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BA Athletics Club News Digest 2nd September 2013

Forthcoming Events:

  • NEW THIS WEEK: The Bath Road 12:45 Thursday 5th September - The Magic Mile (details below)
  • Revised Date and Venue: Lunchtime, Tuesday 10th September - 'Round The Park' - Harmondsworth Moor (reminder below)
  • Wednesday 25th September - Brian's Relay and Social at the Concorde Centre 

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.

The full events diary is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

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Promotional Poster for club events in August/September/October

The club needs more participants at featured events! Please load the linked pdf file, print it off on a colour printer and post on your local notice board. Thanks.


The Magic Mile - Bath Road, Thursday 5th Sept, 12:45

Every wanted to challenge yourself over the 'Dream Mile'? Well here's your chance. A few of us based at Waterside are going to run a measured mile as part of the Magic Mile challenge ( ).

It will be held on Thursday 5th September from 12:45. The route will on the bath road along the path in front of Compass Centre. There may well be several start times depending on the number of people taking part.

The start point for the run will close to the fire station on the Bath Road to the East of Compass Centre. The mile will then run back towards Waterside (past Compass Centre) and stop opposite the fast food restaurant. The run will have pedestrians, but will be car free, Here is a link on gmaps to the course -->

The event is open to everyone of any ability. If you are interested in taking part please let me know, by close of play on Wednesday 4th September.

Paul Knechtl

Cranford Park Relay 28th August 2013 results

We had a good turnout of runners enabling a relay with five teams of three, which was up on the last two years at least. Maybe holding the event right at the end of August helped. I did produce seeded teams with strange names for a close race but managed to leave the office without picking up the printed copies so had to restart from scratch and then again after three more runners appeared so to save time the teams ended up being called, you guessed it, A, B, C, D and E.

Anyway after letting people know what team they were in and what the course was we were underway at 18:20ish on a lovely evening.

Team B led by a strong looking Kat came through in the lead after the first leg followed by Joe (E) , Rod (D) and Alan A (C) and Helen Smith (A). {Ed: I thought it was very amusing at the start - Alan Anderson setting his starting pace to try to keep up with Kat - and almost making it to the first corner}

On leg 2 in the race for the lead Alan Friar gained on John Coffey while further back Dennis Foxley made up 2 places for team A.

Steve Newell led away for team B on the last leg, I followed close enough to hope to catch him with only Chris Kelly, Mark Taylor and Barry Walters chasing me!! Chris caught me just at the sharp turn in the woods and failed to follow my feint to send him the wrong way.

Chris surged away to win for team A and I brought my team in second followed by Steve Newell doing a great job of holding off Barry by a tiny margin (2secs). Not quite requiring a photo finish but we must remember to bring a camera next time. Last in was Mark Taylor who actually ran the second fastest leg only a few seconds slower than Chris.

Less than 4 minutes separated the finishers and team A had the most eventful race going from last after the first leg to 3rd after 2 legs to 1st at the finish while team E were consistency personified remaining in second throughout.


Team A Helen Smith 14:26 14:26 1st team
  Dennis Foxley 12:34 27:00
  Chris Kelly 9:51 36:51 Fastest leg
Team B Kat Stather 10:32 10:32 4th Fastest leg
  John Coffey 13:09 23:41
  Steve Newell 15:14 38:55 3rd team
Team C Alan Anderson 14:01 14:01 5th team
  Dave Barnard 16:03 30:04
  Mark Taylor 9:59 40:03 2nd Fastest leg
Team D Roderick Hoffman 13:00 13:00 4th team
  Steve Hillier 15:38 28:38
  Barry Walters 10:19 38:57 3rd Fastest leg
Team E Joe Nolan 12:05 12:05 5th fastest leg
  Alan Friar 12:16 24:21
  Neil Frediani 13:16 37:37 2nd Team

Thanks to the volunteers: Brian Forrester and Paul Brandon (timekeepers), Ann, Paddy, Nick, Eddie and Harry.

The event was followed by a lovely meal of sausages, chips and beans at the Concorde club.

Neil Frediani

Round-the-Park Tuesday 10th September 12:30

This year's Round the Park race takes place on Tuesday 10th September 2012 at 12:30 over a distance of about 5k over the Waterside parklands. This is a fun event and ALL levels of runners/joggers are welcomed.

Those not resident at Waterside wishing to take part should use the BA1 bus to get to Waterside, where the start will be a 10 minute walk away. For people where this is not an option please let me know and I will request parking in the BA visitors car park.

The entry fee is 1 per person and all proceeds goes to the White Lodge Charity. You can either enter the race as an individual or as part of a team. Teams are to be made up of four runners, including at least one male and one female.

In an attempt to avoid too much of a rush on the day and to inform the wardens of expected numbers, please could you let know if you are going to take part. If you are entering as part of a team, can you please complete the attached form {attached this week!} and email it to me. We will hand out numbers, collect your entry fees and take any final entries on the day at the start, so please arrive a few minutes early.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask.


Paul Knechtl

Club Featured parkrun Results for the Osterley inaugural run on Saturday 31st August 2013

Perfect composition? An even stream of runners heading for Osterley House featuring a parkrun "250" shirt, Neil in his BA shirt and a BA aircraft landing at Heathrow.  Months of planning...or pure chance as I stepped to one side to take the photo towards the end of the first lap.

Position parkrunner Time AgeCat AgeGrade Gender GendPos Club Runs
1 Jamie FINNIGAN 16:42 JM15-19 82.04% M 1 W./S./E.&H. AC 54
6 Danny NORMAN 17:57 SM30-34 73.07% M 6 26.2 RRC 333
16 Liz KIPLING 19:17 VW40-44 79.34% F 1 Ranelagh Harriers 6
20 Christopher T KELLY 20:03 VM45-49 72.40% M 19 British Airways AC 157
23 Alex WILLIAMSON 20:15 JM15-19 65.84% M 22 St Mary's R. AC 277
42 Richard RUFFELL 21:35 VM50-54 69.42% M 37 British Airways AC 25
49 Philip WILLIAMSON 21:56 VM50-54 68.31% M 44 Elmbridge RRC 278
53 Ian CUNNINGHAM 22:05 VM50-54 67.32% M 48 British Airways AC 115
107 Alan FRIAR 24:42 VM65-69 69.84% M 97 British Airways AC 119
126 Neil FREDIANI 26:11 VM55-59 59.20% M 113 British Airways AC 80
129 Kirsty BANGHAM 26:27 VW35-39 57.47% F 15 Ranelagh Harriers 319
131 Roderick HOFFMAN 26:38 VM50-54 56.76% M 115 British Airways AC 72
165 Alan ANDERSON 27:59 VM75-79 71.77% M 135 British Airways AC 280
236 Tony BARNWELL 34:09 VM70-74 52.27% M 166 British Airways AC 27
261 Chris COWELL 46:43 VM65-69 36.92% M 177   223

Compared to the previous week (at various parkruns) Tony improved by 2 minutes 20, Neil by a minute and everyone else ran slower - so well done Tony and Neil!  Alan Anderson was in good company being one of five wearers of the "250" shirt.  Alan also got the age category record for his age group.  Four family members ran at other parkruns. Where were Steve Newell and Piers this week? See later...

Left to right: Ian, Tony, Neil, Chris, Roderick, Richard and Alan F.  Alan A was busy helping set the course!

Steve's parkrun stats

Roderick Hoffman

Great River Swim

Steve Newell wasn't able to attend the Osterley parkrun because the date clashed with the chosen high tide for his annual swimming race at Chiswick.  A source tells me that Steve was supported at the event for the results by "our esteemed Chair, Deputy, President - and First Lady".  Finishers included Piers Keenleyside and Chris Kelly.  Piers wasn't doing an Ultrarun this weekend - no space this week to include the write-up of the Ridgeway Challenge but there is always next week.... Chris did the 1k swim in 18m 30s so slightly faster than his Osterley parkrun time from less than two hours earlier. 

PS And anyone who suggests that Chris should have cycled from one to the other is assumed to be a volunteer to do that next year. 

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