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BA Athletics Club News Digest 1st April 2019


  • Thursday 4th April Dream Mile Bath Road from 12:45 *
  • Wednesday 10th April "Watersplash" 10k (and 5k) club races from the Bedfont Club from 18:00 #*
  • Saturday 13th April Club Featured parkrun at Brooklands parkrun near Weybridge starts 09:00 #*

We meet at 18:00 at the Bedfont Club on most Wednesdays throughout the year.

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events. The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Last updated: 11th February.

* Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps] (parkrun details updated 20th March) / # Club Points event.

Facebook: (formal "front window" club page), BA Runner Facebook Group (informal "back office" - ask to join).

Inclusions, with photos, please to Roderick Hoffman at

Editorial - everything in this April 1st issue is the gospel truth, as written by Jesus' own hand.

Dream Mile this Thursday from 12:45

I've just checked the BBC weather forecast for Thursday and it says, "gentle breeze"!  Honest Gov., check it yourself if you don't believe me. See you at the start line.

Dear Members,

The new Membership Year starts again on 1st April 2019, so Subs are due. Membership remains (a bargain! at) £9 - and this year England Athletics are also keeping individual Affiliation Fees at £15. So please submit your £9 or £24 via the usual channels: Electronically to BAAC 60-02-60 / 10096647; Cheque payable to "British Airways AC" to myself, or your nearest Committee Member; or Cash likewise if you must...

Thanks in advance for your promptitude!


Chris Kelly (Treasurer)

The Chairman adds - adopting a firm voice: Please notify Alan Friar (membership secretary) if your BA Clubs membership changes, or if you are considering changing it (leaving or joining). This makes a difference to our funding and relationship with BA Clubs. BA Clubs themselves have now moved to be based at the Bedfont Club.  I expect BA Clubs to fund all of its members at that club (as they have done for at least a dozen of us last year).  I expect anyone running with BAAC at the Bedfont Club to either join BA Clubs or make their own arrangements with the Bedfont Club. The occasional guest visit will be fine but beyond that Bedfont Club fees are very reasonable and BA Clubs fees also, if you use the additional benefits of membership. Contact me if you want more details.

Roderick Hoffman (Chairman)

Five-Mile Winter Handicap Wednesday 27th March #

For the sixth and final leg of the 2018-19 winter handicap six runners enjoyed cool and calm conditions and the start, at least, in daylight.  Everyone had run the course before and no navigation problems were reported on an evening when traffic jams were widespread. Everyone completed the five miles within two minutes (some faster, some slower) of their target time.  Benita and John Scaife were joint winners on the evening being only 10 seconds adrift.

Gary Rushmer had done a whole lap as a warm-up and claimed a negative split for his 10 mile evening so it looks like his marathon training is on track.

Run 6 results:

  • Benita and John Scaife 53:40 (23 points each);
  • Maarten Stenham 36:00 (18 points);
  • Roderick Hoffman 47:52 (16 points);
  • Gary Rushmer 37:30 (15 points);
  • Steve Hillier 52:57 (14 points)

Final League Table (best four scores out of max 6 to count):

  • Maarten Stenham  (ran all 6) 89 pts
  • Roderick Hoffman (ran 5) 72
  • Steve Hillier  (5) 67
  • Simon Turton (ran 4, incl 1 dnf) 62; Trish McCabe (3) 52 ; Gary Rushmer (3) 43, Neil Frediani (3) 42 pts.
  • also ran at least once - Chris Kelly, Lydia Bennett, Benita Scaife, John Scaife, Alan Friar, Piers Keenleyside, Richard Ruffell, Paul Knechtl (course record 31:12), Kelly Davis, Julie Barclay, Jacqui Musselwhite, Paul Davis.  Also non-scoring guests Poala and Phil Howard.

The club digital clock in the Bedfont Club car park has been a prominent feature of the series throughout the winter.  Thanks to Roderick for arranging storage, transport and set up.

Steve Newell

Track is Back - Summer 2019!

Yes itís true, the clocks have changed, and a new season of Track & Field is almost upon us.  We can offer competition for all standards, whether you are a beginner, a star sprinter, a field athlete, or a veteran.  Please come along and enjoy something from the track and field menu.

Monday evenings:  With the exception of the Bank Holidays, there is something available every week throughout the summer.  We organise in-house competitions (AKA Grand Prix events) at the Uxbridge Track, and during the season we will work our way through a full range of running distances, throws and jumps.  If youíve never tried a Shot Put or 1000m, this is your opportunity!

We compete in the Southern Veterans League, a chance for everyone from 35 to 95 to compete against their peers in age graded events.  These are all located in the West London area.

On the Mondays without competitions, we continue to train at Uxbridge track Ė an opportunity to improve your pacing, fitness and technique.

Contact for Mondays: Steve Hillier

Wednesday evenings:  We compete in the Rosenheim League, a friendly T&F competition spread around tracks in NW Surrey.  Again, all standards are welcome and you will find someone to compete with, whether you plan to run an 11 second 100 metres, a relaxed 3000m, or try a field event.  Last year, both league teams grew as the season progressed, and the performances of our relay squads were legendary! Ed: Well, we have fielded teams OF legends.

Contact for Wednesdays:  Neil Frediani

Here are the planned dates for April and May:

  • Mon 8th Apr:  Track training, Uxbridge
  • Mon 15th Apr:  Grand Prix, Uxbridge:  1500m & Discus
  • Mon 29th Apr:  Track training, Uxbridge
  • Wed 1st May:  Rosenheim League, Sutton
  • Mon 13th May:  Veteranís League, Battersea
  • Mon 20th May:  Grand Prix, Uxbridge:  1000m, Shot, Long Jump & Wellie Wanging
  • Wed 29th May:  Rosenheim League, Ewell

Steve Hillier

Neil Frediani

Wednesday 20th March NOW run at Brooklands report

NOW Concorde photoWe met, we ran and we Concorde!  Photo for last week's report featuring, from left to right: a representative of a lady with a pointed nose on her 50th birthday, Roderick Hoffman, Barry Walters, Christine Munden, Alice Banks, Chris Stockwell and Steve Newell.

The next visit to Brooklands is a week on Saturday when we'll be having a Club Featured parkrun there.

The next NOW event will be on Wednesday 17th April at Headstone Manor in Harrow, hosted by Steve Hillier, where after a run we'll see what Harrow has to offer in the way of Heritage.  

Roderick Hoffman

Watersplash replacement events - Wednesday 10th April

New courses to replace the Watersplash 10km (and 5 km) laps of the Western International Market used from 1989 to 2018 have now been measured.  Watersplash Lane was an ancient trail between Cranford and Hayes which included a ford over the River Crane just to the north of the current M4.

In line with previous practice the 10km option will be on a pursuit basis (slower runners start first) while the 5km option will be a mass start at 6.35 p.m. The longer option will be badged as the "Northumberland 10km" and the shorter option will be known as the "Longford 5km".  Bridges over both the Northumberland and Longford Rivers are a feature of the course and a potted history (including a relationship with the River Crane) will be published separately. 

The lap is just over 5km so the events will each have their own start lines in Hatton Road but share a finish line on the footpath which runs between the allotments and schools to the southeast of Hatton Road.

The Northumberland 10km will start in Hatton Road outside Bedfont Primary School approx. 0.5km to the southwest of the Bedfont Club.  The Longford 5km will start at the junction of the footpath and Hatton Road (opposite Cains Lane).  The 10km course will be over (almost) two laps, the 5km course over (almost) a single lap.

In general terms the course is flat, triangular and run anticlockwise (three key left and one right turns).  The first part of the lap features a wide (3m) pavement and no requirement to cross any major roads.  The default is to stick to the pavement except when crossing junctions with minor roads. The second part is along a footpath in a rural setting, parallel with but not too close to the Northumberland River.

Detail (and see the club map for the drawn loop):

Start (both 10km and 5km) in a south westerly direction along Hatton Road and after crossing both the Northumberland and Longford rivers reach Bedfont Green (church with graveyard).  Follow the path round to the LEFT along Bell Lane and join Staines Road (A315) by the red pillar box.  The next stretch is a long straight and passes briefly through an area with shops on both sides of the road.  There is a bridge over the Longford river about half way along.  This bridge is half way for the 5km runners and is at 7.5km for 10km runners on their second lap.  At the major junction (traffic lights) turn LEFT into Faggs Road (A312) and cross the Northumberland River.  Immediately after the bridge turn LEFT through a narrow gap onto an off-road footpath.  IF YOU REACH THE ENTRANCE TO TESCO AT THIS STAGE YOU HAVE GONE TOO FAR. The path at this point meanders through a wooded section and emerges at a three-way junction. Take the path to the LEFT into a more open area with grazing horses in a fenced paddock on your right and later a wide-open space.  The Northumberland River is on your left but hidden by the jungle (left to nature).  After passing through an open but narrow gate you reach a junction.  Turn right and take the left hand of two parallel and straight paths alongside allotments (on your right).  IF YOU TURN LEFT AND CROSS A RIVER VIA A FOOTBRIDGE YOU HAVE GONE WRONG. For 5km runners the finish line is approx. 200m away.  10km runners continue all the way along the path to the junction with Hatton Road.  10km runners will have now completed 5km and continue (LEFT) down Hatton Road and repeat the loop before finishing at the same point along the path as the 5km runners. 

As this will be the first time we have used this course it will helpful if those who are able record both their own times and measure the total distance.

Steve Newell

Club parkrun results for Saturday 30th March 2019

30th MarchRunner Time parkrun Comment Age Grade
Kay Trinder 20:43 * Woking #230 F-3, club rec(F), run #120, 92nd at Woking 84%
Julie Barclay 22:19 * Bedfont Lakes #503 F-4, run #157, 20th at Bedfont Lakes 80%
Roderick Hoffman 28:41 * Haga #121 (Stockholm) BA park #483, 8th country in 8 weeks 55%
David Duggan 29:33 Roosevelt Island #119 run #301, 1st at Roosevelt Island, Bapark#485 54%
Janet Smith 35:14 * Warsawa-Praga #303 run #101, 1st in Poland, BA park #484 50%
Caroline Cockram 26:35 Feltham #6 run #352, 1st at Feltham 63%
Ian Cockram 24:55 Feltham #6 run #473, 1st at Feltham (YOI) 60%
Alice Banks 25:48 Oxford #379 1st run at Oxford, club rec(F) 76%
Christine Munden 31:42 Barnsley #429 run #15, 3rd at Barnsley 52%
Anne Bannister 28:09 Bedfont Lakes #503 run #193, 158th at Bedfont Lakes 70%
Chris Evans 23:17 * Bedfont Lakes #503 run #234, 227th at Bedfont Lakes 65%
Graham Taylor 25:50 Bedfont Lakes #503 run #13, 5th at Bedfont Lakes 62%
Paul Watt 25:08 Bedfont Lakes #503 first run at Bedfont Lakes 61%
Maria Jovani 27:05 Bedfont Lakes #503 pacer, run #267, 124th at Bedfont Lakes 58%
James Shoulder 23:10 * Bedfont Lakes #503 run #40, pacer 56%
Trish McCabe 28:58 Bedfont Lakes #503 run #280, 162nd at Bedfont Lakes 54%
Lesley Chamberlin 26:21 Bideford #157 run #187, 4th at Bideford 73%
Sarah Gordon 31:27 Braunstone #439 run #226, 72nd at Braunstone 63%
Ian Cunningham 24:24 Bushy Park #782 run #372, 301st at Bushy Park 64%
Neil Frediani 42:39 Gateshead #353 run #222, first run at Gateshead 38%
James Glover 23:36 * Guildford #347 run #28, 23rd at Guildford 64%
Piers Keenleyside 25:57 Gunnersbury same time as 2 weeks ago, higher % 63%
John Coffey 29:30 Hazelwood #55 run #323, 44th at Hazelwood 67%
Benita Scaife 32:14 Maidenhead #210 run #146, 75th at Maidenhead 62%
John Scaife 32:14 Maidenhead #210 run #168, 78th at Maidenhead 52%
Petra Otto 34:16 March #163 run #82, 58th at March 61%
Alan Anderson 40:50 Osterley #286 run #546, 16th at Osterley 56%
Chris Kelly 21:42 * Reading #477 run #427, 333rd at Reading 70%
Jain Reid 34:41 Richmond #607 run #46, 44th at Richmond 50%
Eddie Giles 27:24 Salisbury #202 run #113, 35th at Salisbury 64%
Steve Newell 38:28 Wendover Woods #28 1st run at Wendover Woods, park #106 48%
Jacqui Musselwhite 23:01 * Woking #230 run #77, 64th at Woking 73%
Bob Bannister volunteer Bedfont Lakes #503 marshal
Ben Chaytow volunteer Crane Park run director
Denis Foxley volunteer Harrow finish tokens
Joan Foxley volunteer Harrow finish tokens
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford #347 funnel manager
Zoe Ostley volunteer Bedfont Lakes #503 run director

Kay Trinder (20:43, 84.07%) was top of the class this week trimming the club record(F) at Woking by a single second.  Julie Barclay (22:19) also scored over 80% at Bedfont Lakes where it was a pacing week and there was a strong turnout of Runnymede Runners.  Alice Banks (25:48, 76.29%) lowered the club record(F) at Oxford on her first appearance there.

Ian Cockram (24:55) and Caroline Cockram (26:55) were the lucky recipients this week of an invitation from the queen to join some of her naughty subjects at the Feltham YOI on the other side of the tracks from Bedfont Lakes. The parkrun there has now been going for six weeks (by invitation only).

Warsaw SquirrelThree more parkruns were added to the club list taking the total up to 485. Roderick Hoffman resumed his European tour and ran at Haga park in Stockholm. That takes his streak to eight countries in eight weeks (including last week at Towcester, UK) which is some sort of record.  Donít assume he will stop there.  Parkrun gets going in Japan next Saturday [Ed: and as this goes to print Alice Banks is arriving in Osaka!].  Janet Smith (35:14) was in Poland throwing her weights about but somehow found time to visit the Warsawa-Praga parkrun and also photograph the friendly squirrel [Ed: I could have included a picture of Janet running, which is great, but I thought you'd prefer Janet's picture of the squirrel].  David Duggan (29:33) was in Washington, DC and ran the Roosevelt Island parkrun in the middle of the Potomac River.

Steve Newell

Updated parkrun Stats - club parkrun stats

Who finished ahead of Adrian?

Adrian Haines was also at the World Indoor Masters Championships but chose not to run a parkrun because his M50 1500 final had a scheduled start time of 10:22:00 (local time). I speculated on how many club parkrunners would finish their parkruns before Adrian finished his 1500 - with a 22 minute headstart but 3500m extra to run. The parkrun times with a "*" finished before Adrian did. Janet did so easily because she had an extra hour start on Adrian.  I was also comfortable since my Swedish parkrun gave me an extra 30minutes start. David Duggan had no hope - Adrian would have had several beers before David was ready to start in Washington. For the rest the race was on - Adrian's race started early, at 10:19:33 and Adrian ran well, finishing in 5th place in a time of 0:04:25. So he finished at 09:23:58 UK time which was after Kay, Julie, both Chrises, both Jameses and Jacqui had completed their parkruns (assuming a 09:00 start for each). Everyone else finished after Adrian.

Roderick Hoffman

Over at the World Masters Indoor Championships

Janet in the World Indoors, OutdoorsI have just returned from a week in Torun, Poland, competing at the World Masters Indoor Championships.  Though it is the winter indoor champs, they always have the long throws as outdoor events.  I rarely enter the indoor champs as throwing in freezing weather is not my idea of fun!!

Luckily, Poland was fine and it was a balmy 9 degrees.  The Weight Throw was first and that was an indoor event in a specialist Throws Hall along with the shot putt.  It was the first time I had thrown the weight indoors.  I had a reasonable throw and came 5th place.  The hammer throw was  2 days later.  My first throw went really well at 41.24m but unfortunately, I wasnít able to work off that and throw further.  It was another 5th place.

Adrian in the World Indoors 400mAdrian Haines was also competing but I only saw him fleetingly.  The photo is of him running the 400m heats.

My plan was always to try and run an overseas parkrun.  I did my research (Rod would be proud!) and decided Warsaw Praga was my best option.  I booked an Janet at the Warsaw parkrunAirbnb as close to the park as possible and travelled to Warsaw on the Friday.

I duly turned up just before 9am to join the others.  The Warsaw Ĺ marathon was on the Sunday so there were a few foreign runners.  The course is flat and 2 Ĺ laps of the scenic park.  I was very excited to see red squirrels and had to stop and take some photos [above].  They were so used to humans that it actually ran up my leg.  Unlike the UK parkruns, the majority of people were quite speedy so I was last in.  Very friendly people.  I managed to leave a Team GB top behind and they traced me through social media and offered to post it to me.  I have donated it to someone they think deserves it.

Janet Smith

Kingston 16 Mile Race


Just some BA Results from the Kingston 16 mile race yesterday:

  Place Chip time Finish time  
Gary Rushmer 218 2.09.24 2.14.24  
Cheryl Ogle 456 2.40.21 2.46.09 BA marathon runner
Jain Reid 477 2.43.49 2.49.21  

Gary Rushmer

Ed: 612 entrants...and a gun to start-line delay of 5 to 6 minutes! I'm guessing the 676 strong 8 mile event started at the same time, but it is still a slow start.

Tom's Diary

Reason for early report, Bedfont Lake park run today was a special one for Runnymede Runners.  Their chairman Peter Collins was celebrating his 80th birthday so RR members helped to make it a nice day with about 30 plus lining the finish funnel.

And as you know Julie and Paul are now 1st claim BA so no problem looking for their results now and both friends of Peter so went along for the run.  Then dashed home after running to Aldershot to get ready for 2.00pm shift.

We also met up with other BA members Maria/Trish, Bob Bannister and wife, Graham Taylor but not sure of everyone. Maybe you are aware of some on the results.

Julie was 1st 0/55 in 22.19 (80%) her time getting nearer 22 than 23 that is her target.

Paul also running to his plan with a 19second improvement running 25.08.  Very pleased, knocking seconds off and not trying to knock minutes off.

Jacqui is home from Devon and ran at Woking as did Kay Trinder.

Next Sat. 7th Julie/Paul/Kay are all set for a visit to Osterley.

Tom Rowley

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