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Heart Throb Hash "Pokerchase" 22nd February 

Please see attached notes regarding this year's Heart Throb Hash which will follow the same format as last year's game of jogging poker.

The food afterwards in the clubhouse will be "bangers and mash".

Please let me Paul Brandon or Steve Newell know if you will be i) running (and eating) or helping (and eating) ii) just eating.

There will be two packs of cards (jokers not in play) and there will be a limit of 16 competitors (or teams). Runners will be split between the blue pack and the red pack of cards as evenly as possible.

Please remember that you have just one hour in which to complete collecting your hand. Elapsed times will be used to decide the winner in the case of a tie. If you take more than an hour to return to the pavilion you will "out of the running".

Please return the cards to Brian Forrester at the end of evening.

Steve Newell  



1. Competitors may wear a watch and it may be an advantage to do so. Competitors may pair up if they wish but must then stick together throughout and will be considered as an item. A maximum of 16 individuals or pairs will be accommodated.

2. The idea of the game is to collect, in no more than 60 minutes, the best possible poker hand of 5 cards.

3. Two packs of cards (red, blue) will be shuffled (separately) and each then split into five batches.

4. The starter will “deal” a single card from the top of either his red batch or his blue batch (alternately) to individual (or a pair of) runners as they leave the Concorde Club pavilion at half minute intervals. each individual runner’s (or pair’s) start time will be recorded.

6. Four other dealers will be located in easily spotted well lit locations in the neighbourhood. these points will be described and shown on a map which will be displayed at the start.

7. Runners will need to visit each of the four dealers and collect a card from the red or blue pack as appropriate. runners must only collect either red or blue cards according to the colour of their initial card dealt to them by the starter.

8. Runners may choose their own routes to reach each of the four dealers and may visit them in any order. as always, runners must take care when crossing roads and reflective clothing is recommended.

9. Once runners have collected five cards they have the option of returning directly to the pavilion. In any case, runners should return to the pavilion within 60 minutes of starting to be able to continue in the game. runners will be checked (and timed) in by the starter at the pavilion door.

10. Runners who have time in hand and who consider they could improve their hand by swapping one or more cards may return to one or more dealers excluding the starter and the dealer who handed out their fifth card. A maximum of two cards may be swapped with each dealer who will place rejected cards at the bottom of the pack and deal from the top.

11. Swapping cards must only be done through a dealer and is restricted to a single transaction with each of the three eligible dealers. dealers will remain on station only until 7 p.m.

12. Runners must retain their five cards on return to the pavilion, remain poker faced throughout the showering process and not enter into any game related discussion with other competitors before the hands are revealed at 8 p.m. in the clubhouse. Running times will be used as a tie breaker for competitors with equally ranked hands.

13. Minimum distance covered – between 4 and 5 miles, maximum – probably double that. Maximum time allowed 60 minutes.

Ranking of high poker hands, played with a full 52-card deck and no jokers.

Royal Flush (a sequence from A to 10 in same suit)

Straight Flush (any sequence, except from A to 10, in same suit)

Four of a Kind (any four cards of same value)

Full House (three cards of same rank plus a pair)

Flush (any five cards of the same suit, not in sequence)

Straight (any five cards in sequence, in mixed suits)

Three of a Kind (any three cards of the same value)

Two Pair

One Pair

No Pair (aka High Card)





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