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Round Norfolk Relay 2012 - Urgent Response Required. 

BA Athletic members and a few other BA runners,

Why not come to Norfolk for the weekend of 15/16 September to celebrate Barry Walter's birthday, and while you are there you could run a leg in the Round Norfolk Relay!

The entry date for the Round Norfolk Relay is next Monday 27th Feb for priority entries. Priority entries are granted to teams who are willing to undertake a task during the event. BA Athletics Club have the offer of such a place and I would assume we would do the same task as last year, mark out Leg 4 on the Saturday morning.

For those not familiar with this event it is a 24 hour running relay race, whereby teams of 17 runners run 17 legs (one each) over a course which circumnavigates Norfolk, a course of about 200 miles. The legs are of varying lengths from 5 to 20 miles with about half of them run through the night. It starts on the Saturday morning and completes as a close to 9.30 on the Sunday morning as possible. BA have entered a team in this about 3 or 4 times now, and every time have had a great weekend. It really is great fun and is a very well organised event.

To run this we obviously need 17 runners, so at this stage we need at least 20 plus people who want to run, including several who are happy to run 10 miles or more, as we will always get people who have to drop out due to injury etc. The total cost for the weekend is about 100, covering accommodation on Friday night, the van hire and petrol, so not expensive, and worth every penny!

For those who run in WARR for once the RNR is a month before, so no clash this year so this could be a perfect WARR warm up!! As the entry date is less than a week away I need a very quick response from anyone who wants to take part so I know if we have a viable team or not. If you want to know any more before deciding please talk to me or anyone else in the club who has run before, or look at the excellent event web site, Round Norfolk Relay.

I look forward to a flood of positive replies over the next day or two. If you are up for this please also give me a tentative idea of how far you would be willing (able) to run so I can check we can cover the longer legs. I would just add this event is suitable for all standards so if you can run you can be part of this team.

Richard Ruffell



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