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Ladies XC at Richmond Park Saturday 3 December

Richmond Park 3 December
Clara is in SIN running a marathon and we're supposed to be in Richmond Park for our 2nd XC which means that it is the last of the two shorter runs (5-6K).   Next year's fixtures will be in the order of 7-8K in length.  
Well most of the team are at the start talking to Barry who has kindly brought along the BA Banner......Liz and I (we have the numbers) are stuck in very slow traffic going the long way round Richmond Park.... and ....  we meet up with some others practising road rage whilst we're trying to get into the car park........... we wait and wait and wait to get into the car park.  I seem to remember that we got into the Park some 25 minutes before we managed to get to the start line.   Deby who cycled had no such problems and got a good warm up just getting to the race.  Well we got a good warm up just jogging to the start!
Very nice to have our own club banner and it makes it much easier to spot 'our camp' when in a hurry.   Thank you to the Committee for getting it.   With less than 5 minutes to fish out the numbers, say hello and get ready, we're at the start line just in time, phew!   Mark Taylor has kindly gone to find another of our team who is still stuck in the massive queue to get into the car park.   Thanks Barry for handing in the declaration.  
Well now that the race has started, I can tell that its turned into a lovely sunny winter's day, the ground is dryish and the route varied as it follows a short loop and then sweeps by the lake for the second loop.   There is a gentle hill with first the descent then the climb, ugh!    Liz and Deby have jetted off at the front of the pack whilst  Marion and I make our way round the course and appreciate support from Barry, Ann and John Coffey, John and Mark Taylor and Tom.  We even get encouragement from friends from our rival clubs who cheer us on knowing that we're not a threat to their club!  
The field is large and strong, there must be about 250+ runners in this race and practically all of them are infront of me.   The end is in sight though and so is the coffee, hot chocolate and a few chocolate biscuits!   Liz and Deby (with Debs on her return to running and xc) had been back sometime.  Well done Team.   I don't have the results, but allowing for parking problems etc we did our best...........   and THANKS to our supporters, it was great having you there.  
LADIES and Club members- our 2 further Surrey League fixtures are:
 XC 14 Jan  Coulsdon at noon, which I remember as a very picturesque route along the top of a ridge and then running through some woods.
11 February at Esher also at noon - this is mostly wooded, but if its like the last time we were at Esher, the start is rather fun as it goes around the green by the duck pond before diving into the woods.
Clara, hope your SIN Marathon went well, looking forward to hearing about it and to having you back running with us and taking care of the numbers!




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