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BA Athletics Club News Digest 1st August 2022

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Events marked "#" are points scoring for the club's participation trophy - for the 2022 title.

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This Week's Events

Please help me by sending in your results, for instance by filling in the tables below and forwarding to Some events will have "Prompts" set up in Facebook. These allow the posting of a single image and some text and make it easy to flip through everyone's entries.

Monthly Mile (submit by 8pm Sunday 14th August):

Run one mile and send me your time or add the details to the Facebook prompt. The mile can be somebody else's formal event or even one mile within a longer run. I'll then produce a fancy graph showing your time this month compared to those of other people and previous runs over the last year.

Mile Participant Location Date How Measured Duration/Time Comment: e.g. event

Weekly Athletic Achievement (by late Sunday) or use the Facebook group prompt:

Participant Event Distance Location Day/Start Time or Duration Details or comment, and other achievements
e.g. Running

Editorial - Commonwealth Games

This digest is later than it should have been because I had to drag myself away from watching the Lawn Bowls on the television. Looks easy, compared to running, perhaps I should follow Gary Rushmer and take it up. My Canalthon runs and walks at the weekend were interspaced with attending the Commonwealth Games - I had the Rugby 7s at Coventry on the Friday then on the Saturday, after my parkrun, I walked the canal via the Marathon course to see the Beach Volleyball and then, again via the canal, to Birmingham University to watch the Hockey. My last run on Sunday ended at Leamington - location for the Bowls though I didn't attend - dashing back down the M40 to catch the Lionesses winning the football. Busy weekend hence I sat in front of the TV today.

Roderick Hoffman

Langley Park Orienteering - Wednesday 10th August - reminder

Last year we did a club evening orientation run using the permanent markers of Black Park. I gave runners an hour to get as far into the course as they could, and then navigate back to the start. Some of us proved better than others. Langley Park also has a course for which I have the map. The carpark closes early, 5pm, so I need to check on the feasibility of parking nearby, such as in the laybys off the A412. In the meantime could you let me know if you might be interested in this event. I've had interests from two so far.

>Roderick Hoffman

Speedbird Ladies Race - Wednesday 3rd August - Harmondsworth Moor, start time 19:00 #

We've currently got 26 runners registered for Wednesday's Speedbird Ladies event and that includes three teams (Shepperton, Ealing Eagles and BA) each with reserve runners. We are not allowing entry on the day so other potential runners please remember to sign up before Wednesday: and check other details at: baRUNNER Event Ladies Race page.

July Track on Field resultOthers - tell me that you are available to help on the day.

> Roderick Hoffman (Speedbird Ladies Race Director)

Track on Field - July

Steve Hillier submitted a Track on Field result which showed a slightly slow 800m but the rest average for him. But the competitive 100m we had in April does show up as an outlier. Anyone can do this at anytime of the month - fit in all five distances in a single training session (in any order) and I'll add you in to the month's results.

Roderick Hoffman

Recent Activity Achievements

I picked up on 14 club members and friends reporting recent activity achievements this week.

Colleague Activity Distance Course When Duration Comments
Benita and John Scaife Organisation Monopoly Run Wed We organised a Monopoly run for Maidenhead AC having borrowed the idea from Steve Hillier and BAAC. 33 runners participated. Photo shows Benita Scaife issuing team badges at the check-in desk in the clubhouse.
Andy Rayner Cycling 3.5miles Thur 00:16:11 Also, a minute slower on Saturday - 17:11.
Barry Walters Running 5km Bracknell Sun am 00:33:23 Began with an early morning 5k on tarmac an out and back run from home. Followed by a one-hour gym workout and then to finish off a 45-minute group cycle which was hard work at the leisure centre.
Ben Cooper Running 2miles Florida Sun am 00:14:02 I'm on vacation, staying in a Disney resort in Florida. We planned a slow start today, so I decided to run the resort before the sun came up. My GPS is way off, the only reliable info is the time!!
Chris Kelly Running 36miles Abingdon Sat 07:00:00 Wrapped my long run round yesterday's parkrun at Abingdon. About 36 miles in 7 hours. Didn't do much else since!
Jain Reid Running 20.11km Richmond Park Sun am 02:22:19 Aiming to gradually increase weekly long run mileage in build up to VMLM. It's been a long time coming back from injury so although I'm much slower I'm pleased to be progressing at last. Today's run around Richmond Park was 20km, walking the hills.
Jasvir Singh Modaher Walking 400m Alexander Stadium Thur pm Jas gets around and is always in front of the camera lens - this time with Mark Cavendish and the rest of the Isle of Man team at the Commonwealth Games.
Keith Johnson  Race Half-M Southampton Common Sun am 01:45:00 32nd out of 195 and 3rd in age category.
Melanie Miller Walking 12.01km Puckeridge Sat pm 03:00:00 A walk in the vicinity of Westmill having done the Parkrun went Puckeridge and a lovely tearoom to a little place called Nasty but the sign wos hillarious
Harjit Jhooti Walking 12.01km Puckeridge Sat pm 03:00:00 The same as Melanie - except that Harjit was in front of the camera lens.
Michael Ball Climbing 5895m Mount Kilimanjaro Late report Late report - twenty-five years late to be honest. But I had done it, when the knees were stronger.
Roderick Hoffman Running 89miles Various canal towpaths and river paths July 18:08:00 150miles Canalathon total mileage over July including 89miles run (in 18hours), the rest walked. 31miles run this last week. My photo shows Eloise Wellings finishing 4th in the marathon, as she crosses over the canal I had been walking underneath.
Steve Hillier Running 9.2km Jubilee River Sun am 01:10:00 A Jubilee River jog, from Slough, through Eton and Datchet and back to Slough.  It was warm, but the air was fresher than Friday.
Trish McCabe parkrun 5km Harrow Lodge Sat am "Trish McCabe who runs for British Airways Ac was recording parkrun number 373. Normally she runs at Bedfont Lakes parkrun but it looks like she has used some staff discount [SIC] as she has fitted in Canada, the USA, France and a lot on the Emerald Isle. She also fitted in 63 volunteering spots. Well done Trish."

Week achievement photosMark Cavendish looks a bit dazed - perhaps on the way in Jas has told him how many marathons he'd done. 

Roderick Hoffman

parkrun Results for Saturday 30th July 2022

36 activities are recorded this week. Please get in touch if your activity is missing.

Club parkrunner parkrun Run# Pos Time Age Grade Comment
Christopher T KELLY Abingdon 480 102 0:26:53 58.15% First run at close to home Abingdon.
Jakob STENHAM Bedfont Lakes 604 34 0:25:30 60.00%
Maria JOVANI Bedfont Lakes 604 40 0:26:03 61.55%
Joe NOLAN Black Park 617 298 0:34:13 49.93% Pacers next week (probably)
Sarah GORDON Braunstone 541 206 0:34:39 59.40% 300th parkrun
Emma Moreton Brooklands 108 117 0:27:36 55.74% 299th parkrun
Ian CUNNINGHAM Bushy Park 887 399 0:25:56 61.83% New age group! Age Grade identical to that of 4th June Bushy run.
Scott DAVISON Crane Park 466 61 0:29:50 49.83%
David DUGGAN Delaware and Raritan Canal 138 41 0:34:13 47.69% Treading the ground only previously covered by the Scaifes.
Daniela MAYEROVA Exmouth 168 220 0:29:17 51.68% [non-member] Exmouth parkrun for fourth consecutive week...but see below.
Alastair HESLOP Guildford 437 Volunteer at Guildford (unknown role)
Mike DENNISON Hanworth 97 3 0:19:59 83.15% 3rd male
David Cowell Hanworth 97 21 27:38 50.90% 48th parkrun
Joan FOXLEY Harrow 307 Token support at Harrow
Denis FOXLEY Harrow 307 Funnel Manager at Harrow
Trish MCCABE Harrow Lodge 412 65 0:28:31 55.70% Tick
Roderick HOFFMAN Hastings High School 19 88 0:29:44 54.88% 333rd different parkrun venue. First BA male.
John COFFEY Hazelwood 148 84 0:34:29 60.95%
Steve NEWELL Hazelwood 148 100 0:47:21 42.41%
Alice BANKS Higginson, Marlow 113 50 0:27:05 76.00% 199th parkrun
Keith Johnson Houghton Hall 168 36 0:25:13 59.42%
Benita SCAIFE Maidenhead 314 170 0:31:29 67.39%
John SCAIFE Maidenhead 314 171 0:31:30 54.76%
Petra OTTO March 262 116 0:49:34 44.18% Tailwalker at March
Anne Anderson Osterley 383 221 0:50:49 58.58%
Alan ANDERSON Osterley 383 222 0:50:49 51.46%
Ben Kelly Reading 560 75 0:24:45 52.12%
Barry WALTERS Reigate Priory 366 190 0:30:43 55.13% First run at Reigate Priory
Jain REID Richmond Park 712 193 0:31:01 58.36%
John TAYLOR Rickmansworth 211 108 0:25:24 61.55%
Paul WATT Salcey Forest 71 3 0:20:17 77.07% 3rd male. BA male and grade record.
Julie BARCLAY Salcey Forest 71 18 0:25:24 74.28% 248th parkrun, 3rd lady. BA Lady record.
Eddie GILES Salisbury 303 92 0:25:57 70.71% Best age grade anywhere since 2013.
Paul TIMMS Tetbury Goods Shed 94 21 0:22:33 70.51% Further 4seconds knocked off last week's PB
Melanie Miller Westmill 193 97 0:42:39 41.34% 100th parkrun and Compass completion - and sounds like volunteer coordinator as well! [see below]
Harjit Jhooti Westmill 193 98 0:42:49 41.18% Compass complete.
Tony BARNWELL Wycombe Rye 445 330 0:53:37 39.20%

Parkrun review Saturday 30th July 2022

The weather continued very warm if not blazing hot across the southeast of UK this Saturday but that suited some people.
Benita Scaife (31:29) ran her best time this year round her home parkrun at Maidenhead.  She will be hoping for good conditions again at Rickmansworth next week for the club featured parkrun there.  John Taylor (25:24) was there this week getting even more familiar with the course – that was his third run round the Aquadrome circuit this month alone.  Only Tony Barnwell has run at Ricky more often over the years.  Tony was warming up this week at Wycombe Rye.  Rickmansworth's carpark is free and the café good, but popular.  Postcode WD3 1NB.

Roderick Hoffman (29:44) took his tally of different parkruns to 333 at Hastings High School in Burbage, Leicestershire (nowhere near the coast of Kent) - handy for some Commonwealth Games marathon spectating later in the day.  His sister, Sarah Gordon, had been the first member to run there (in June). She notched up her 300th this week (at Braunstone).  Just one behind, Emma Moreton (27:36) ran at Brooklands for the third time, her 299th parkrun in total.  Further back, Alice Banks (27:05 at Higginson, Marlow) is on 199.  Much closer to the 500 are Ian Cunningham on 469 and Mike Dennison on 461.

Trish McCabe (28:31) made it to Harrow Lodge in Hornchurch to log another London parkrun.  Once part of Essex it is now in the London Borough of Havering and served by Elm Park station on the District Line, beyond Dagenham but before Upminster.  Few of our members have visited even once and none twice but it is a pleasant one lap course, much of it on grass, and there is a pleasant café overlooking a boating lake.
Eddie Giles (25:57, 70:71%) ran at Salisbury for the tenth Saturday this year and the 75th in total.  His best time so far this year and his best-ever age-grade% at Salisbury.  Barry Walters (30:43) took advantage of the exceptionally dry conditions to visit Reigate Priory, often a challenging Surrey League cross country venue over the winter.

Julie Barclay (25:48) visited Salcey Forest (up the M1 beyond Newport Pagnell) for the first time taking her to 248 runs and 98 different parks.  Recent habits suggest she will reach 250 and 100 together in two week’s time, with a 50th volunteer shift thrown in for good measure.  The alphabet challenge is already in the bag with a visit to York last August after countless cancelled hotel bookings in Yeovil.

Melanie Miller (42:39) clocked up her 100th parkrun at Westmill Farm with Harjit Jhooti (42:49) struggling to keep with her up the final hill at the finish.  Compass challenge completed – Westmill, South Manchester, Northala Fields, Eastleigh.

The cancellation notice for Hazelwood in Sunbury next week (6th Aug) mentioned last week has been withdrawn so parkrun is back on as long as enough volunteers can be recruited.  The all grass course is exceptionally dry, average gradient about 0.2%, the carpark free, the coffee well priced, toilets and even hot showers within yards of the finish.  Dogs not welcome.

Steve Newell

Westmill parkrun photosDaniela admitted to me that she has done Exmouth parkrun for four consecutive weeks...but had forgotten her barcode on the first two. That reminds me to say that members who are in that situation do now have a saving option available - at the finish ask anyone to use their smartphone to load, select the "Member parkrun barcode" lookup and then your name in the list, to display your barcode. But this wouldn't have worked for Daniela since she isn't currently a member. Do let me know if you have needed to use this facility so that I know whether or not to maintain it.

Full club parkrun database - {read access to club parkrun database} - Download and explore.

Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

> Roderick Hoffman

Tourist parkrun Reports - Westmill parkrun


I finally made it ran my 100th event at Westmill yesterday which affords stunning scenic views and is quite technically demanding as its pretty undulating and with a gradual l-o-n-g uphill gradient and is best done in Summer. But we were all rewarded with my homemade cake that went down a treat! I even got my friend to Tailwalk…see my far more comprehensive RunReport for more details.

Melanie Miller

[photos also from Harjit]

Roderick's Canalathon mapJuly Canalathon

My Canalathon is all finished bar the shouting. Yesterday I was on my last legs of my month challenge, running down Hatton Locks in Warwickshire. By the end I'd run and walked just over 150miles of the 26mile challenge, all on different stretches of canal or river - as shown in red on the map. Thank you to everybody who donated money on my behalf. More information on my sponsorship page ( I have been asked to do an official write-up for the Canal and Rivers Trust.

Please note that I don't currently have any plans to do (any of) the rest of the 2,000miles of canal towpath looked after by the Canal and Rivers Trust.

Roderick Hoffman

Letters to the Editor


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