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BA Athletics Club News Digest 3rd September 2018


  • Tuesday 4th Sept - Round-the-Park 5k run at Harmondsworth at 12:30, see below #
  • Thursday 6th Sept - Dream Mile on the Bath Road at 12:45
  • Wednesday 12th Sept - Equinox 5k - new course at Bedfont Lakes for 18:10, see below #

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events. The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Last updated: First week of August.

* Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps] / # Club Points event

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Inclusions, with photos, please to Roderick Hoffman at

Wednesday plans for the autumn:

  • 12th September 2018 - Equinox 5km at Bedfont Lakes (Bedfont Road carpark) at 18.10 followed by social at Bedfont Club.
  • 24th October 2018 - NOW run - meet at Osterley Park (House) at 12 noon
  • 31st October 2018 - 5 mile handicap run 1 (Bedfont Club) aim for 7 p.m. finish
  • 14th November 2018 - NOW run at Gunnersbury Park (Museum), meet at café 12 noon
  • 21st November 2018 - 5 mile handicap run 2 followed by Hillier Quiz evening (Bedfont Club)
  • 12th December 2018 - 5 mile handicap run 3 (Bedfont Club)
  • 19th December 2018 - 1 mile relay event and Xmas bash (Bedfont Club)

All other Wednesdays, meet at the Bedfont Club for an informal run from 18:00.

Steve Newell

Last year's Equinox CourseReminder Round-the-Park Tuesday 4th September Harmondsworth Moor start 12:30 #

The event starts near the wooden bridge beyond the main car park.  It is a two lap course and is approximately three miles in length, so just a bit shorter than five km. This is a fun event and ALL levels of runners/joggers are welcomed.  If you are not quite up to the full course you can do it as a one lap, two mile run.

 If you think you can make it then please let me know, although you won’t be turned away if you just turn up! Any questions, please ask. And bring a friend!  Get to the start ready for a 12:30 off.

Neil Frediani

The course shown is from last year but is likely to be the same for this.

Club parkrun results for Saturday 1st September 2018

1st Septparkrunner Time parkrun Comment Age Grade
Trish McCabe 28:00 Bedfont Lakes run #250, cake, Prosecco, sunshine, party 55%
Chris Kelly 20:28 Bedfont Lakes after riding in from Reading ! 74%
Maria Jovani 21:14 Bedfont Lakes run #239, 118th at Bedfont 73%
Bob Bannister 23:10 Bedfont Lakes run #326, yet another parkrun pb 70%
Alan Anderson 34:18 Bedfont Lakes run #524, 3rd at Bedfont 66%
Gill Westbrook 29:54 Bedfont Lakes run #93, all at Bedfont 66%
Chris Evans 23:50 Bedfont Lakes run #210, 204th at Bedfont 63%
Neil Frediani 26:48 Bedfont Lakes run #205, 135th at Bedfont 60%
Caroline Cockram 30:23 Bedfont Lakes run #327, 192nd at Bedfont 54%
Steve Newell 36:17 Bedfont Lakes run '325, 5th at Bedfont 51%
Zoe Ostley 35:28 Bedfont Lakes run #218, 52nd at Bedfont 51%
David Duggan 36:14 Bedfont Lakes run #268, 184th at Bedfont 44%
Ian Cockram volunteer Bedfont Lakes run director
Steve Taylor volunteer Bedfont Lakes marshal
Anne Bannister volunteer Bedfont Lakes marshal
Ian Cunningham 21:04 Lancing Beach Green run #342, park #32, Bapark #437 74%
Janet Cunningham 28:07 Lancing Beach Green run #187, park #24 74%
Sarah Gordon 31:28 Dishley (Loughborough) run #203, park #101, Bapark #438 62%
Gregory Bailey 25:08 Banbury run #250, park #250 60%
Roderick Hoffman 29:14 Banbury run #312, 2nd at Banbury 54%
Benita Scaife 32:25 Livonia (Michigan, USA) run #124, 1st at Livonia, park #47 62%
John Scaife 32:26 Livonia (Michigan, USA) run #142, 1st at Livonia, park #57 51%
Lesley Chamberlin 25:59 Milton Keynes course pb, club record (F) 73%
Paul Timms 23:48 Cirencester 9th run at Cirencester, course pb 65%
Jonathan Cox 24:27 Crane Park run #366, 71st at Crane 64%
Ben Chaytow 25:06 Crane Park run #203, 174th at Crane 55%
Joan Foxley 39:26 Harrow run #111, 95th at Harrow 56%
John Coffey 28:06 Hazelwood run #294, 20th at Hazelwood 99%
Kay Trinder 22:31 Homewood F-1, run #106, 2nd at Homewood 76%
Petra Otto 31:57 March run #59, 47th at March 65%
Alan Friar 32:06 Reading run #258, 169th at Reading 57%
Steve Waite 28:59 Riddlesdown run #22, all at Riddlesdown 60%
Eddie Giles 26:28 Salisbury run #103, 26th at Salisbury 66%
Julie Barclay 21:49 Woking F-3, run #137, 17th at Woking 82%
Paul Watt 25:12 Woking run #83, 5th at Woking 60%
Tony Barnwell 39:54 Wycombe Rye run #176, 83rd at Wycombe Rye 48%
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford timekeeper
Denis Foxley volunteer Harrow timekeeper
Tom Rowley volunteer Woking marshal

Trish 250 parkrun crowdThe highlight this week was the gathering at Bedfont Lakes to celebrate Trish McCabe’s 250th run with a turnout of at least a dozen past and current members and several more helping with the run or the party afterwards {picture from Facebook}.  It was just a joyous morning in the sunshine.

The restless tourist drive continued with Ian Cunningham (21:04) and Janet Cunningham (28:07) going to the south coast and trying Lancing Beach Green just one week after its inaugural.  Sarah Gordon (31:28) went to Dishley, Loughborough which started just a few weeks ago after years in the planning.

Roderick Hoffman (29:14) returned to Banbury where he had been once before to be on hand to congratulate his friend Gregory Bailey (25:08) on not only his 250th parkrun but also his perfect sequence of 250 different parkruns.  That is a hard act to follow!  Gregory currently runs in the MV50-54 group and he ran his pb of 21:34 at Southampton in 2016, his home club being Wakefield District Harriers.

Benita (32:25) and John Scaife (32:26) were at Livonia (Michigan, USA) for the first time.  The parkrun there has been going for six years and the turnout of 78 runners was fairly typical for this time of year.

Lesley Chamberlin (25:59) achieved a course pb and set a new female club record at Milton Keynes. Paul Timms (23:48) scored a pb on his 9th run at Cirencester.

Steve Newell

Updated parkrun stats - club parkrun stats

PACER 1st across the line (WINS !) at Black Park last Saturday !

I was delighted to have our first 18min pacer last Saturday 1 September. Chris Bradfield, who despite taking a wrong turn briefly still managed to do his 'job' and come in just a couple of seconds over target, taking first place and "beating" the other 667 runners.  Chris is a very accomplished runner and ran nearly the whole distance on instinct with only a couple of glances at his watch – something again to prompt developing ‘instinctive pacing’ !!  He is hoping to come back again next month, and I suspect when the word gets round, that there will be a lot of sub-18 hopefuls on his tail !

As a reminder, the BP precision pacer squad are on duty first Saturday of each month, now covering every minute fro 18-40 plus run/walk. BP is one of the most scenic parkruns around, it’s a 1-lap fast course, and being alongside Pinewood Studios there are often film sets that you may just find yourself part of while running - make sure you visit and put in your diary that next pacer day is 6 October #PB@BP

Joe Nolan

The popularity of the pacer week is demonstrated by the attendance last Saturday at Black Park - not a record but the largest week-on-week increase of any UK parkrun by 191 from 477 to 668.

The Hoffman Club

Hoffman Club membersThe photo is from the first serious gathering of "Hoffman Club" members at Banbury on Saturday. Eight people who are linked by their freak parkrun record of having attended fifty different parkrun venues on their first fifty parkruns. The club was named by others as the Hoffman Club after me, since I was the first to achieve 50 in 50. I'm in the sweaty yellow top and to my left is Gregory Bailey who on Saturday was the first to achieve "The Full Bailey" of 250 in 250. Glenn Barden on the left of the picture achieved 100 in 100 on Saturday - and was disappointed to finish third proving that we are not all middle-of-the-pack runners.  Far right is Sherry (Barbara) Budin who had become the 20th member of the club just the previous week.  The photograph was taken by Chris Dalton who could have joined the club at Banbury but choose to delay his 50th in 50 until next Saturday at Valentines where he will also be completing his alphabet. Chris is clearly mad enough to join us.

More details - read the Banbury parkrun run report: (written by me).

Roderick Hoffman

News from Tom (and a political comment from the editor)

I think you are aware that Woking AC has been kicked out of the Sheerwater track after 60 years, myself been there 49years in Nov., so a little sad but with many happy memories for me*. Today 2nd Sept. was our annual YA meeting also the final meeting so the club organised a few T&F events for older athletes that Kay Trinder/Jacqui Musselwhite contested.

We can use the track for one more week then we start training at our new stadium (almost a replica of Walton) during Sept.  That is a new senior school too.  The football pitches/gym/track are all owned by FREEDOM leisure so is open to public.  WAC will be allowed to train Tues./Thurs. evenings free, any other time we pay.  The School is called Hoebridge, the rest is under the name of The Sports Box.

Tom Rowley

* The Sheerwater Track is being redeveloped by Woking Borough Council along with the whole of the recreation ground and existing affordable dwellings.  The new development will include 522 new dwellings to be sold on the open market, there will be just 13 additional "affordable dwellings".  The arguments by the Council for bulldozing the track and recreation ground is to be consistent with "the ambitions to improve health and well being within Sheerwater following consultation on the recreational needs of the area and its residents".  Locals need not be upset by the loss of green space - both the golf courses to the north and south of Sheerwater are unaffected by the scheme.

2018 BMAF Medal winnersBritish Masters Birmingham 25/26 August 2018

400m W50 Jacqueline Musselwhite 3rd 1:11.12
800m M50 Adrian Haines 1st 2:10:58
800m W50 Jacqueline Musselwhite 6th 2:49.54
800m W55 Julie Barclay 6th 2:52:18 
1500m M50 Adrian Haines 2nd 4:27.23
1500m W55 Julie Barclay 5th 5:54.14
Shot Put W50 Janet Smith 4th 8.65m
Hammer Throw W50 Janet Smith 1st 43.77m
Weight Throw W50 Janet Smith2nd 12.93m
Discus Throw W50 Janet Smith 1st 30.45m

And it is worth reprinting the photographs of the medalists>>>

And Andy...

Dear Ed, managed 37.18 for my XC today (1 Sept): not Autumnal at all!   Andy Rayner.

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