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Surrey League Ladies XC 4th Match - 11 February 2012 Results

It was a very cold and frosty morning at West End Common in Esher as we gathered for the 4th and last match of the XC season. Our turnout was good, 6 runners and 3 supporters/helpers. It was our turn to help with the timekeeping, and Helen and Kat volunteered to do that as they were unable to run. Ian Cunningham came to support us and took some great photos too.

The grounds were frozen solid and there was still snow on the grounds. It started off on the flats but that was just some false sense of security because there were 3 climbs on the course. Multiply that by the 2 laps and there were 6! Very shortly after the race started, we found ourselves in a bottleneck situation when we came upon a small bridge to get over the little ditch and again farther along the course when we encountered single track. However, the problems was just in the 1st lap as by the time we lapped round the competitors were better spread out. Our team was led in by Lissa followed closely by Deby and Mel, Monica, myself and Marion.

Despite the difficult ground condition and the hills, I thought we runners were having a better deal than Helen and Kat who had to endure the freezing cold standing there doing the timekeeping. Thanks very much for that, ladies. It could have been me!

Our team position after 4 matches stands at 21 out of 47 teams, a great achievement by all runners and supports. Let's all look forward to another great year next year :)

Thanks to Monica, we had a feast at her house to celebrate the end of the season with pumpkin soup, pasta, bread and cheese and bread pudding as well as Deby's very chocolatey birthday cake baked by Kat.


Well, the Surrey League Cross Country season may be over for another year, I would like to draw your attention to another cross country event. This is the ASCA Cross Country event, and takes place in Vienna from 27-29 April 2012. It would be great if we could gather enough people to field a men's team and a ladies' team. Please let me or Barry know as soon as possible if you are interested.

Many thanks Clara

P.S. For those who like to plan ahead, there is the ASCA Superteam, also in Vienna, will be held on 21-23 September 2012. There will be another circulation nearer the time.



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