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BA Athletics Club News Digest 1st September 2014

Forthcoming Events:

  • Thursday 4th September - Magic Mile Bath Road 12:45
  • Tuesday 9th September - 'Round the Park' - Waterside 12:30
  • Wednesday 17th September - 'Equinox' 5k - Concorde Centre 18:00

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

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Club In-house Event - Monopoly Diamond Event - Wednesday 27th August - Results

This team race was held at the Concorde Club on August 27th.  Team members started from “GO” (the Concorde Club), ran to the “Free Parking” of their choice (a round trip distance of distance of 0.8km, 1.6km or 2km) and returned to “GO” with a Property card or Chance card.  Unlimited runs were allowed, and the team holding the highest value at the end of forty minutes would be declared the winner.  Paddy, Paul and Steve Hillier manned the three Free Parking spots, while Brian and Linda Hillier gathered the spoils of the runners at “GO”.

On a humid evening all 17 runners worked very hard, with competitors having to be given houses, hotels and even virtual hotels to satisfy their thirst for property.  In the end, the youthful Scotty Dogs team were narrow winners:  The Holmans and their adopted son Chris Kelly came out on top.   

Prizes were awarded from the Community Chest in the clubhouse after the event.  Thank you to everyone who helped or competed.  We are pleased to report that no-one went to Jail.


Scotty Dogs

Chris Kelly and the Holmans:  Martin, Mel, Alex, Philippa & Laurie




Alan Anderson, Denis Foxley,  John Taylor & Marion Woodhouse



Top Hats

Colin Haylock, Helen Smith & Mark Taylor




Monica Alonso, Alan Friar, Roderick Hoffman & Steve Newell


Steve and Linda Hillier

PS The winning team relied heavily on one member carrying the slowest member of the team throughout.  This appears to be a successful ploy.  Could this tactic be used by our men's cross country team in the forthcoming Surrey League matches?  Just an idea.

Club parkrun results for Saturday 19th July

30th Aug runner time parkrun comment grade G.1st.Time G.1st.Grade Difference*
Alan Anderson 29:20 Osterley 70% 18:40 71.07% 98.49%
John Coffey 23:44 Bushy Park 76% 16:00 80.63% 94.49%
Chris Kelly 19:57 Bramhall BA club course rec, park#18 73% 17:09 78.43% 93.52%
Alan Friar 26:04 Woodley 3 more seconds off! 67% 17:25 74.26% 90.06%
Ray Hampton 27:33 Woodbank run #9 65% 17:33 74.26% 87.25%
Kerstin Luksch 24:37 Osterley club course rec (F) 61% 21:10 71.10% 85.13%
Joe Nolan 23:38 Black Park 67% 16:57 79.35% 84.79%
Ben Chaytow 21:57 Crane Park 61% 17:47 72.54% 83.84%
Tony Barnwell 29:32 Wycombe Rye 61% 17:21 78.10% 78.40%
Eddie Giles 25:29 Upton Court run #48 66% 15:28 84.05% 78.27%
Roderick Hoffman 25:26 Crystal Palace park #85, BA park #126 60% 17:49 76.61% 78.19%
Tony Hird 26:47 Gunpowder 55% 19:02 72.24% 76.23%
Steve Newell 31:00 Crystal Palace London borough #25 57% 17:49 76.61% 74.25%
Tim Hawkes 20:48 Upton Court run #64 62% 15:28 84.05% 74.17%
Daniela Mayerova 29:27 Hampstead Hth club course rec (F) 50% 20:55 70.76% 71.01%
Janet Smith 33:24 Black Park best this year 50% 20:46 72.47% 68.44%
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford Finish tokens

* This week I've ranked people by how close they were to the grade of the winner in their gender at that parkrun.  This should take into account the fact that each parkrun is different.  So big congratulations to Alan Anderson for showing the youngsters in the club a clean pair of heels.

The club's women runners are in the limelight this week with Kerstin Luksch setting a club best (F) at Osterley (24:37) and Daniela Mayerova, likewise at Hampstead Heath (29:37).  Janet Smith clocked her best time of the year at Black Park (33:24).

Chris Kelly, on one of his trips 'up North' dropped in at Bramhall Park (19:57) and beat the time previously set by Ray Hampton.  Meanwhile Ray was over at Woodbank (27:33).

Roderick and Steve Newell visited Crystal Palace Park, just over the fence from the National Recreation Centre and notched up the 126th different parkrun for the club.  It is a challenging course which seems to include about two miles of uphill in the 5km with the finish being slightly higher that the start!  The event notes mention 41m of climb on each of the two laps. 

The club has now appeared in the results in every London Borough which hosts a parkrun.  Steve is planning to visit the contour free Walthamstow field for his next away day.

Steve Newell (mainly)

PS Roderick reports that the result of his run at Ecos in Northern Ireland finally made it onto the parkrun computer on the Friday!  He was pleased to be given the time of 23:52, his second best, but also pleased because that he can now say that he has done parkrun in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as Ireland, Poland, South Africa and Australia.  He is planning on making it ten countries/regions by the end of the year.

PPS And he reports that having done Walthamstow twice it isn't as flat as Steve's map would suggest!

Updated parkrun stats: 

World Airline Road Race - October 1st to 5th - Dublin

The World Airline Road Race is being held in Dublin over the weekend of October 4th/5th. The main events are 5k and 10k races on the Sunday morning in St Anne's park. Details are in the linked Newsletter issued by the organising team. We have a 25 strong BA team including some fast runners so we can expect the awards evening to get quite noisy!

The event is fully inclusive for all employees of all abilities so you are welcome to join in - see the Newsletter for details. The organisers are expecting upwards of 800 competitors from 40 or more world airlines. WARR August Newsletter

Please keep Daniella and I up to date with your plans. Why? For instance...

  • We've placed the order for the team T Shirts.  We've made guesses for those who haven't replied to us but you may still be able to influence what size we have for you.
  • If you are interested in the parkrun I may be able to arrange free transport to and from BUT I can only do so if I know that there is the demand.
  • There is the option of a team meal on the Saturday evening.  I'm happy to co-ordinate plans BUT I won't be prepared to hang around in a hotel lobby on the off chance that you might be interested - so tell me.
  • There can be WARR caps for anyone having done a multiple of 5 WARR events. If I know that you are deserving of one of these I can ensure that it is provided and delivered.

So let Daniela Mayerova or Roderick Hoffman know of your plans or queries.

Ealing Eagles invitation for a long run - Sunday 14th September

Ealing Eagles Invite You to our Marathon Training Run

Ealing Eagles are holding a 20-mile self timed training run on the morning of Sunday 14 September – and we’d like to extend an invitation to come along. It’s a great chance to share this important mileage; and share training notes and knowledge.

We’re offering: 

  • FREE attendance;
  • Marshals at key points;
  • First-aiders;
  • Water stops en-route;
  • Finishing line refreshments (yes, there’ll be cakes!);
  • A non-competitive and friendly atmosphere;
  • Did we mention the free drink and cakes?

The run commences at 8:30am; the route is from Kew Bridge to Hampton Court, crossing the Thames at Kingston Bridge. This is 10 miles; you then turn around and head back. Click here to explore:

Registration and post-run refreshments will be in Kew Cricket club house.

In keeping with the non-competitive flavour of this run we will not be issuing runners with numbers, but will have a visible means of identification (ribbons for you to display on your shirt) to distinguish us.

Places are open to anyone at your club, but runners MUST register with us beforehand by emailing: and providing your name, club affiliation, emergency contact name & number, and expected finishing time.

You will be asked to sign a medical disclaimer form when registering, so please arrive by 8am. Registration takes place at Kew Cricket Club which is on Kew Green.

To get to Kew Green, the nearest rail station is Kew Bridge (exit and cross the bridge); bus routes 65 (Ealing Broadway to Kingston) and 391 (Fulham to Kingston) stop right by the Green. The nearest tube is Gunnersbury (District Line) from which you can take the 391 bus to Kew Green.

We look forward to having you join us.


Ealing Eagles Running Club


Sunday 31 August 2014 ....funny old morning ......about 45 years ago, at the age of 12/13/14 I used to be taken by school coach to Barnes Elms sports centre every Wednesday afternoon for our  PE session.  Running was amongst the weekly tortures, and I remember quite vividly always inventing  a ‘stitch’  to have to stop after 1 lap of the field, absolutely hating it and vowing a lifelong intention to avoid ever again … I broke my running taboo 10 years ago is another story (and have to admit has been an absolute pleasure trotting along, especially because of all the wonderful community).  I returned to Barn Elms this morning, for the Putney & Fulham riverside half marathon ….with a start and finishing lap around that very same field and passing that same tree on route that I pretended having those stitches ….really  enjoyed what turned out to be an very well organised event (albeit not a particularly fast time)…..funny old life !!!

Joe Nolan

So what is your earliest memory of running or have you had a realisation recently about having run somewhere before?  Please email it in.

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