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BA-Iberia Event Madrid 25 March 2012 - Results and Write Up

It all started with a couple of meetings between BA Clubs and Club Iberia to foster closer ties between the 2 clubs on the back of the merger between British Airways and Iberia airlines. It resulted in a series of friendly exchanges where both clubs take turns to host the other in activities offered by the clubs to their members, such as football, ten-pin bowling, running, chess, etc.

So it was our turn to visit Madrid for a joint running event. After much searching around for a suitable date and event, 15 runners finally entered the Inter-Campus 10K race on Sunday 25 March 2012, 8 from BA Clubs and 7 from Club Iberia.

The BA team travelled to Madrid in small groups, 8 runners and 2 supporters: Steve and Sue Newell Piers and Kathryn Keenleyside Dave Dixon Tim Bellars Denis Foxley Tom Ash Pauline (my sister from Singapore) and me

With the sun shining, some of us took the opportunity to do a bit of sightseeing and sampling traditional Spanish cuisine. The evening before race day, we met up with our Spanish counterparts for an evening meal at the hotel where we were staying. The meal was very good, however, the conversations were a little subdued due only one on of our hosts, Paco, could speak English. We had an enjoyable evening nonetheless.

Race day logistics was carefully planned by our hosts. We took a train from Charmartin to Atocha where we were met by Paco and Juan, vice chairman of Club Iberia, for the second leg of the train journey that was free for the event runners on production of their race registration. It was a point to point race, from one university campus to the next.

Kathryn and Sue decided to stay at the hotel and make their own way to the finish later, while Pauline came with us. Juan who wasn't running suggested he and Pauline could go do some more sightseeing while the race was going on as it would be a long wait at the finish area otherwise. Pauline took the bait and ended up walking more miles than we run in the city of Sol, but she did get to see a lot more under a local 'tour guide' :)

It was chilly that morning as we picked up our race bibs and waited for the race to start. There was probably more than 1000 competitors mingling around. Our initial concern that we would be racing against university students were unfounded when we started to see the competitors arriving. This was not a university race, it was an open race.

The sun soon got warmer as we started the race along the quiet streets making our way from Leganes campus to Las Margaritas Universidad campus. The course had its ups and downs although overall it was a fairly flat one. At the end of the race, each competitor was given a goody bag that include a quality race tech shirt, all for the entry price of 12 euros!

You will see from the results that Dave led the joint group in with a great time of 35:48. Paco (Francisco Puerta Robles) was 3rd in our group, and also 3rd in his age category and won a trophy.

All in all, a great time enjoyed by all who participated. I am inviting Club Iberia to come along and join us at the Concorde 10K. I hope they will be able to send some runners.

Report by Clara

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