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The Concorde One Hour Race - Sunday 5th June 2022 [post event update]

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Concorde One Hour Race - Sunday 5th June 2022

Concorde LogoThis is a race to see how far you can run in one hour. Mo Farah holds the world record with 21.33km and Sifan Hassan holds the ladies record at 18.93km. How far can you run or walk in 60 minutes? 5km – easy, a comfortable walk in the park, but how about 10km, 12km, or perhaps even 15km? Are you a member of a club? What is your club record for the one hour event? Perhaps this is your opportunity to set one.

The Hillingdon Cycle Circuit in Hayes is a closed road course with a circuit of just under one mile. It has been reserved for runners for the morning of Sunday 5th June. We will record each of your laps and calculate your total distance and we'll have prizes for those achieving the furthest distances. Your entry will include:

  • A closed traffic-free road circuit – also great for spectators and with no headphone restrictions,
  • 10km time for those able to run at under 7min km pace,
  • Covered changing facilities and toilets,
  • First aid cover,
  • On course water and refreshments at the end,
  • Distinctive but sustainable UK made medal (simulated in the image here),
  • Charity donation automatically deducted from your entry fee (min £1 per runner),
  • Individual prizes,
  • Children’s race for children of participants,
  • UK Athletics License: 2022-43345


Full details and entry is on the Active Training World (ATW) site:

Below is an FAQ on the event. These will be updated as we get closer to the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to wear a running number?

Your running number must be worn on your front and clearly visible throughout the event. We will also provide a second number to be worn on your back. We cannot guarantee you a result if you do not wear these numbers as specified. We need to record your time every lap so we must rely on being able to see your number - we cannot stop you and ask every lap!  In distance events it is possible to confirm a runner's number after they have finished but that will not be possible in this lap-by-lap event.

Course Measurement LogoHow long is each lap?

The distance from the start line to the finish line on the first completed lap will be 1078m and subsequent laps will be 1487m in length. The start and finish lines will be carefully positioned so that runners crossing the finish line for the seventh time will have completed exactly 10km. The course has been measured and certified by the Association of UK Course Measurers. The measurement is made out for "10k" although the background detail will enable us to calculate any distance run in the one hour. Click on the logo to see the certificate.

How will the one hour distance be determined?

We will record your time every time you cross the finish line at the end of each lap. Your one hour distance will consist of the sum of:

  • The distance covered when you crossed the line for the last time before the hour was up,
  • A calculated distance for the portion of your next lap, based on your time for that lap and how much time had been remaining.

Don't worry about this - we will perform the calculations for you!  But for instance, if you run at a speed of exactly 7minute kilometers, you would cross the finish line for the 6th time (8.514km) at 0:59:36 so be able to complete a further lap. Providing you kept the speed up you would cross the line for the 7th time (10km) at 1:10:00 and we would estimate your one hour distance as 8.514 + 1.487 x (01:00:00 - 0:59:36) / (1:10:00 - 0:59:36) = 8.571km .  If you slowed down on the 7th lap, or didn't complete it, your distance would never be less than 8.514km.

I want to run 10km and get a 10km time

As the one hour distance example shows, provided you can maintain 7minute kilometer pace (35minutes for 5k) you will be able to complete the seventh lap and get a 10km time, though your one hour distance will be recorded as less than 10km.

What are the prizes and what age categories will there be?

The prize fund is being set at 10% of the pre-race day entry fee total. This will be split across age groups with sufficient participation.  The decision on which age groups will have their own prizes, and how many, will be made a few days before the event taking into account the number of entries in each age group.

Who can take part?

The event is open to all competitors aged 16 and upwards competing on their feet or in wheelchairs. Buggies are permitted but please take care. Runners with dogs are permitted but note a maximum of one dog per entrant, to use a short lead and those with dogs will not qualify for the prizes. Cycles and scooters are banned from the course other than if needed by marshals or first aiders.

Will there be a team competition with prizes?

No. With a maximum field size of fifty it is unlikely that there could be many teams entered. However to help us plan for next year's larger event we will monitor the combined results of teams of three with at least one of them being a lady. Teams need to be identified on the entry form with identical team names. For larger clubs and groups with more than three entrants we may communicate with you to form different teams (A, B etc.). This is not a relay - each member of the team has to get get a one-hour distance and the three distances combined will be the total distance for the team.

How green is this event?

The medal is from the company Zero Waste Medals with the medal itself made in the UK from wood. The ribbon is satin with a plastic clip but any spare or unwanted ribbons can be returned to the company for reuse or recycling.

You are encouraged to bring your own water but additional water will be provided in plastic cups at the end of the lap. All used plastic cups will be collected from the course for potential recycling.

We ask you to dispose of rubbish responsibly and can confirm that the site will be cleared of all rubbish before we leave.

How Charitable is this event?

A minimum of £1 per participant will be given to the charity Dreamflight.  In addition, any proceeds from the event will be split 50/50 between Dreamflight and a future event fund.

What is the schedule?

Subject to change:

  • Registration from 08:30,
  • Children's race start at 09:15,
  • One Hour Race Briefing 09:50,
  • One Hour Race start at 10:00,
  • Awards 11:30.

Concorde Race Results?

Results will be available from the following day on this webpage and by email to all entrants.

The Concorde Road Race is British Airways Athletics Club's most important annually organised race.  From 2013 to 2018 it was a five mile race. For results from previous years of the Concorde Race see Concorde Five

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