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Dear All

Please find below the details of the last match of the XC season.  I look
forward to seeing many of the runners and supporters there:)

We have been asked to provide a Timekeeper (using our own stop watch) for
this match.  If anyone can assist, please can you let me know asap.  I need
to get back to Ron by this Friday, 3rd Feb.

Many thanks
Clara Halket, Assoc CIPD
Club Secretary & HR Manager

BA Clubs, Crane Lodge Road,
Cranford, Middlesex TW5 9PQ
Tel: 0208 513 2022    Fax: 0208 513 2002
Mobile: 07789 611079

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            Ron Gobey <>


Attach are the details of our last match.

I should like to emphasise that your runners should wear the numbers
allocated to them/used the last time they competed, even it means you
may have to make up duplicate numbers for any that have been lost.
Any new runners (i.e. who have not run before) allocated with one of
your spare numbers should have an asterisk shown against their
details on your Team Sheet.

I appreciate some clubs may be running short of numbers and any clubs
in this position are requested to re-allocate some of the numbers which
have been allocated to their members who have not yet run and unlikely
to do so in this last match but please let me know the changes well in
advance of the match, i.e by Friday 3rd February at the latest as I need
to supply Walton with numbers and names soon and hopefully avoid the
problems previous hosts have had compiling the results with changes on
the day.

Also attached is my latest schedule of declared 2nd Claim Members.
If I have mispelt or omitted any one will you please let me know by
Friday 3rd Febraury at the latest (this is slightly within the 2 week rule
because I am sending this e-mail out later than I intended).

Any queries please e-mail or 'phone me.

Ron Gobey,
Surrey Ladies CC League.





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