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Cross Country Event with Club Iberia in March 2012 in Madrid 

Dear All

BA Clubs and Club Iberia are holding a series of inter-club events, with
alternative events held in UK and Madrid.  The football event has taken
place at the Concorde Club last month.  I've been charged with sorting out
the running event.

The proposal is to have a cross country race in Madrid in March 2012 - date
to be confirmed (probably 2nd or 3rd weekend of the month).

It was suggested that to make it more competitive, we either have more
teams participating or try and 'tag' onto a local race.  There is interest
from our South Wales and Newcastle clubs, so we could make this competitive
ourselves if we can gather several teams together.

Proposal - Men's teams to consist of 5 runners each, and Ladies teams 3
runners each.  Distance proposal - 8-10k for men, 5-6k for ladies.
(any other thoughts on distance and number of runners in teams welcome).

As mentioned, this event is to take place in Madrid in March.  This is
being treated as an ASCA event (although not strictly so), so flights will
be organised by BA Clubs with taxes paid for, i.e. FOC.  This could be a
day trip or overnight trip.  If overnight trip, participants will have to
bear the accommodation/food costs.  I don't propose a delegat rate.  We
could ask our hosts to help us book accommodation and we pay direct to the
hotel ourselves although I find has great rates.

If you are interested to participate please forward your name to Barry
Walters, Paul Brandon or myself.  I need to have a feel of the level of
interest in order to firm things up with Club Iberia, and ask them about
local races if necessary.

Many thanks

Clara Halket, Assoc CIPD
Club Secretary & HR Manager

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