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BA Athletics Club News Digest 1st October 2012

This News Digest

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Forthcoming Events

Don't forget the following priority club events:

Wednesday 3rd October Equinox 5k - meet at the Concorde Centre by 17:45 or in Church Road from 18:00.  Social in the clubhouse afterwards.

Saturday 6th October Wycombe Rye 5k parkrun 09:00

Saturday 20th October - Surrey League Cross Country - First events. Contact Clara Halket (Ladies) and Gary Rushmer (Men) for details

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events. 

The full events diary is on the club website at:

Forrester Relay Results 26th Sept 2012

Team Runner     Time
Team yellow 1 John Coffey  
  2 John Taylor  
  3 Eddie Giles  
  4 Roderick Hoffman 00:36:35
Team green 1 Mark Taylor  
  2 Alan Friar  
  3 Simon Turton  
  4 Alan Anderson 00:36:57
Team red  4 Steve Hillier 00:36:57


Brian Forrester, Ann Coffey, Alastair Heslop, Paul Brandon, Harry Wild, Paddy O'Shea & Ann Anderson.

Brian on his 75th birthday, with Patrick.

Olympic Torch Photographs

Last week Mike Thorn kindly brought in his Olympic Torch.  He told us about the experience of carrying it during the torch relay and he allowed members to hold it and be photographed. In return we made some donations and Mike says:

"Thank you, the amount raised was an amazing 86.68.  This will go towards buying buying first time sporting wheelchairs for young or recently disabled budding athletes as a part of a RotaryWheelAppeal with the charity WheelPower (founded by Ludvig Guttmann and now run by an ex-BA Apprentice [injured c. 1979])."

Photographs from the evening are on the website at .  If you want a high resolution copy of any image then please ask me - quoting the "DSC0..." number displayed below each image.  I can also print images onto paper.

Roderick Hoffman.

London Marathon 2013 Places

Many of you will be thinking of pounding the streets of London next Spring, and you will be anticipating a reply to your application about now. Should your application be unsuccessful, there might just be an alternative......

BA Athletics Club will have a limited number of places to hand out in December or early in the New Year. Priority will be given to:

  • Individuals who have attempted to get a place through the normal channels,
  • Active (paid up!) BA Athletics Club members,
  • People who have helped us by marshalling in previous years.

So if you want to be considered for a place, think about which of those categories apply to you!  Then contact me on 

Good luck

Steve Hillier

Retired Runners Lunch Thursday 29th November 13:00 Pissarro restaurant Chiswick

Contact Steve Newell for further information or to express interest. 

Note - You don't have to be retired to join in - but it helps since this is a weekday lunchtime.

BA All Time parkrun Performances

Good run by Barry Walters at Richmond Park this week.

Alan Anderson (237) still on course to earn his 250 golden shirt before year end.

I met Geoff Miles at the pensioners rally at Ascot on Friday and spotted him at Gunnersbury on Saturday morning. He has been going more to Bushy recently because his son prefers to run there. His next target is 150.

  total best   best   Updated 1st Oct 2012
  runs time  where ? WAVA where? also member of
Brian Bennett 19 21:32 Bushy Park 81.89% Bushy Park Runnymede Runners
Barry Walters 13 18:47 Bedfont Lakes 81.81% Bedfont Lakes  
John Coffey 129 20:17 Bushy Park 81.18% Bushy Park  
Alan Anderson 237 22:49 Bushy Park 80.42% Bushy Park  
Gary Rushmer 35 18:10 Bushy Park 78.62% Bushy Park  
Kat Stather 2 18:52 Bushy Park 78.53% Bushy Park  
Paul Knechtl 6 17:28 Bushy Park 78.15% Bushy Park  
Robert Brown 3 18:01 Bushy Park 76.87% Bushy Park  
Chris Kelly 116 18:40 Reading 76.52% Reading  
Alan Friar 90 21:51 Bushy Park 75.71% Reading  
Elsa Curran 3 20:46 Black Park 75.52% Black Park Wargrave Harriers
Eddie Giles 27 22:10 Reading 74.29% Reading  
Mark Taylor 1 20:08 Bedfont Lakes 73.84% Bedfont Lakes  
John Taylor 3 19:39 Bedfont Lakes 73.28% Bedfont Lakes  
Piers Keenleyside 21 21:16 Gunnersbury 72.26% Gunnersbury Ealing Eagles
Richard Ruffell 19 20:18 Bedfont Lakes 72.09% Bedfont Lakes  
Graham Taylor 1 20:48 Bedfont Lakes 71.47% Bedfont Lakes  
Ian Cunningham 73 20:31 Bushy Park 71.32% Bushy Park  
Derreck Brion 4 29:47 Bushy Park 70.57% Bushy Park  
Colin Haylock 24 19:41 Bushy Park 70.36% Bushy Park  
Oliver Mathai 14 22:15 Bushy Park 70.07% Bushy Park  
Joe Nolan 108 22:47 Black Park 68.03% Black Park  
Brian Gray 2 23:48 Bushy Park 67.37% Bushy Park  
Tony Barnwell 14 25:57 Black Park 67.18% Black Park  
Justine Arnott 5 22:46 Bushy Park 65.01% Bushy Park  
Helen Smith 6 26:25 Bushy Park 64.92% Bushy Park  
Toby Houghton 1 22:01 Frimley Lodge 64.88% Frimley Lodge  
Simon Ashford 5 21:23 Bushy Park 64.30% Bushy Park  
Scott Davison 59 21:22 Bedfont Lakes 63.88% Bedfont Lakes  
Lissa Pritchard 6 23:16 Bushy Park 63.75% Bushy Park  
Monica Alonso 8 25:23 Guildford 62.57% Guildford  
Steve Taylor 7 23:25 Gunnersbury 61.99% Gunnersbury  
Steve Newell 65 28:04 Gunnersbury 61.46% Gunnersbury  
Neil Frediani 61 24:54 Bedfont Lakes 61.18% Bedfont Lakes  
Melanie Holman 4 24:38 Reading 61.10% Reading  
Clara Halket 3 27:45 Frimley Lodge 60.96% Frimley Lodge  
Judy Turton 11 25:55 Reading 60.51% Reading Wargrave Harriers
Roderick Hoffman 32 24:59 Bushy Park 59.51% Bushy Park  
Liz Latter 1 26:03 Bushy Park 58.48% Bushy Park  
Marion Woodhouse 11 29:29 Bedfont Lakes 56.19% Bedfont Lakes  
Luke Smith 1 23:55 Milton Keynes 55.12% Milton Keynes New member, 1st run
Grant Strydom 29 25:52 Bushy Park 53.54% Bushy Park  
Steve Hillier 2 29:32 Old Deer Park 52.93% Old Deer Park  
Ian White 18 23:53 Bedfont Lakes 50.02% Bedfont Lakes  
Former club members or BA staff running for different clubs or unaffiliated   now with
Jane Davies 105 20:02 Bushy Park 96.38% Bushy Park Epsom & Ewell Harriers
Ray Owens 8 18:15 Old Deer Park 80.82% Old Deer Park London Irish
Jeremy Short 12 18:51 Crane park 78.87% Crane Park  
Bill Byrne 58 18:57 Richmond 78.31% Gunnersbury Kingfisher Triathletes
Colette O'Neill 21 20:21 Bushy Park 74.92% Black Park Hillingdon Triathletes
Dave Tyas 219 18:45 Bushy Park 73.87% Bushy Park  
Mike Lawrence 8 21:01 Gunnersbury 72.48% Gunnersbury  
Geoff Miles 137 21:48 Bushy Park 72.14% Gunnersbury Stragglers
John Levison 11 19:56 Bushy Park 66.56% Bushy Park Hillingdon Triathletes
Gill Westbrook 22 27:19 Bedfont Lakes 66.08% Bedfont Lakes  
Paul Westbrook 15 27:15 Bedfont Lakes 63.98% Bedfont Lakes  

Steve Newell

PS Next study planned Best BA performances at all the venues, it will be interesting to see whether we have collectively reached 50 yet.

PPS See you at Wycombe Rye on Saturday.

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