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Results Waterside Workout CIE 13th Jun 2012

The "Waterside Workout" took place last Wednesday evening in fine pleasant conditions. My original plan of a paarlauf session around the M4 circuit had to be scrapped due to flooding around the lake area. Plan B was quickly actioned and a suitable 400m circuit close by found. We reverted to a straight forward two man relay event and there were 9 runners making up four teams. The event consisted of each runner covering 400m with the final 50 metres uphill and this took place non-stop for 20 minutes.

The result was myself and Piers coming in ahead of Chris K and Alan F followed by Graham T and John C and then Colin H and Neil F with Alan A also taking part.

Afterwards there was a splendid BBQ and thanks to Clara and Paul B for organising assisted by Ann Coffey, Joe Nolan and Paddy.




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