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BA Athletics Club News Digest 2nd January 2023

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Events marked "#" are points scoring for the club's participation trophy - for the 2022 title.

Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

For future weeks: inclusions, with photos, please to Roderick Hoffman at

This Week's Events

Please help me by sending in your results, for instance by filling in the tables below and forwarding to Some events will have "Prompts" set up in Facebook. These allow the posting of a single image and some text and make it easy to flip through everyone's entries.

Monthly Mile (submit by end of Sunday 15th January):

Run one mile and send me your time or add the details to the prompt in Facebook. The mile can be somebody else's formal event or even one mile within a longer run. I'll then produce a fancy graph showing your time this month compared to those of other people and previous runs over the last year.

Mile Participant Location Date How Measured Duration/Time Comment: e.g. event

Weekly Athletic Achievement (by Sunday evening) or use the Facebook group prompt:

Participant Event Distance Location Day/Start Time or Duration Details or comment, and other achievements
e.g. Running

New Year - New Standards

What could be a better time than the New Year to introduce new operational standards? Well, perhaps the start of a membership year is a better time, so that the acceptance of the standards can be made a condition of membership. That is our plan, but we are giving you some notice of this, so please put some time aside to assist us by reviewing the draft that Steve announces below and give us some feedback.

Roderick Hoffman (BAAC Chairman & Communications)

British Airways Athletics Club - Constitution 

BAAC is affiliated to England Athletics.  This affiliation brings the club and members a number of benefits, which include Insurance, Legal representation, Safeguarding support and Advice in staging events. 

As you will be aware, Safeguarding and Health & Safety legislation continues to become more complex, as society attempts to deal with a minority of misguided individuals who are attracted to our sport.  Accordingly, we need to demonstrate to EA that as a club we are committed to operating in a safe and open way. 

England Athletics have developed seven Club Standards, which all clubs have been asked to work towards achieving.  The first is to publish a Club Constitution.  Your committee have drafted a document based on EA guidelines, adapted to reflect our legal status as a section of British Airways Clubs.

> Constitution Draft (MS Word document)

This draft now needs to be approved by the membership, ready for publication.  Please would you take a look at this text, and either confirm that you are happy with it, or suggest any appropriate changes.  Please make your comments to me by February 15th, in order for the committee to review at our late February committee meeting.  If you don’t comment, we will take it that you are signing off this draft.  We intend to publish the constitution as a completed document for 1st April 2023. 

Thank you, 

> Steve Hillier 

Hon Sec 


The team running round HeathrowRound Heathrow Run Report #

It has become a tradition to undertake a midweek run all the way around Heathrow Airport between Christmas and New Year - typically on the middle of the three "working" days that week (so Thursday in this instance). The weather was kind - the day before and the day after would have been horrendous but the Thursday was nice, even a touch of sun if we used our imagination. There was a strong wind but this helped blow us up the only hill on the course, to the west of Terminal Five. It was wet underfoot but no more than two inches deep so although our feet did get wet it wasn't too bad.

There were only three of us this year; me, Amanda Coombs and Piers Keenleyside. Mike Coombs supported us all of the way round (or at at least six locations) and took the photographs. For each of us it was our longest run for a long time - for me and Amanda for about a year and for Piers, for at least a fortnight. We completed the 19km / 12mile circuit in about 2hours 18minutes and then retired into the Duke of Wellington for well-earned pints (thanks again Mike).

> Roderick Hoffman

# 2022 Participation Trophy - Final Reckoning

The final event made the difference! For 2021 the club's participation trophy (the Tom Rowley trophy) was jointly held by Steve Newell and me since we each accumulated exactly the same number of points (37). At the start of last week Steve and I were again tied at the top, with 42 points, but my participation in the Round Heathrow Run gave me the extra point I needed to win the trophy outright! Whilst I'm delighted to have won it, from Steve Newell and with Steve Hillier just behind on 39 points, I do hope that others challenge for it over 2023 - participating in a club featured event scores one point, helping at the event (without participating) scores two points and masterminding an event scores four.

Over 2022 a total of 919 points from 54 different events were assigned to 215 individuals (members and non-members).  Our mammoth effort for the London Marathon meant that 240 points were awarded that day. 87 individuals scored points from more than one event over the year. Eighteen of us scored ten or more points - in order these were Roderick Hoffman, Steve Newell, Steve Hillier, Stephen Taylor, John Scaife, Benita Scaife, Chris Kelly, Paul Watt, Amanda Coombs, Simon Turton, Denis Foxley, Maarten Stenham, Julie Barclay, Graham Taylor, Barry Walters, Jasvir Singh-Modaher, Michael Dennison and Alan Friar. Four others missed out on recognition by a single point and eight by two points - but I'll maintain my rule of not-naming the near misses (and misters).

The first club points event of 2023 will be the Cross Country matches on the 14th January. Now, repeat after me, "My New Year's resolution for 2023 is to partake in more of the British Airways Athletics Club's featured events!"

Roderick Hoffman

Green Belt Relay Team #

If you can cover eight to twelve miles, and then recover overnight to do the same again the next day, you might like the challenge of the Green Belt Relay. We are still short of a couple of members for our team for the weekend of 13th/14th May. This link below is to a video which gives you the flavour of what you'd be getting yourself into [though only a flavour - the view that Barry and I got last year of the end of stage 16, following the two leaders in my car, will live with us forever]. Contact team captain > Chris Kelly to find out more, and to volunteer to be a team member or a supporter, such as a team photographer.
GBR 2022 - YouTube

WARR 2022 5k finish montage

Nose Hill parkrun in the snowWARR 2023 will be in Calgary, Canada in September 2023

"The International WARR committee is excited to announce WARR 2023 in Calgary, Canada.   We are working to secure September 24th for the 5K and 10K run at Prince's Island Park in downtown Calgary.  We will have more details in the new year as plans are finalized. The very best to you and your family in 2023!"

The above photos are of the 5k finish in Hawaii last October. Sadly the photographer had gone home before me and my sister made it to the finish.

24th September 2023 is a Sunday so those of us who enjoy our parkruns can start making plans to run at Nose Hill on Saturday 23rd as our warm-up for the WARR races the next day. The parkrun takes place on the higher land that looks down on the airport. The weather could be a contrast to that experienced in Hawaii. This photograph is of Nose Hill parkrun taken on 6th October 2018, on my way back from the Victoria WARR.

PS Don't let this put you off - it was most unusual that year, it even took the local coyotes by surprise - they were howling as we ran round.

Recent Activity Achievements

19 club members and friends' achievements are listed below. Your achievement not listed? It could be because you didn't submit it.

Colleague Activity Distance Course When Duration Comments
Adrian Haines Sprints Withdean Stadium (Brighton) Wed Withdean stadium. 10 x 300 preparing for 800m indoor on Bank holiday Monday 2023 at Lee Valley [averaging 49seconds so 3k in 8minutes].
Andy Rayner Cycling Local Sun 00:12:08 Just two bike rides of the local estate and Ockwells estate. Mon 26 Dec 14:11 and Sun 1 January 12:08 (fast). [And for the Christmas Week - a 3mile walk and 5mile cycle]
Barry Walters Running 6km Bracknell Wed am 00:48:39 Ran an easy 2k warm-up from home on tarmac in the morning in wet conditions. Did an interval session consisting of 10x 1minute with 30secs recovery. Then ran 2k home to warm-down. 
Benita Scaife  Race 5km Serpentine Last Friday of the Month (Hyde Park) Fri lunch 00:30:27 We came prepared for the heavy rain that had been forecast, but in the end we got round in dry, mild but windy conditions. The start had been moved back by about 80 metres from its usual place by the boathouse…
John Scaife  Race 5km Serpentine Last Friday of the Month (Hyde Park) Fri lunch 00:30:27 ...with a slight alteration to the route. We were satisfied with our 30:27, albeit trailing in the wake of Piers Keenleyside (25:27) and Fiona Bishop (25:40). [Also Oliver Mathai 27:40]
Clara Halket Running 9km NYC Thur am Got to Central Park! Another destination run ticked off this morning, NYC time, logging over 9km in a decent time, despite waiting at multitude of pedestrian crossing lights there and back!
Emma Moreton Running Half-M To/up/down/from St Ann's Hill Wed or Thur am 02:29:00 Half marathon running to hill club (in the morning darkness) and back on 29th Dec.
Jain Reid Running Half-M Central London Sat am 02:20:00 A social half marathon in London 'The Big End of Year Run' - a lovely way to end the year. Starting at Marble Arch and ending at Embankment tube (via Primrose Hill, Regent's canal, Hyde Park, Big Ben, Millennium Bridge. See #BigEndofYearRun for next year. They do a mid-summer one too from Marble Arch to Hammersmith.
James Edwards Running 8km Pen Y Ffan (Brecon) Xmas Xmas eve early morning trail run up Pen Y Ffan (Brecon) 8km, 540m elev. Weather was calm in the carpark and stormy/cloudy on top. Thankful for having the right gear keeping us warm and dry.
Janet Smith parkrun 5km Stevenage Sat am A bit of parkrun tourism to finish 2022. A slow one as I have been ill for a few weeks but it was a nice one. Had a chat with fellow tourists over coffee. They had come on the train from Haywards Heath. Looking forward to many more parkruns in 2023 ‍♀️
Judy Turton Running 2km Sun 2km run today, lovely start to the New Year.
Julie Barclay Running 11km Wellesley Trail and Basingstoke Canal Thur 01:05:00 4.75k run along canal with a 1500m threshold run along Wellesley Trail and then 4.75k back.
Paul Watt Running 11km Wellesley Trail and Basingstoke Canal Thur 01:05:00 As Julie
Michael Ball Sprints St George's College Wed This week 6x200 at St George's college with some of the Woking gang cold wet and windy.
Neil Frediani parkrun 5km Prudhoe & Newbiggin-by-the-Sea Sat/Sun Two parkruns to end 2022 and begin 2023. Both just sub 30min. Saturday was my local run at Prudhoe and Sunday was a new run for me at Newbiggin-by-the-Sea (pictured). Best for the year was the 15+mile Stanhope trail 'half' marathon in March on no training. Rest of the year was pretty rubbish, total running distance about 350 miles, about 30% of my usual total. 2023 target is at least one race per month, 25 parkruns and 15 volunteering stints and to at least double the 2022 mileage.
Piers Keenleyside  Race 5km Serpentine Last Friday of the Month (Hyde Park) Fri lunch 00:25:27 As John and Benita, I did the LFOTM 5K in Hyde Park - I had been hoping for sub-25 but that will have to wait until next year. This was my 36th and last race of 2022 of which 17 were marathons. I've covered 2,144 miles this year with 604 of them in races.
Roderick Hoffman Running 19km Round Heathrow Run Thur 02:18:00 See above, with Amanda Coombs and Piers Keenleyside. Including Saturday's parkrun my mileage total for 2022 came to 1,176miles from 256 runs.
Simon Turton Orienteering 6.7km Tilehurst, Reading Sun 00:45:00 New Year’s Day Street-O to blow away the cobwebs. Running with Hayley, first time she’s tried this kind of event and she really enjoyed it. Undulating but patches of off-road made for a good outing in mild conditions.
Steve Hillier Running 4.6km Roxbourne Park Sun 00:32:33 I've tried to catch up with some cycling this week:  three local rides totalling 39km.  Today I returned to running, a plod through Roxbourne Park, past the miniature steam railway,  with several engines chugging around.
Steve Newell Indoor Rowing 2000m Home Sat am 00:09:36  

Photos: Top row are held over from the Christmas week. Sideways names indicate the photographer, rather than the subject.

Week Achievement Photos

Roderick Hoffman

parkrun Results for Saturday New Year's Eve/Day

35 activities are recorded for December 31st, and 25 for the 1st January. 23 did activities both days. Looking across the whole holiday period 42 club members did at least one parkrun of the four available and 16 of us did four parkruns over the period (but no one travelled to Poland to run a parkrun on their special day, Boxing Day). Ten of the 16 ran at four different parkruns over the period. In contrast Ian Cunningham was very loyal to Bushy Park - running there four times.

Please get in touch if your activity is missing.

Club parkrunner parkrun Day Run# Pos Time Age Grade Comment
Alan ANDERSON Rickmansworth 31 233 372 0:47:52 54.63% first run at Rickmansworth, park #19
Alastair HESLOP Guildford 31 456       Run Director at Guildford
Alastair HESLOP Guildford 1 457       Pre-event setup (but neither the run, nor a subsequent role)
Alice BANKS Higginson, Marlow 31 136 118 0:50:52 41.09% tailwalker's companion ?
Alice BANKS Black Park 1 640 314 0:46:11 45.25% 13th visit to Black Park, P-Index is 5 *
Anne Bannister Black Park 1 640 209 0:32:21 63.63% 5th run at Black Park, P-Index is 5 *
Barry WALTERS Rushmoor 31 347 181 0:29:38 57.65%  
Ben CHAYTOW Crane Park 31 486 33 0:23:51 59.89% plus course setup volunteer
Ben CHAYTOW Bushy Park 1 911 265 0:24:50 57.52% run #319, 23rd at Bushy, P-Index is 2 *
Ben Kelly Reading 31 582 17 0:22:38 57.00%  
Benita SCAIFE Guildford 31 456 182 0:33:51 62.68% 249th parkrun
Benita SCAIFE Cassiobury 1 348 158 0:31:02 68.37% run #250, 2nd run at Watford *
Bob BANNISTER Osterley 31 404 123 0:27:43 61.09% 30th run at Osterley, P-Index is 5
Bob BANNISTER Black Park 1 640 124 0:27:52 60.77% 13th run at Black Park, P-Index is 5 *
Christopher T KELLY Westmill 31 215 58 0:42:51 36.48% first run at Westmill, park #72
Christopher T KELLY Reading 1 583 101 0:47:54 32.64% second consecutive New Year run at Reading *
David Cowell Rushcliffe 31 468 7 0:19:28 72.86% 3rd run at Rushcliffe, P-Index up to 3
David Cowell Kingston 1 591 4 0:19:12 73.87% First run at Kingston. BA fastest man. *
David DUGGAN Hanworth 31 116 40 0:34:52 46.80% 56th parkrun of the year
David DUGGAN Kingsbury Water 1 408 168 0:36:02 45.28% run #440, 1st at Kingsbury Water, park #116 *
Denis FOXLEY Harrow 31 328 122 0:29:55 61.34%  
Denis FOXLEY Rickmansworth 1 234 171 0:29:49 61.54% run #205, 15th at Rickmansworth, P-Index is 3 *
Diana Smith Bushy Park 31 910 1141 1:00:08 38.94% Tail walker at Bushy
Emma Moreton Bedfont Lakes 31 623 15 0:23:26 66.15%  
Fiona Bishop Dulwich 31 498 236 0:25:31 78.25% run #217, 3rd at Dulwich, 507 finishers
Fiona Bishop Bushy Park 1 911 316 0:25:40 77.79% run #218, 24th at Bushy, P-Index is 5 *
Frankie HOGGE Dinton Pastures 31 166 6 0:21:19 69.43% PB by 67 seconds. First female finisher
Harjit Jhooti Aldenham 31 320 47 0:36:49 48.53% first run at Aldenham, park #65
Harjit Jhooti Frimley Lodge 1 603 222 0:35:55 49.74% 1st run at Frimley Lodge, park #66 *
Ian CUNNINGHAM Bushy Park 31 910 365 0:25:40 62.47%  
Ian CUNNINGHAM Bushy Park 1 911 283 0:25:06 63.88% run #488, P-Index is 4 *
Jain REID Richmond Park 1 736 170 0:30:00 61.17% Third New Year run at Richmond - 20,22,23 *
Janet SMITH Stevenage 31 272 195 0:36:32 50.91% First BA lady.  First run at Stevenage, park #52
Joan FOXLEY Harrow 31 328 194 0:41:14 57.76%  
Joan FOXLEY Rickmansworth 1 234 274 0:43:17 55.03% run #238, P-Index is 3 *
Joe NOLAN Black Park 31 639 328 0:33:16 51.35%  
Joe NOLAN Black Park 1 640 219 0:32:55 51.90% 359th run at Black Park, P-Index is 4 *
John SCAIFE Guildford 31 456 183 0:33:51 50.96%  
John SCAIFE Cassiobury 1 348 159 0:31:03 55.56% 2nd run at Watford *
Julie BARCLAY Tidworth 31 28 19 0:25:42 73.41% 53rd parkrun of the year. BA ladies record and grade record.
Julie BARCLAY Hoblingwell 1 222 29 0:26:19 71.69% BA fastest lady and best age grade, park #121 *
Maria JOVANI Hanworth 31 116 15 0:24:45 64.78%  
Melanie Miller Basingstoke 31 709 313 0:56:36 31.57% first run at Basingstoke, park #95
Melanie Miller Sandhurst Memorial 1 81 84 1:01:06 29.24% 1st time at Sandhurst, park #98, parkwalker (v) *
Mike DENNISON Hanworth 31 116 2 0:20:49 79.82%  
Mike DENNISON California Country 1 129 4 0:20:22 81.59% 1st run at California, park #63, BA best age grade record. *
Murray Hogge Dinton Pastures 31 166 7 0:21:20 76.48% PB by 65 seconds.
Neil FREDIANI Prudhoe Riverside 31 241 63 0:29:39 56.55% 17th run at Prudhoe Riverside
Neil FREDIANI Newbiggin-by-the-Sea 1 203 110 0:29:51 56.17% 1st run at Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, park #67, David Cowell retains club record *
Paul TIMMS Tetbury Goods Shed 31 114 30 0:23:29 67.71%  
Paul WATT Tidworth 31 28 7 0:22:22 69.90% 53rd parkrun of the year. BA male record.
Paul WATT Hoblingwell 1 222 11 0:23:11 67.43% BA fastest man, park #117,  "Londone" a bit closer but still a long way to go *
Roderick HOFFMAN Great Salterns 31 51 26 0:32:21 50.44% 4th "Great" parkrun. Very muddy, windy and raining.
Roderick HOFFMAN Lymington Woodside 1 249 70 0:31:51 51.23% Slowest of 10 club runs by 7 club members. Conditions not great!  Park #347 *
Sarah GORDON Braunstone 31 564 219 0:36:19 56.68%  
Scott DAVISON Hanworth 31 116 30 0:29:11 50.94% 399th parkrun
Steve NEWELL Rickmansworth 31 233 373 0:48:36 41.32% Fibonacci streak 1 - 233
Steve NEWELL Bushy Park 1 911 920 0:47:24 42.37% 8th run at Bushy, P-Index up to 8, a nine eleven event with a happy ending *
Trish MCCABE Osterley 31 404 151 0:28:45 55.25% 35th run at Osterley, P-Index  is 5
Trish MCCABE Bushy Park 1 911 487 0:27:57 56.83% run #396, 16th at Bushy *

* Best time and grade of 2023!

parkrun review New Year 2022/23


35 members ventured out on New Year’s Eve for their final parkrun of 2022 and while many stayed close to home our wanderlust sent us to several new places as if on a summer weekend.  Harjit Jhooti (36:49) headed north to Aldenham Reservoir in Hertfordshire while Melanie Miller (56:36) opted for a stroll round Basingstoke.  Roderick Hoffman(32:32) rediscovered his love for “Great” parkruns with a visit to Great Salterns near Portsmouth.  It provided a case study of the first year in the life of a new parkrun which attracted an average of 200 for the first three weeks and currently sees nearer 50.  Alan Anderson (47:52) was given a lift to Rickmansworth for his first taste of the Aquadrome setting and was outgunned at the finish by John Butcher (Ware Joggers) who is several years his senior!  Janet Smith (36:32) was at Stevenage for the first time while Chris Kelly (42:51) completed his year at the delightful setting at Westmill.

David Duggan (34:52) brought his innings to a close with 56 parkruns in a calendar year at Hanworth where Scott Davison (29:11) took his parkrun career total to 399.  Benita Scaife (33:51) ended the year on 249 at Guildford.  Paul Watt (22:22) and Julie Barclay (25:42) wrapped up a busy 2022 both completing their 53rd run of the year at Tidworth (Wilts).  There was a time when 40 parkruns in a year was considered “Obsessive”.
 Finally, a flurry of activity of a former member enjoying the summer at Curl Curl in Sydney.  Caroline Yarnell (24:53,79.1%) packed in two late runs on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve to take her total for 2022 to 7.


Many parkrunners across the nation will have fond memories of previous New Year’s Days with some runs available at 9 am but others at 10.00 or 10.30 allowing for the fleet of foot to take in two events on the morning – in some cases with a jog between the two venues keeping the muscles warm, or a later start for those juggling festive priorities.  Not this year though so, in England, it was a question of 9 a.m. or nothing and 35 members stepped up to the mark - many making it two over the weekend, if not on the same day.

David Cowell (19:12) set the fastest time by a member in 2023 on his debut at Kingston, only 24 hours after another sub 20 run at Rushcliffe in Nottingham.  The time is 7 secs better than Mike Dennison has achieved at the Thames-side course.  Paul Prescott has run there in 18:46 but was not a member at the time.

Roderick Hoffman (31:51) kept an eye on the late cancellations list and visited Lymington Woodside for the first time as a late choice.  More mud than he enjoys.  He has retained his place in the top 25 parkrun tourists worldwide with 347 different events but competition is fierce.

Benita Scaife (31:02) earned the right to buy a “250” vest after finishing at Cassiobury Park. Fings aren’t like what they used to be!

Steve Newell

Roderick adds: "Whilst it seemed leisurely being able to do a New Year's Day double over a 25-hour period, rather than the previous three-hour period, you still need to feel for the parkrun results technicians. The first finisher of 2023 finished at Gisborne in New Zealand just 64minutes after the last finisher of 2022 had finished at Coquitlam in Canada."

John Scaife reports "At Guildford parkrun on NYE to help ex-BAAC member Will Blair celebrate his 250th parkrun. Run Director Alastair Heslop made it a BA foursome. Turnout of 222 wasn’t bad considering the awful conditions. The drainage in Stoke Park is v. poor and at the bottom of each loop the mud was ankle-deep. Will Blair did an impressive 24:29 with us paddling in behind in 33:51, three and a half minutes slower than the previous day's Serpentine LFOM in Hyde Park."

Full club parkrun database - {read access to club parkrun database} - Download and explore.

Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

> Roderick Hoffman

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