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BA Athletics Club News Digest 2nd April 2018


  • Thursday 5th April - Dream Mile - Bath Road 12:45*
  • Wednesday 11th April - Watersplash Running Festival from 18:00
  • Wednesday 18th April - Pre-London Marathon briefing - Wraysbury Lake club house - details to be confirmed next week

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

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This digest

For personal reasons this week's digest is being issued one day early, on April Fool's Day. Note that due to the potential penalties referenced in the recently passed UK legislation relating to "Fake News" in social media I can categorically guarantee that all content this week is 100% genuine and true.  Except perhaps this item.

Five Mile Handicap Wednesday 28th March - results and series conclusions

The final run round the "new" five mile course starting and finishing in Cranford High Street was run in daylight throughout for the first time.  A day of heavy rain had left the course with many puddles, some quite large and deep.

Wednesday 28th March 2018 target start finish elapsed diff(fast) diff(slow) points
Trish McCabe 46:45 13:15 58:23 45:08 01:37   50
Steve Hillier 54:45 05:15 57:35 52:20 02:25   36
Chris Kelly 36:15 23:45 58:04 34:19 01:56   42
Alan Anderson 1:00:00 0:00:00 1:05:25 05:25   05:25 32
Steve Newell 1:00:00 0:00:00 1:06:00 06:00   06:00 30

Unable to run, Roderick Hoffman offered to man the stopwatch thereby allowing Steve Newell to have a competitive run round "his" course for the first time.  As he and Alan Anderson approached the junction of North Hyde Road and Thorncliffe Road (North Star Tesco) they had to tackle a series of water jumps.  Alan misjudged one particularly complex puddle/curb combination and tumbled, hitting the back of his head against a brick wall and was momentarily stunned.  A crowd of early evening shoppers soon gathered and offered to call for an ambulance but Alan defiantly declared himself fit to carry on and after a short walk and then a jog was soon back up to full speed over the final mile. 

The honours for the evening and the series went to Trish McCabe (45:08) who continued her steady improvement which has always been the aim of this series.  Chris Kelly (runner-up) showed some encouraging form and set a new course record.

final league table 25-Oct 01-Nov 22-Nov 13-Dec 24-Jan 21-Feb 28-Mar total best 4
Trish McCabe x15   25 25   25 50 125
Chris Kelly   x15 x16 18 21 18 42 99
Steve Hillier   15   21 18   36 90
Roderick Hoffman   15 21   25 21   82
Alan Anderson           15 32 47
Gary Rushmer 15 15           30
Steve Newell             30 30
Scott Davison     18         18
Simon Turton   15           15
Steve Taylor   15           15
Neil Frediani           15   15
Alan Friar   15           15
Tony Barnwell 5 10           15

Steve Newell

Club parkrun results for Saturday 31st March 2018

31st Mar 2018 family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
David Tyas 20:53 Bushy Park 18th member of 500 club 73%
Ben Chaytow 22:59 Minehead 1st at Minehead, BA park #398 60%
Richard Ruffell 23:33 Melksham BA park #399, park #74 66%
Natalie Ruffell 35:07 Melksham run #53 42%
Roderick Hoffman 29:47 Victoria Dock park #225, BA park #398 52%
Steve Newell 35:08 Victoria Dock run #306, park #95 52%
Fiona Jane Bishop 23:21 Victoria Dock One of Tom's Woking girls - event % record (F) 80%
John Coffey 28:26 Hazelwood course pb, age cat rec 68%
Ian Cunningham 25:26 Mole Valley park #27, club course record 60%
Ian Cockram 27:13 Pomphrey Hill 1st run at Pomphrey Hill 54%
Caroline Cockram 29:00 Pomphrey Hill club course record (F) 57%
Janet Smith 34:02 Southsea 1st run at Southsea, park #28 51%
Chris Evans 24:02 Bedfont Lakes run #198 62%
David Duggan 29:00 Bedfont Lakes run #247 54%
Neil Frediani 33:16 Bedfont Lakes run #191, pacer (33' ?) 49%
Joe Nolan 30:51 Black Park 277th at Black Park 53%
No Barcode 34:?? Black Park see below ??%
Trish McCabe 29:46 Bushy Park 13th run at Bushy 52%
Jonathan Cox 23:35 Crane Park run #351 66%
Mark Taylor 21:30 Frimley Lodge run #7, 2nd at Frimley 73%
Graham Taylor 25:52 Frimley Lodge run #11, 4th at Frimley 61%
Marion Woodhouse 33:49 Frimley Lodge run #27, 2nd at Frimley 53%
Alan Anderson 33:14 Gunnersbury run #502 67%
Joan Foxley 38:54 Harrow run #93, 83rd at Harrow 56%
Denis Foxley 50:04 Harrow tailwalker, "run" #98 35%
Chris Kelly 23:57 Reading 296th run at Reading 63%
Zoe Ostley volunteer Bedfont Lakes finish tokens
Tom Rowley volunteer Woking marshal

The chilly weather continued for yet another week and some parkruns (including Maidenhead) were cancelled due to flooding. The Scaifes were amongst those who discovered the Maidenhead cancellation too late to plan to parkrun anywhere else.

Former member David Tyas (Amadeus) duly completed his run at Bushy Park to become just the 18th member of the 500 club.  Membership is not about to become commonplace either, only ten more are likely to join over the next six months.  The candidates are all people who took up parkrunning on a regular basis over ten years ago and have just kept it going.

The Easter weekend prompted more groundbreaking tourism amongst club members with two new venues in the West Country and one close to the Greenwich Meridian.  Ben Chaytow (22:59) went to Minehead in Somerset, Richard Ruffell (23:33) to Melksham in Wiltshire and Roderick Hoffman (29:47) and Steve Newell (35:08) visited Victoria Dock to which the nearest public transport service is the Emirates Airline (cable car) from North Greenwich.  Something London Marathon runners going to register at Excel might like to consider.  That little lot brought the club total up to 400 (not counting the runs people did before becoming members which I will go into some other time).

Ian Cunningham (25:26) improved the club record at Mole Valley, Caroline Cunningham (29:00) the female record at Pomphrey Hill and John Coffey (28:26) chopped half a minute off his MV75 age category record on the grass at Hazelwood where better times should be possible if we ever get a dry spell.

We have now reached the end of the first quarter of 2018 and David Duggan with 15* runs is the only member who hasn’t missed a single opportunity this year.  He is homing in on his 250 vest.

Victoria Dock WARR and parkrun courses* 13 Saturdays plus two on New Year’s Day

Steve Newell

Updated parkrun stats - club parkrun stats

New Parkruns

Both Steve and I were curious to see how similar the Victoria Dock parkrun course would be to the 5k course that we had used for the World Airline Road Race back in September 2010. The satellite pictures reveal that the two courses are almost identical.  The two courses have the start and finish in different areas and with the parkrun course they use this to add a few extra metres that in 2010 were added with length alongside the grass at the front of the ExCeL building.

Surprisingly the area has changed little in the last seven years. The Hotel construction to the east has been completed and there are two new residential blocks to the west and a third under construction.  The cable car station has been added and provides the opportunities to study the course as you arrive (photo below). Also the "Crystal" building near the parkrun finish is new and includes the cafe which was open from 10:00. The course though is the same - including the flattened cobbles and running between the legs of the dockside cranes.  Well worth a repeat visit.

We also met Fiona Jane Bishop, one of Tom's Woking ladies. She was taking her Marathon training very seriously - whilst I was drinking my second cup of coffee she was running the course a second time, ahead of her 10k race today.

Roderick Hoffman

Victoria Dock parkrun

I am in need of help

Dear Sir,

Jas at Black Park parkrunI am worried that I am suffering from hallucinations and seek your advice for treatment. A week ago I saw a parkrun result for scoundrel Steve Hillier which suggested a voluntary attendance on his part at Northala Fields.  I wrote to Steve concerned that his barcode had been stolen and misused anonymously, which his reply concurred with. Further interrogation under bright lights however led to a confession that he may in fact have genuinely caught a bus there and participated, but I am still not totally convinced and I continue in shock. 

My condition may of deteriorated further this weekend, when at Black Park another reprobate appeared at parkrun for the first time in history …..Jasvir Modaher.  Arriving ‘barcode-less’ there will be no evidence of the crime in the results (circa34mins) but I attach photographic proof taken by local paparazzi.  Jas had ran the Maidenhead 10 the day before, high5’ing their regular marshal Theresa May (yep, that one) and was to run the Kingston Spring half marathon on Easter Sunday (…and maybe somewhere else on Easter Monday ?). 

This is becoming all too much for my nervous system, and just now further compounded by seeing results for the Taylor brothers parkrunning also this weekend.  I don’t know how to cope in the future if this situation worsens, say for example the likes of Simon Turton, Deby Helsden or other past conscientious objectors start appearing !  I am in need of your advice for suitable treatment and medication. 

Yours despairingly,

Joe Nolan

On-line parkrun Utilities

If it's raining too hard to go out for a run then you can spend some time looking at parkrun results.  Here are some on-line utilities that you can use:

I've previously raved about the parkrun tourist tool - a map which will show you the nearest 10, 30 or 50 parkruns to any location in the world excluding, if you wish, any that you have already run.

I'll mention here "UK parkruns by shape" - useful if you are prepared to travel and only want to run a single lapper, or an out & back…or perhaps you want to run one of the two five lap parkrun courses in the UK?

If you want your parkrun to be hilly, or dead flat, then there is a UK parkrun elevations table: This currently reports Hackney Marshes as the second flattest with just 8ft of elevation over the 5k and Whinlatter Forest as the toughest with 674ft. Nearer to here, Tring has 346ft.

A collection of collections - the most relevant to us perhaps being the number of parkrunners who have currently run at each of the 51 parkruns in the parkrun "Greater London" region - currently just one, and with 22 on "50" including Steve Newell. You can also see a graph showing how many have had the status over time - 48 had this status prior to the Victoria Dock and Clapham Common inaugurals. Roderick's badges

And then another one for me to rave about BUT one that requires you to be using the Chrome browser on a PC or laptop and to load an add-on for it.  This utility adds information to the standard parkrun lists so that you can see what "badges" you and others have earned for parkruns run to date.  For instance my badges are currently as pictured. From left to right - I'm a tourist (20+ different parkruns), I'm a Cowell Club member (100+ different parkruns), I'm a pirate (I've run at seven "C" parkruns and at least one "R" parkrun) and so on.  The purple badges are for volunteer efforts - and the star indicates "five time" so for instance I've been timer five or more times. The country badges are for the countries I've run parkruns in. Below these badges there are additional lists showing you how close you are to achieving other badges - for instance I'm one result away from getting the "Stopwatch Bingo" badge - to earn this all I need to do is finish a parkrun in any number of minutes and 07 seconds!
Note that all of these are unofficial additions to parkrun, the maintenance of each cannot be guaranteed and the entry for each for new parkruns may depend on manual processes - so may not happen in a timely manner!

Roderick Hoffman

And now for something completely different - the Middlesex County 10k track walk

If you think that your walking can be faster than your running these days...

Veterans AC ( will be hosting a 10k track walk at the Battersea Park track on Wednesday, 25 April.  The race incorporates the Middlesex, Hertfordshire and Surrey County Championships.  It is open to all County qualified athletes, Under 17 age group and older, and not just members of Veterans AC.  The race starts at 6.45pm.  Entries will be taken on the evening and the entry fee is £6.

Major Carr / Malcolm French

Ware Festival of Running - Sunday 8th July 10k and 10mile races

Dear British Airways AC,

As you may know, Ware Joggers host an annual running event, the Ware Festival of Running which this year will be supporting the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance and the Southern Maltings.

The event will be held on Sunday 8 July, and it has a 10 kilometre or 10 mile option, along with free children's races. 

This year all our adult finishers will collect a technical t-shirt AND, for the first time, a medal to celebrate their achievements.  There will also be age category awards.

The event is chip timed, and is a marshalled open road event.  It is run on a mixture of paths and gravel, for which road shoes are recommended.

I look forward to welcoming runners from your club in the summer.

Many thanks,

Sharon Threlfall, Ware Joggers 

Running Shorts

  • My road/XC times for 22nd & 27th March were 32.23 & 32:35 so I am good at 'standing still.'  But at last I wore shorts as against 'rotten' trakkies. The weather made for jolly muddy conditions.  Plus I did do a ten mile bike ride 21st March. This aged eejit is trying! Regards, Andy Rayner.

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