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LAST CALL for Team Members :G.B.RELAY 19th./20th.May.


In connection with the ABOVE EVENT,we have not been able to form a complete team. At present we are still 3 short of a team of 11 runners. We are therefore nearing the time to decide to advise the Organizers of the Event as to whether the club wish to be entering a team or not. The time we have available is until the 1st April which is only a couple of weeks away.

Please reconsider your own position as to whether you wish to be a member of the Team in what would be our 9th.Year of entering this Prestigious Event, in which we have obtained an Excellent Reputation from the Organizers. All standards of running are welcome as it is the taking part in such an exciting Event more than just the awards. At this stage it would also be a Great Disappointment to the current and past Team Members if we are not willing to Enter a Team this year.

Please contact me as soon as possible for any further information needed on 01784 483424 OR Email: 

Also look at the G.B.R Website:  



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