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BA Athletics Club News Digest 1st May 2023

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Editorial - Membership

Those who renewed promptly and asked for UK Affiliation may have had that confirmed this week from England Athletics. Race entries are increasingly insisting on the quoting of you EA number for your £2 race entry discount. Those who haven't yet renewed...please do so! From next week we'll start excluding or flagging content related to not-renewed members. 

Speedbird Ladies Race photo2023 Speedbird Ladies - Wednesday 21st June (now confirmed)

Please do what you can do to promote this club event.


Full details and FAQ: baRUNNER Event Ladies Race page

Enter via Eventrac: Speedbird Ladies 5k 2023 - Eventrac


Speedbird Ladies publicity poster (A4):



Concorde One Hour and Speedbird Ladies (A5):



>> Roderick Hoffman

Track on Field - Wednesday 3rd May, 18:00, Feltham Track.

Our Track & Field season is only a couple of weeks away.  As a season warm-up, we are going to tackle a series of five events next Wednesday.  You're welcome to try just one or two, but to get the full benefit you are encouraged to take part in the set.  The plan is to run 1500m, then 800m, 400m, 200m and finally 100m, with a break between each run.

It's a chance to test your consistency, or your preference for one of these distances.

Come and join us at Feltham Track (nearest parking, Shakespeare Ave, TW14 9HX) from 6pm on Wednesday. We'll warm-up before the start but if you are late you'll have to run your 1500m at the end!

Steve Hillier

2023 London Marathon Reports

Maureen McCabeHope you are well. Firstly, a huge heartfelt thank you to all for your kind donations to Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis. A charity very close to my heart.

The London marathon was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Its memories will stay with me forever. I enjoyed every moment and relished in the infamous landmarks. I had to dig deep during the last 7/8 miles, but I was not going to be defeated. No words can describe this event, you can only tell by experiencing it yourself.

A huge thank you to the BA volunteers for all their hard work and support. A special thanks to Nikki Crawford for the much needed-hug and encouragement on the last leg home. 

Kindest regards,

Maureen McCabe (6:18:11)



The London Marathon was such a momentous achievement and there’s a reason why not many people do it… 16 weeks ago I started my journey and learnt a lot. The support for family and friends as I set off on my long training runs (20 miles+!) helped power me through. On the day the crowd were amazing, some highlights included Tower Bridge and Cutty Sark but there wasn’t a quiet part, the rain really didn’t stop the crowds. There was nothing quite like seeing a friendly face along the course, despite the mental battles (especially through tunnels) whenever there was live music or a cheer, it helped carry me through. The stretch down The Embankment felt never-ending but turning the corner and seeing the finish the line was a feeling that’s hard to describe. I can’t quite put into words how amazing and challenging it was and couldn’t be more grateful for the amazing support on my marathon journey.


Jenny Buffler (5:40:21)


Set off slightly earlier to the start than needed so was very damp even before the 26.2 miles ahead of me! I was in one of the last waves to go, it was great to have pacers in the groups; although slightly confusing passing pacers that were ahead of me but definitely hours behind the time I wanted to achieve! 

I really enjoyed the first half, the support was fantastic and a euphoric feeling going over tower bridge. I hit a bit of a low around 17 miles, I had yet to see my supporters as they had got stuck in Greenwich, but finally caught up with them at Canary Wharf and a huge hug from my daughter re-energised my slow legs for a few more miles. However, by mile 22 my slow run had turned to walking unfortunately and I was disheartened to see the six hour pacers make their way past (I would have loved to have done it in under six). 

When I realised that I was at the BA marshalling points I willed myself on and managed to run again. It was emotional seeing my family at 800meters to go and knowing there was just one more corner and I would be finished - it was a mix of elation and exhaustion! I remember as child at the marathon eagerly awaiting with excitement for my dad to run by (running past with ease I must add!) and today I hope my daughter is just as proud of me as I am of him!

I am so pleased I was lucky enough to participate in a second London marathon and chuffed I knocked 30mins off my first time 10 years ago! A fellow runner said to me after all the hard work and slog of the training for it the marathon is the lap of honour…and it really was.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and dare I say it even the training! I have missed running this week as my blistered toes recover and I never thought I would say this but I’m planning a gentle 5k this weekend! 

Leigh-ann Ketterick (6:18:04)


Running the London Marathon has been something I’ve wanted to do for years and I was so excited to finally have the opportunity. This was my first ever marathon, so I was a mix of excitement and nerves on the start line.

I wasn’t aiming for a specific time, but I knew I had run 20miles in training at a 9:20 min/mile, so I was aiming for around a 9minute mile. It was very tempting at the start to go off faster, but I kept having to remind myself that I had to sustain it for 26miles.

I was happy with how my race nutrition went. I used Veloforte gel cubes which I had practised with in training. I had two cubes every 20mins, so it felt a bit like a running picnic. I used a running jacket, so I had water and electrolyte without needing to stop. I got through these by halfway and so I used the water stations for the second half of the course. 

I had trained in the kit I was planning to wear on race day and all was very comfortable. However, as the weather on Sunday was quite rainy, my feet ended up soaked. I’m sure I don’t need to go into detail about the state of my wet feet by the end of the race…

Family and friends were dotted along the course. Despite the best laid plans, it was busier than they expected, even relatively early on in the course (Cutty Sark) and so plans changed on the fly. I still saw someone I knew every 3-4miles which was such a boost.

I was surprised by how quickly the miles ticked by and how the course was lined with people cheering right from the start. At no point did I find the marathon boring, as there were incredible costumes and signs to keep my brain occupied. I started running next to an Avatar, I overtook a run-a-saurus and four men carrying a giant crown. Not things you’d usually except to see running the streets of London…!

A few things I found helpful:

  • I bought a training plan in Training Peaks. This involved far more steady 40-50min runs than I expected, one long run and two structured sessions,
  • Do your long runs in the kit you are planning to wear on the day,
  • I added up all the miles I had done in training, so when I had moments of doubt crept in mid-race I could use this as a counter argument,
  • Start off steady so you have room to speed up if you’re feeling good,
  • It was quite chilly before the start, so for future marathons I’d take a foil blanket or old clothes to be donated if the weather is forecast to be chilly.

I’ve been on a runner's high ever since Sunday. Whilst training over winter was miserable at times, all of the miles I did in training paid off. I’ve definitely got the bug and this week I’ve been researching other UK marathons, the Abbott Six Stars this week and am planning to join a local running club.

Kirsten Whitmarsh (née Owens) (3:58:24, to be confirmed)

>> Roderick Hoffman

Ride London - Sun 28 May - Help Required

With the marathon done and dusted, focus now moves to the next LME supported event on Sunday 28 May – Ride London. Steve Hillier ( is organising this one for BAAC and currently has the following 13 volunteers signed up:
Kim Barrett, Paul Brandon, Alexandra Foster, Echo Foster, Margaret Hankin, Neil Harper, Steve Hillier, Sukhdev Singh Modaher, Jasvir Modaher, Neelam Kaur Modaher, Jain Reid, Linda Stickland, Graham Taylor.

Another 17 volunteers are required. It’s a full day but not as manic as the marathon. There’s a T-shirt, jacket, cap and lunch pack for all helpers and they’ll be a coach from the Bedfont Club. If you can help please email Steve ( direct as soon as possible as he needs to finalise the list.

Thank you.


Simon Turton

Recent Activity Achievements

18 members communicated their achievements to me or found on Facebook. Your achievement not listed? It could be because you didn't submit it.

Colleague Activity Distance Course When Duration Comments
Andy Rayner Fast walk XC Course Thur 01:08:50 As a Monarchist I celebrate all the coming days. Three activities:  Tues 25 April Quick cycle 11m 6s. / Wed 26 April-cycle Ockwells/Cox Green 17m 30s then 12m 18s. / Thurs 27 April XC 68m 50s fast as poss in muddy conditions. Fast walk apart from jog last 400m.
Barry Walters Running 8km Bracknell Tue am 00:57:40 3k warm-up over to Swinley Forest and then 2 sets of 6x50 secs strides with 30 secs recovery and 2 minutes between sets. Finished off with an easy 3k warm-down. And evening one-hour body conditioning at my local leisure centre.
Benita Scaife Walking 8miles Marlow and back via Bisham Woods Bluebells present but will be fully open in 1 or 2 more weeks. 4 miles each way with coffee and toasted tea cake in between.
John Scaife Walking 8miles Marlow and back via Bisham Woods As Benita
Clara Halket Fast walk 5.26km local to Gatwick or home? Sat am 00:51:01 Busy Saturday morning; dropped daughter off at Gatwick for her flight home to Antigua and spent some 'me' time in the local woods.
Emma Moreton parkrun 5km Brooklands Sat am 00:21:40 Brooklands parkrun 21:40 (new overall parkrun PB)
Harjit Jhooti parkrun 5km Sunny Hill Sat am "Sunny and Hilly"
Julie Barclay  Race 5km Manchester Media City 5k Thur 00:23:20 Pleased with my time as this was my first competitive 5k since injuring my calf at the BA cross-country six weeks ago.
Paul Watt  Race 5km Manchester Media City 5k Thur 00:20:18 On a wet and windy evening I ran across the river from Old Trafford as Spurs entertained Man. Utd in London…I got that the wrong way round! Pleased with the time as first V55 and a type of Groundhog event as the same time as my Morecambe parkrun the weekend before.
Melanie Miller parkrun 5km Guernsey Sat am "Fantastic 1st day on the Island of Guernsey starting very early for Parkrun and then 7 hours later for a 5 mile coastal walk dodging the fast spreading mist. Otherwise beautiful weather and a great group of people made it a most memorable day"
Michael Ball Running 3.2miles North Newquay Wed 00:45:57 Jog around the beach to the headland North Newquay
Mike Dennison Running 9km Hanworth Wed 00:41:39 A 9k local loop for me, last Wednesday, in 41:39. Weather was fine, and I set off faster than I meant to, but managed to stick with it…
Piers Keenleyside  Race 5km Serpentine Last Friday of the Month 5k Fri 00:24:15 My time was 24:15 which is my fastest race pace since the Perivale 5 in December 2017. Beginning to think that I might even get back to doing sub 3:30 marathons.
Roderick Hoffman Running 14.32km Chipperfield to St Albans Wed 01:46:20 In the Two Brewers, Chipperfield, refuelling after a practice of my first Green Belt Relay leg. 10 to 15 minutes too long, beyond the "cut-off" time for the leg. Too much dithering about the right way to go and taking photographs.
Stephen Taylor Cycling 50miles Box Hill and back 03:57:00 A bike ride to Box Hill on a warm afternoon. 50 miles. 3hrs57.
Steve Hillier Track-on-Field Local streets Times are a bit slower, but here they are: 1500m 9:15, 800m 5:02, 400m 2:08, 200m 0:47, 100m 0:27. [See also above]
Steve Newell Indoor Rowing 5000m Virgin Active Balcony 24:11.6
Trish McCabe Cycling 63miles Twyford and back 63 miles cycle to Twyford and back!

Barry also reports "No parkrun for me this weekend, instead I met up with Graham, John and Mark Taylor, and Paul K, and did an undulating 7k run in 47:29 around Windsor Great Park. Weather conditions were perfect and our course went past the Copper Horse and the Long Walk. I enjoyed the run but struggled on the hills."

Ed: I do have an aerial photograph of the Long Walk, taken on Monday morning, showing lots of building work going on at the Windsor Castle end. Perhaps they've got some sort of event coming up?

Other Photos:

Activity Achievements [other recently submitted pictures excluded because I'm putting the digest together in Norway, without my photo editing software]

Roderick Hoffman

parkrun Results for Saturday 29th April

34 activities are recorded below. Please get in touch if your activity is missing.

Club parkrunner parkrun Run# Pos Time Age Grade Comment
Joe NOLAN Black Park 657 355 0:34:38 49.81%
Paul WATT Bramhall Park 685 32 0:21:36 72.99% run #236, park #134, Chris Kelly retains the club records.
Julie BARCLAY Bramhall Park 685 112 0:25:58 72.66% run #288, park #138, New BA ladies record (from Janet)
Emma Moreton Brooklands 142 43 0:21:40 71.54% 6th PB of the year! This time by 4:05 on 4th run at Brooklands.
Ian Haylock Bushy Park 928 127 0:20:59 71.41%
Ian CUNNINGHAM Bushy Park 928 1119 0:35:53 44.68%
Paul TIMMS Cirencester 192 26 0:23:08 68.73%
Melanie Miller Guernsey 316 132 0:42:18 42.24% run #138, park #132, First BA lady at Guernsey.
Alastair HESLOP Guildford 472 Funnel Manager at Guildford
Denis FOXLEY Harrow 345 Timekeeping at Harrow
Joan FOXLEY Harrow 345 Finish Tokens at Harrow
Scott DAVISON Hazelwood 184 47 0:30:01 49.53%
Benita SCAIFE Maidenhead 353 247 0:34:43 62.07%
John SCAIFE Maidenhead 353 248 0:34:43 50.22%
Petra OTTO March 297 102 0:48:20 46.07% Fresh from the London Marathon, first parkrun since November, and fastest since July.
Sarah GORDON Market Bosworth Country Park 18 164 0:43:26 48.12% run #328, park #138, New BA parkrun - #723.
Murray Hogge Mile End 512 89 0:23:17 70.08% ninth run at Mile End.  P-Index is 4
Steve NEWELL Mole Valley 203 233 0:49:47 41.25% It must be the wine.  Vines suffering from a late Spring.
Stephen K TAYLOR Northala Fields 392 124 0:27:08 59.09% run #149, 98th at Northala Fields
Mike DENNISON Osterley 421 11 0:20:04 83.55% run #501
Maria JOVANI Osterley 421 34 0:22:35 71.73% run #399
Bob BANNISTER Osterley 421 81 0:25:23 66.71% run #456
Alan ANDERSON Osterley 421 294 0:48:33 53.86% run #655, 294th position for second successive week
Neil FREDIANI Prudhoe Riverside 256 89 0:29:59 56.48%
Fiona Bishop Pymmes 555 53 0:24:22 81.94% 9th run at Pymmes, P-Index is 5
Ben Kelly Reading 591 45 0:23:28 55.04%
Christopher T KELLY Reading 591 55 0:24:30 63.81%
Steve Waite Riddlesdown 569 92 0:34:35 53.06%
David Cowell Southsea 431 2 0:17:40 80.28% New BA men's record (from Paul W). Julie retains the Age Grade record.
Roderick HOFFMAN Stockley Country 16 Timekeeper at Stockley Country
Harjit Jhooti Sunny Hill 141 54 0:39:53 44.80% run #194, park #79
Trish MCCABE Westmill 233 48 0:27:55 57.43% Trish explores West, still needs an 'East'. Run #413, park #120
Piers KEENLEYSIDE Wolford Wood 10 44 0:34:15 49.44% run #329, park #62, New BA parkrun - #722.
David DUGGAN Wormwood Scrubs 542 104 0:38:49 42.42% first run at Wormwood Scrubs, run #457, park #126

parkrun Review 29th April 2023

parkrun may be a time-trial and not a race but the race to be the 500th runner to achieve 500 runs reached a conclusion this week with David Anthony Morgan (25:46, 62.23%) crossing the line at Black Park where he had also completed all of his earlier 499 parkruns.  He ran his first parkrun on 14th November 2009 and his pb of 22:32 on 8th November 2014.  He has 34 volunteer credits spread across a variety of roles but not including pacing. Our own Black Park loyalist, Joe Nolan (34:38) started a few weeks later on 16th January 2010 and achieved his pb (22:47) on 1st October 2011. Joe has run 374 of his 419 parkruns at Black Park.  Joe has long held a passion for pacing and has coordinated his squad and performed the pacing role round the Black Park course on scores of occasions.

Meanwhile there was also a notable milestone achieved this week by the parkrunners of the tourist persuasion with Mark Long becoming the 100th parkrunner to run at 250 different parkruns and becoming eligible for membership of the Freyne club.  Roderick Hoffman is our only member of that club.

Two new UK parkruns were added to the club collection on Saturday pushing the total up to 723.  Piers Keenleyside (34:15) was at run #10 of Wolford Wood parkrun in The Cotswolds while Sarah Gordon (43:26) went to run #18 at Market Bosworth Country Park in Leicestershire.
David Cowell (17:40) had a good run on the fast flat course at Southsea to better the club course record previously held by Paul Watt. The rejuvenated Emma Moreton (21:40) continued to blaze a pb busting trail with a sixth personal best time of the year, this week it was at Brooklands.

Harjit Jhooti (39:53) became the latest member to take on the challenge of the Sunny Hill parkrun in Hendon something every ’Londone’ aspirant has to face up to at some stage!  Former member and Upton Court regular Sreeram Sethuraman (33:46), now with Datchet Dashers, was there too (for the 37th time).

In UK, extra parkruns are organized locally on 25th December and 1st January.  Many countries opt for a different day instead of Christmas and around this time of year we have South Africa (27th April), Denmark (Constitution Day, 5th June), Japan (Greenery Day, 4th May), Netherlands (Whit Monday, 29th May), Norway (Labour Day, 1st May) [see below], Sweden (National Day, 6th June), Finland (Ascension Day, 18th May but check locally).

Steve Newell

Piers adds "Did a new(ish) parkrun near Moreton-in-Marsh this morning at Wolford Wood in 34:15 - exactly 10 minutes slower than yesterday's LFTOM 5K. Too wet, muddy and slippery to go fast. A three lap course with a big loop around a water/mud meadow and an out-and-back on a rough track through the wood. I don't think I will go back until later in the summer when things have dried out a bit!"

Club parkrun Volunteer Efforts

A quick addition to last week's volunteer report. The following table shows counts of volunteer tasks all time, by those parkrunners who were BAAC members in the first quarter of this year. Some tasks are now retired - such as Backup Timer. As a team we've set-up twice as often as we've closed-down. We've paced more than we've tailed. We've handed out Finish Tokens more than we've sorted them afterwards. Most events need many more Marshals than Timekeepers yet we've covered the Timekeeper task more often. It all proves something...but what I'm not entirely sure.

Task Count Task Count Task Count
Volunteer Co-ordinator 330 First Timers Welcome 34 Other 15
Report Writer 128 Equipment Storage and Delivery 32 Warm Up Leader (junior events only) 8
Communications Person 77 Run Director 31 Funnel Manager 7
Pre-event Setup 67 Finish Tokens 27 Car Park Marshal 7
Timekeeper 66 Pacer (5k only) 24 parkwalker 4
Marshal 65 Token Sorting 23 Finish Token Support 3
Barcode Scanning 43 Tail Walker 23 Number Checker 3
Event Day Course Check 42 Post-event Close Down 20 Backup Timer 3
Results Processor 35 Photographer 16 VI Guide 1

Don't Hold the Press - Extra parkrun

At least four club members beat the "Saturday only" rule and ran the extra parkrun in Norway on their national day, Monday 1st May. These will be reported on next week.


Full club parkrun database - {read access to club parkrun database} - Download or save a copy, and explore at your leisure.

Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

Roderick Hoffman

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