (14 miles)
  • Quarry Challenge (10k)
  • Dolgoch Challenge (5.5 miles)
  • Tynllwynhen Challenge (3.5 miles)

More information may be found at -  Again, please let me know if there is any interest.

Note: These two events are self-financed, i.e. BAAC does not subsidise our expenditure.

Clara Halket

------------------------------------------------------------ Clara Halket, Assoc CIPD Club Secretary & HR Manager

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