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Gunnersbury Park Run 10th December 2011

Hi Everyone,

The results of the 4th Park club run series, at Gunnersbury 10th December 2011.

Brian Bennett   21.59   VM70-74 age grade fastest at Gunnersbury so far,(by over 5mins to the 2nd man)
Eddie Giles   22.38   Park run pb
Piers Keenleyside   22.50   1st Park run
Joe Nolan   22.52   5 sec from his pb (should have sprinted!!)
Rod Hoffman   26.00   4th Park run, all at different parks
Alan Anderson   27.31   What can I say-- 200 Park Runs- FANTASTIC- also VM75-79 age graded fastest at Gunnersbury so far,(he is the only one)
Steve Hillier   29.37   1st Park run
Steve Newell   32.30   Has been at all 7 Gunnersbury Park runs -6 running -1 marshalling.

A sunny , blue sky, but zero temperature Saturday, greeted us at the Park run , the day the Santa’s had a trial dressing up.
On the way there, a Santa was waiting at the bus stop , would have given him a lift but had a crowd around him, giving him their wants list.
Further on down the road, a Santa on a push bike , heading towards the park . beard flowing to the right side of his face, stopped the traffic
To shoot across the road into the Lionel road entrance to the park!!
BA team gathered by the start with at least 30 Santas and the organiser greeted us and welcomed Alan to his 200th park run.
No one heard the starter say ‘GO’ we just suddenly saw all runners sprint out at the start.
Brian was in front of me and every 1k, drew away 5 seconds each time. Piers caught me just after 3k and managed to stay at his shoulder
Until at 4.5k, the recognisable shuffle of Joe’s shoes at my shoulder.
You do what you have do to and I put a bit of a sprint on, to just finish ahead.
Alan was chanted in at the finish 199, 200 well done.
Brian Forrester came along to support us all, big thanks for that.
Just as we thought we had just had a perfect day so far , Piers went to get on his bike to ride home, only to find a devilish puncture in the back tyre, had to push it home.
Thanks to everyone who ran and supported on the day , hope to see you for the 5th Park club run next year.

Cheers,  Eddie Giles.

Photo below from Roderick's camera with Photoshop and Roderick adds "Ex BAAC member Bill Byrne on far right.  Fellow ex-BAAC member Mike Lawrence hadn't arrived yet - we were still five minutes away from the start time.  Bill finished 12th in 19:54 and Mike 23rd in 21:01".



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