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ROM Reading 5k parkrun report and all club parkrun results 26th May 2012

Hi Everyone,

Well done to all who organized the Reading Park run on Saturday, a good event I thought.

Having a lift from Rod with Alan & Steve, we arrived to the start, to find a Sea scout camp set up at the river where the start should be.

The start was moved forward to a shorter run up the woods area, 3 times round a shorter circuit and back and I seemed to enjoy the challenge.

Just 300m from the finish, thinking about a Mo Farrah type sprint, when a big b*tch of the 4 legged variety came out of the Thames, with a 4ft stick in mouth , 2ft each side, Made a run straight for me (I always get the nutter on the bus next to me, always). With my athletic prowess and practice High jump of 1.1m just recently in the Rosenheim left me in good stead to jumped over the b*tch but she had the last laugh when just caught my ankle on the way down.

With a stumble but not decked, recovered to sprint past a few to finish with a outright parkrun PB.

Talking to Mel at the finish about the sort of time she did, she said ‘with no watch I like it to be a surprise’. What a great surprise for Mel, a very good PB.

Here’s to the next one,

Eddie Giles.

Photo: A passing stranger using Roderick's camera

Run of the Month for May 2012

Results for Reading parkrun, event number 137, 26/05/2012.

298 participants completed the run today. The following club members participated:

9    Christopher T KELLY   (with 4 legged assistance from MIA)  00:19:32
50    Eddie GILES    00:22:10
95    Joe NOLAN    00:24:04
107    Melanie HOLMAN    00:24:38
122    Alan FRIAR    00:25:38
149    Roderick HOFFMAN    00:27:17
194    Alan ANDERSON    00:29:35
218    Steve NEWELL    00:31:07

Other parkrun results for British Airways AC on the same day:

Results for Bedfont Lakes parkrun, event number 156, 26/05/2012. 103 participants. The following club members participated:

25    Scott DAVISON    00:23:41
40    Ian WHITE    00:25:17
71    Neil FREDIANI    00:29:06

Results for Bushy Park parkrun, event number 412, 26/05/2012. 894 participants. The following club members participated:

111    Ian CUNNINGHAM    00:21:30
212    John COFFEY    00:23:08
237    Oliver MATHAI    00:23:33

Results for Guildford parkrun, event number 11, 26/05/2012. 89 participants. The following club members participated:

45    Monica ALONSO    00:27:36

Above summary by Steve Newell using parkrun stats.

What about you?  Did you also run a parkrun on Saturday 25th May?  If you did but you are not listed here then please check your parkrun profile and ensure that your Running Club is entered as "British Airways AC".



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