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Frankfurt Marathon  30th October.

A well organised and very flat course.  The world record missed by just 4
seconds, not by me though, a chap called Wilson Kipsang in 2:03:42.  The
new world record was only achieved a month ago by Patrick Makau in Berlin -
2:03:38.    Anyway closely followed some 5,000 runners , me 3:49:27, with a
target time of 3:50,  so I'm happy (about time).  I enjoyed this race as I
was far more realistic about my finish time than when running London and
therefore kept my pace consistent all the way through.       After running
London in April  I promised  never to run a marathon again, but some months
later decided to give it another go, I'm glad I did.

Just for information in case any one considers this event next year ... I
signed up apx 5 weeks before the event.
Stayed at the Mercure hotel, which was less than a 10 min walk away,
(booked 5 days before the event) BA rate 50 room per night.
Flew stand-by  on the Saturday, and return Monday, flights were wide open.


Colin Haylock
System Support Analyst
Waterside. HCA2




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