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Singapore Marathon 2011

My Singapore Marathon Report:

The Singapore Marathon started for me at the race pack collection expo -
I'd booked my collection time for between 1900-2100 as my flight was
scheduled to land at 1700hrs.  The queue snaked in and out round the large
conference hall and I was pretty sure we'd walked the marathon distance by
the time we got to the collection point.  It was moving fairly quickly
though and the organisation was efficient.

The race itself started at 0500hrs in fresh 24degC temperatures!  There
were 20,000 full marathon runners and although everyone got into different
pens before the start according to our own estimated times, it only took a
minute before we crossed the start line.  The start point was beautifully
lit with Christmas lights, along the famous shopping precinct Orchard Road.
It then went through Marina Bay and Chinatown (where we encountered a
bottleneck situation and reduced to stop-start because they'd only closed
one lane of the road instead of two!).  When we hit the East Coast section
along the beach, it was just as the sun was appearing and was beautiful,
but it was a very loooong route right to the other end and then double
back, which can be demoralising when you start to see runners coming from
the other direction!

It was also getting hot and humid.  I stopped to take a drink at every
drink station, which was every 3km.  At 19km, we ran through a cooling
station, a marquee type tunnel with fans and water vapours, but I was
pretty sure it was spurting out hot air!  There were also stations where
Sholtz gel and tiger balm muscle rubs were dished out.

At about the 36km mark I started to suffer from cramps in my right calf and
had to walk a fair bit.  I was glad to be walking by then, to be honest.  I
was feeling the heat and kept pouring water over my head. I did another
little trot up the last bridge and dragged myself over the finish line in
5:24hrs.  That was about an hour over what I would have like to achieve but
hey-ho, I survived with no blisters and no aching muscles the next day.
The plantar fasciitis did flare up a little though.

Altogether across all distances - Kids Dash, 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, Full
Marathon and the Corporate Relay (6 in the team), there were about 65,000
runners.  Maybe we could send a couple of teams to run the relay next

One fatality was recorded when a 22-year old local man collapsed on
finishing the HM and died in hospital an hour later.  He was reportedly a
fit young man who'd just complete his national service and ran regularly.

Clara Halket




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