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March ROM Berkhamsted Results

All, Sunday 4th March was the 30th annual Berkhamsted half and 5 mile runs. This one was a wet one! No rain for weeks but on Sunday it started early morning and did not stop to well into the afternoon apart from a brief spell when it became snow! However this did not put off the BA team who showed up in their numbers, with 6 in the half and 5 in the 5 miler, plus support from Mark Taylor. A good set of results all round, PK leading home the BA half team in a very good 1:19, and Bazza, recovering from injury bringing home the 5 mile team although Natalie Ruffell was not that far behind to claim 3rd lady overall. The team returned back to the Ruffell's for a well deserved hot shower and lunch. Thanks to those who provided the puds.


For the record there were 1247 finishers in the half and 367 finishers in the 5 mile race.





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