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BAAC CIE results 4 Way folly 18 Jan 2012

        On a not so cold Wednesday evening in mid January a small band of runners gathered at the end of Church road, a short walk from the Concorde Centre to take part in the 4 way folly of approx 5K. The 9 runners were split into 4 teams, 3 teams of 2 and 1 team of 3. Results determined by taking 2/3 of the total time for the team of 3, and the total time for teams of 2.
        Each team starting in the centre of the 8 followed a different route around the figure 8 course, the individual times ranged from 20m 20 seconds to 32m 04 seconds.


Next CIE Wed Feb 15th, the heartthrob hash. If it is similar to last year, runners run from point to point getting and trading playing cards to make up a poker hand. Best poker hand within the time limit declared the winner.

        See you there.

P.S. 5 mile handicap Wed 25th, and club runs other Wednesdays.  


Paul Brandon



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