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BAAC Mad March Twister results.

A Small turnout with 8 participants making up 4 teams of 2.
On a pleasant evening if a little cold once it was dark near the end, the eight participants went off 4 going clockwise and 4 going anticlockwise around the 4 mile circuit, continuing until they met their team-mate and then turning round to head back to the clubhouse.

The gaps were mostly 40+ seconds meaning some ran faster then their team-mate on the return leg as with even paced running both team members would return at the same time (as did Alan and Gary).
Harry on his power walk partnered Barry keeping the numbers even but it did mean Barry covered the most distance.  


Next Wednesday event will be the 6th and final winter 5 mile handicap on the 28th March, though there will be training runs on the 21st. Start time approx 18:00.


Paul Brandon



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