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Results from Rosenheim League West at Walton 16th May 2012

Hi Everyone

Just 3 of us at Walton last night for the 2nd Rosenheim league match of the season.
Some good results as seen in the attached list and we came 4th out of 6 teams on the night,


Getting 21 points was good.

Just a pointer to see the state of England at the moment, have we all gone mad.
No water jump allowed in the 2000m steeplechase, was it the hose pipe ban, or a leak in the pit, frozen pipes, water meter, Or health & safety . Anyway, the water jump was cordoned off and could only jump over the hurdles. on the track only.

The next match is at Ewell Court on Wednesday 6th June.  Hope to see you there

Eddie Giles.



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