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March 2012 Inter Clubs Run

Hi All

This is just a quick update from Paco about possible races we can tag onto in Madrid in March. This is a good possibility scenario so I would appreciate any comments about the race distances and the date. In a way it gives people a choice of whether they wish to run the shorter or longer distance.

So far I have 10 names of interested participants from our end, including myself - HS, MA, CH, PKn, SA, DD, PKe, AH, RR, IC

Clara Halkit

------------------------------------------------------------ Clara Halket, Assoc CIPD Club Secretary & HR Manager

Correspondence from: "Francisco Puerta" of the Iberia running club

Subject: March 2012 Inter Club Run

I've found out another half marathon + 5k races the last Sunday of March in Coslada, a town near Madrid airport. These races are also modest but with long tradition the half marathon (33 editions so far). The inscription fee was 5 EUR this year, and it is easy to reach there by train from the hotel we usually recommend. The circuit is tough with many hills so it is not a fast race neither a crowded one. As soon as they publish more details I'll let you know.

The half marathon of MAD has a 5k race together. The problem with these races is that they are very crowded, point to point circuit, quite expensive and you have to make the inscription early to get better inscription fee price.

If you want to have a look, here you have some info about the race (in Spanish, sorry)... 

... and about the inscriptions (in English) 

I personally prefer less crowded races and with the start and finish areas very close, because you don't have to stand in the start area so early, so can warm up more relaxed, and leave your warm clothes in the last minute. Nevertheless this year I managed to ran the 10k parallel to the Madrid Marathon despite of all these "inconvenients", and I survived :-))

Regarding the half marathon of Alcala de Henares, it is a quite modest race (next year it will be the 2nd edition) and there will be a limited number of participants (this year they run out of the 500 bibs in one week!). I'm not sure if there is a shorter race the same day. I'll be alert and let you know more info about this race as soon as they publish it and also I will look for a 10k race in March.

I'm on it and I hope to be able to propose you some races that may suit your expectations. Nevertheless I can advance you that in March 18th there is a Half Marathon in Alcalá de Henares, a human heritage city, by the way, where we could go from the hotel by a local train. There is also another Half Marathon in Madrid city in April 1st, or even a full marathon in April 22nd. The last two races may be more expensive to enter in, and while the one in Alcalá is almost completely flat, the ones in MAD are hilly courses. Parallel to the marathon there will be a 10k race, which may be more convenient for many runners. I have to check if the half marathon races have something similar.

I'll be back soon with more details.

Season's Greetings!




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