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London Marathon Training Progress  

With just a few short weeks to go to the London Marathon, the recipients on BAAC’s London Marathon places have been training hard (and they’ve been busy recruiting marshals too!)

Here’s a flavour of the high and lows of their training programmes:

22/2: I have been given it my best and hoping to be in a much better position in a few weeks time ready for the marathon. I’m conscious that I started training a bit late but I’m very encouraged to give it my best shot! Thanks, Juan Carlos Arias

20/2: Injuries are well on mend, and on instruction of new doctor going tomorrow for loads of tests (blood/heart/etc !) to try to get to bottom of circulation probs. Am back running and glad to report confident of being OK for the mara now. Managed a steady half mara yesterday (Wokingham) discovering today that I somehow had set a new PB for that distance by 16secs !!! GaryR/GrahamT/ChrisK scorched it but had gone home before I got in (couldn't find them beforehand either).
Unfortunately can't make the HHash on Wednesday or sadly the BA XC on Sunday (doing the Gade Valley 17mile mara trainer) and then three 20mile mara trainer events in March. Joe Nolan

18/2: Glad to report our training is going to plan – I’ll have to put “pen to paper” in a few weeks time to update all on progress.. maybe after the Finchley 20 ! See you soon Ian Cunningham

18/2: Training is going ok...doubt I will ever be as fast as dad though!! Leigh-Ann Ketterick

10/2: My training is going well at the moment despite the frozen pathways, however, I am spending more time than I like on the treadmill rather than outside. Went to the Meet the Experts Day last Sunday which was really interesting and I picked up a few hints and tips which I shall be using. Sunday runs are up to 14 miles – still slow but comfortable, so well on the way to being ready for London Marathon. Only 10 weeks to go! See you soon Louise Goodridge

10/2: Training is a little chilly at present, but I think I can claim to be the first person in Richmond Park on Sunday, judging by the lack of other foot prints in the snow Jonathan Cox

5/2: As for my mara training I've been in serious problems ......I ran the Windsor 8 mile MABAC event at the beginning of January taking nearly 5 minutes off all previous times (!) but then foolishly got dragged into a badminton game a day after where after a bit of leaping around tore a calf muscle and also tweaked the achillies a bit - have had to sign back on to some costly brutal physio and there has been hardly any running since - to compound this I tripped coming down some stairs a week back and half dislocated my other kneecap which is still aching. I'm also battling with an extremely bad circulation issue (GP is baffled) with freezing cold numb feet/blue toes. I did however manage a slow Parkrun yesterday which was encouraging and I hope that now I can slowly progress, albeit very much behind on my training - hoping that my increased fitness/mileage base from last year will get me there .......... Cheers for now, Joe Nolan

3/2: Hope you're well, training was going well, had a slight calf strain but on the mend so hope to be back out running this weekend or next week. James Glover

2/2: Training is going well. I am ramping up to 13 miles for my long run. The training is tough, especially in the cold weather, but I am determined to finish under 5 hours. I have been training in Windsor and on the hills of Harmondsworth Moor Park. A friend of mine at Waterside is running with me and that's been a great motivation as well. Andrew Wittowske

2/2: Update on training. Hmm, not really sure where to start! It's been rocky for the last couple of weeks. I have some sort of ankle injury, but the physio doesn't really seem to know what it is! There is no obvious tear or break, which is good, but my ankle swells up after long runs and can get sore at certain points. At present there is no serious pain, so I am just stretching and keeping on running and hoping all will be fine and it will hold out. Positive thinking, plus a bit of mind over matter should get me through :) I've had a couple of weeks off running with my ankle (it was bad for about a week but seems better now) and then I got hit with some crazy flu/fever, which wiped me out for another week. Am slowly getting myself back into it again, and hope within a week I should be fighting fit again.
I felt like I started my training late, so have been panicking that I am behind (especially with the training weeks I have missed recently). I hadn't really done much running for about 6months, so was pretty out of shape, then started straight into marathon training in January. I think I did too much too soon, hence the ankle problems. At first I was aiming to complete in a specific time (and obsessing about it!), but after talking to numerous marathon runners who all advised me on my first time to just aim to get round and not put added pressure for a specific time, I have abandoned that and my new goal is to get round on the same day I started, injury free! And if that happens to be in a decent time, that's a bonus!
I am still really nervous, I think probably as I don't know what to expect and I feel these two weeks off has set me back. But people keep telling me there is still lots of time (even though it doesn't feel like there is)! I'm aiming to do a 14miler this weekend, which will get me a little closer to where I should be on my training plan!
I'm running 3 times a week (two shorter and a long run at the weekend) and cross training 1 or 2 days around it - just on the bike, then a bit of gym work. I am looking forward to the meet the expert event on Saturday as will be nice to get together with some other first timers - for a bit of inspiration. Hope everyone else is doing well :) Fiona Agyemang


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