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BA Athletics Club News Digest 3rd October 2022

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I'm writing this in Frankfurt on German Unification Day.  That is the day that many UK parkrun tourists rejoice and visit Germany to undertake the German annual extra parkrun (like we have Christmas Day parkruns). I'm here to increase my chance of making it to "Silver" this year (see Paul's report below). German parkrunners tend to have a long weekend in the Oktoberfest beer halls and give the extra parkrun a miss! But you are never alone at parkrun - as I reached the start two unrelated people called out to me by name. And chatting at the finish I discovered a friend of Paul Timms.

A reminder that this week I'll be heading off round the world for the World Airline Road Race in Hawaii. The following three digests will be subject to time-zone differences, hotel Wi-Fi issues and conflicting activities. Expect some disruption and try to get all submissions to me on the Sunday rather than the Monday. All submissions are welcome - but particularly those I can post without any rewrites. The three digests may be light on pictures.

Roderick Hoffman

London Marathon 2022 Results and Reports

Place (Overall) Place (Gender) Place (Category) Name Runner Number Category Event Race Status Halfway Time
5978 3007 37 Otto, Petra (GER) V8133 70-74 Virtual Finished 20k in 04:59:44 12:28:16
16901 4771 107 Martin [Lash], Christine (GBR) 45699 60-64 Mass Finished 02:06:59 04:17:21
8511 6706 168 Dennison, Mike (GBR) 2404 60-64 Mass Finished 01:43:48 03:43:56
4477 2437 243 Kelly, Christopher (GBR) V6310 55-59 Virtual Finished 25k in 02:34:33 07:40:10
36742 22370 314 Modaher, Jasvir (GBR) 10140 65-69 Mass Finished 02:42:37 06:01:44
9589 2158 398 Moreton, Emma (GBR) 34045 40-44 Mass Finished 01:46:45 03:48:36
25470 8391 485 Reid, Jain (GBR) 46089 55-59 Mass Finished 02:14:19 04:51:55
14626 3891 653 Jovani, Maria (ESP) 42187 45-49 Mass Finished 01:53:23 04:07:52
19884 13944 886 Taylor, Stephen (GBR) 3219 55-59 Mass Finished 02:09:53 04:28:54
30063 10620 1161 Jhooti, Harjit (GBR) 21147 50-54 Mass Finished 02:29:57 05:14:15
18716 13248 1564 Leung, Chi (GBR) 34184 50-54 Mass Finished 02:03:10 04:24:30

Let me know if I've missed you off this list of finishers - and also let me know if you started but didn't finish (you'll get a club point, but I won't publicise you as a DNF unless you want to say something about it).

A quick note on Chris Kelly's time - the reason he was so slow from 25k to the finish is that he spent that time marshalling all of the mass runners and spectators - it's difficult to run whilst holding a tape steady!

Steve Taylor: "Run of the year, the London Marathon. It's such a fantastic event, the weather was great, despite the earlier forecast of rain, the crowds were back to pre-Covid levels, the baggage trucks were back in operation and provided you weren't bothered about Lucozade in paper cups it was pretty amazing. The course is just so iconic too. Thanks to the BA marshals for doing their thing at the crossing points. I had a great run, I was hoping for 4:30 with the plan that I would aim for 10 minute miles and see how long I could hold on for. I wasn't really sure if I was up to it. I held on to the pace to about 20 miles and then slowed a bit but knew I had some time in the bank. In the end I finished in 4:28:58 despite stopping for the photo and to say hi to a few people on the way round. Dead chuffed with that."

Petra Otto: "Unlike last year, this Virtual London Marathon was a bit of a struggle because of my ongoing groin pains, and a left foot that always feels as if I fractured it as soon as there’s a workload put on it. Back on ibuprofen, sadly, but I almost feel back to normal again. Having not trained for this virtual marathon, other than the 3.1 miles at parkrun, I really shouldn’t be at all surprised about having taken so much time in completing it! Would I do it all again...? Yes, I really would, if there were another Virtual London Marathon next year. However, I very much doubt that, when the London Marathon is returning back to April again next year. "

There are also several short reports included in the achievements table below. I can include some longer reports from runners and marshals in next week's digest.

I've also included some runner photographs below - there are heaps of marshal photographs to look through on Facebook - if I get the time this week I'll select some for inclusion in next week's digest (i.e. processing the pictures whilst I'm still at home).

>Roderick Hoffman

Track-on-Field - September

September Track-on-Field results

Four of us did the Track-on-Field challenge over September but I don't think any of us came out of it well - except perhaps the wiser on understanding our current fitness. The results graph shows on the right average speeds each month since the start of last year and on the left the individual results for each event for the most recent two months which the four of us had run (so September 2022 vs April 2021). We have all got slower - though Chris only marginally. Michael has slowed so that he is now running at exactly the speed I was running 17 months ago! We are all a little older, but certainly in my case I think I should blame a lack of sprint training.

Roderick Hoffman

Fees - Bad News / Good News

Advance notice from our Treasurer that the England Athletic Registration Fees will go up by £1 from next April, to £17. The email from England Athletics discussing this 6.25% increase includes the text; "As the national governing body responsible for supporting the growth and development of grassroots athletics and running in England, we are also experiencing rising venue, event delivery and travel costs. In addition, our insurance cost, a critical element of our support to clubs has increased by 20%".

But a reminder of some good news - at the AGM we debated the BAAC annual fee of £9, unchanged for donkey's years, but we decided that there was no need to increase it. Therefore the fee for membership of the club from next April remains at £9, or increases to £26 if you want to include England Athletics Affiliation (or national equivalents). 

Roderick Hoffman obo Chris Kelly

Recent Activity Achievements

Only 14 club members and friends achievements listed below, but obviously several others ran the London Marathon and even more marshalled as their main activity over the weekend.

Colleague Activity Distance Course When Duration Comments
Barry Walters Running 8km Bracknell Mon am 00:49:10 This out and back run started in the dry over the forest, but did not stay that way for long as the heavens opened. I completed the second half faster as conditions rapidly deteriorated. Later did a relaxing one-hour yoga session at Bracknell leisure centre.
Ben Cooper Running 10.67kms Caerdydd Sat am 01:00:00 Hour long training run on Saturday, badly planned, needed another mile to get home
Christine Lash  Race Marathon London Marathon Sun 04:17:21  Turned out being a sunny day! Survived with a 4 hr 17 min 21sec finishing time.  A big thank you to all who volunteered.   Incredible organization with happy helpful volunteers and supporters.  ‍♀️‍♀️
Clara Halket Running 15.34km Surrey Wed 01:23:15 Planned an hour's workout, feeling good did more Slowly conditioning the legs and building endurance after a long period of 'rest'. Right leg definitely getting better under the care of my osteopath ☺️
David Duggan parkrun 5km Neckarufer, Esslingen (Germany) Sat am 00:35:28 Today was a wet Neckarufer parkrun in Esslingen, Stuttgart. A slow time of 35:28, but I can’t complain at token 0009, my 6th highest position in over 400 parkruns
Emma Moreton  Race Marathon London Marathon Sun 03:48:00 My second London Marathon and 8th marathon overall… chip time 3:48, so within GFA . Additional medal for the Age Grade World Championships!
Harjit Jhooti  Race Marathon London Marathon Sun Best day of my life.  ‍♀️ thank you for the volunteers and crowd for getting me through it.  My first official Marathon.
Jain Reid  Race Marathon London Marathon Sun 04:51:00 First marathon in 3 years, excited to be back running again. Given the build up I was super chuffed with the time, though the second half was a struggle. The day was fantastic, with incredible crowd support and super smiley volunteers. I'm so grateful for the opportunity
Janet Smith Running 70miles September 60mile Challenge for Cancer Research Sept 30days Completed, I ran over 70 miles and raised over £600. My highest monthly total in many a year! I just got to keep it up now and aim to get my parkrun time down ‍♀️
Petra Otto  Race Marathon Virtual London Marathon Sun 12:28:16 Gym, Sat parkwalk, and a rather painful Virtual London Marathon (see above).
Piers Keenleyside  Race Marathon Chester Marathon Sun 03:51:15 Best marathon time for 4+ years. Think it will be quick enough for a London GFA place next April. Great running conditions - dry, mainly sunny but still cool - similar to London? Managed to stay ahead of the 3:45 pacers until mile 18 when my pace faded by about 1 minute/mile.
Roderick Hoffman Running 13.32km Lea Navigation Fri 01:37:38 Running up the Lea Navigation from Waltham Abbey to Stanstead St. Margrets (pictured of Dobbs Weir, familiar for those who do the Green Belt Relay).
Simon Turton Marshalling Marathon London Marathon Sun Hours and hours 39,131 steps…so about 39km, just short of the marathon itself.
Stephen Taylor  Race Marathon London Marathon Sun 04:28:58 (see above)

Week achievement photos

Roderick Hoffman

parkrun Results for Saturday 1st October 2022 (and a couple from Monday 3rd October)

36 activities are recorded this week. Please get in touch if your activity is missing.

Club parkrunner parkrun Run# Pos Time Age Grade Comment
David DUGGAN Monrepos 105 88 0:38:52 41.98% Monday Extra: New BA club parkrun #680
Roderick HOFFMAN Nidda 168 41 0:29:39 55.03% Monday Extra: BA Age Grade record (but David retains the time record)
Emma Moreton Bedfont Lakes 611 Timekeeper at Bedfont Lakes
Ian Haylock Bushy Park 896 149 0:21:41 68.56%
John COFFEY Bushy Park 896 1080 0:36:51 57.03% At Bushy for the 245th time on parkrun's 18th birthday.
Paul Sinton-Hewitt Bushy Park 896 1237 0:52:33 31.05% [non-member] Second slowest parkrun time ever…as he helps launch parkwalk. [note that he had run 23:04 at Gunnersbury last week]
Paul TIMMS Cirencester 164 17 0:23:32 67.56%
Mike DENNISON Crane Park 473 10 0:21:56 75.76%
Maria JOVANI Crane Park 473 36 0:24:58 64.22%
Barry WALTERS Edenbrook Country 23 122 0:28:29 59.98% 6th run at Edenbrook
Alastair HESLOP Guildford 444 Finish Tokens at Guildford event 444
Denis FOXLEY Harrow 316 95 0:29:24 62.41%
Joan FOXLEY Harrow 316 191 0:38:09 61.38%
Trish MCCABE Ifield Mill Pond 84 34 0:27:42 57.34% Aye Aye (2nd "I")
Piers KEENLEYSIDE Leamington 531 202 0:30:20 55.27% New event for Piers - his 56th.
Benita SCAIFE Maidenhead 323 206 0:32:29 65.32%
John SCAIFE Maidenhead 323 207 0:32:30 53.08%
Petra OTTO March 270 87 0:50:02 44.50%
Paul WATT Mile End 483 39 0:20:18 77.01% 40seconds outside Murray's club record. 103rd different event.
Julie BARCLAY Mile End 483 129 0:23:59 78.67% Frankie and Murray continue to Hogge all the club records. 107th different event.
David DUGGAN Neckarufer, Esslingen 116 9 0:35:28 46.01% 111th different event. Following in the footsteps of Roderick Hoffman who retains the club records.
Bob BANNISTER Osterley 391 85 0:26:25 64.10%
Anne Bannister Osterley 391 166 0:32:26 63.46%
Alan ANDERSON Osterley 391 232 0:49:10 53.19%
Ben Kelly Reading 569 34 0:22:48 56.58% 50th run.
Christopher T KELLY Reading 569 35 0:22:49 68.52% Saving himself for Sunday's virtual run (or so he says).
Murray Hogge Reading 569 123 0:27:15 59.39%
John TAYLOR Rickmansworth 220 22 0:20:50 75.04%
James Mathews Rickmansworth 220 45 0:22:18 57.85% [non-member] Back to PBs - another 8 second improvement.
Tony BARNWELL Rickmansworth 220 356 0:49:57 42.08%
Steve Waite Riddlesdown 537 108 0:35:10 52.18% 33rd parkrun, all at Riddlesdown
Eddie GILES Salisbury 312 138 0:27:12 67.46%
Roderick HOFFMAN Southall 39 29 0:29:31 55.28%
Harjit Jhooti Southall 39 67 0:49:13 35.83% 4th visit. Walking round to save legs for London Marathon.
Kevin HOLLAND Woking 335 284 0:36:21 51.26%
David Cowell Wollaton Hall 65 Barcode Scanning at Wollaton Hall

parkrun Review Saturday 3rd October 2022

Welcome to another guest publication of the weekly parkrun report. Captain Pugwash-Newell is somewhere in British waters and I was expecting to read of a high-seas hijacking as the cruise-liner sailed towards the Isle of Man on Saturday morning with Nobles parkrun calling his name from not too far away. He once booked a cruise that stopped at Jersey on a Saturday morning only to find that the parkrun was cancelled due to the annual flower show: all that planning gone to waste and I suggest that next time he stays on a plastic swan on Gunnersbury boating lake from where the start line is more easily accessible.

There were fewer Club ambassadors around the country this Saturday with members choosing to visit local flower shows or to start Christmas shopping early; maybe a couple had the London Marathon to consider.
Those running the marathon obviously took care on Saturday with some running much slower than usual, some walked, some volunteered and others just decided against it.

No new events were added to the list on Saturday and there was very little touring. David Duggan appeared in Germany and closer to home, Paul and Julie visited Mile End in an effort to progress their Londone target. Trish McCabe gave London a rest by visiting Ifield Mill Pond to complete the ‘Old Macdonald’ challenge. A congratulatory mention also goes to Ben Kelly who can now order his red 50 shirt.

This week parkwalk was launched as parkrun seemed a tad daunting for some. The easier sounding name of the same event, it is hoped, will attract more people to join the Saturday morning regulars and to participate in social interaction and community togetherness whilst enjoying fresh weekend air. Paul Sinton-Hewitt was a new-role volunteer today at Bushy Park by being the ‘parkwalker’. I don’t know how many walk at Bushy usually but 50 recorded times of 50+ minutes which shows that it could be a huge success.

A new initiative, with a new pink parkwalk shirt available to purchase, on what is parkrun’s 18th birthday weekend. The first event involving 13 parkrunners at Bushy Park was on 02Oct 2004 which has now hosted 895 events. During this time, it has been joined by 767 other events - some have also ceased - and 2.676 million parkrunners in the UK plus many more in twenty other countries. There surely has never been or possibly never will be a sporting enterprise that has reached so many by improving health and happiness through exercise as parkrun. Happy birthday and long may you continue.

You have read over the past few weeks of various badges such as the Wilson Index, Fibonacci and the P-index and there are others. This week I can highlight another as last Saturday was the 40th parkrun day this year meaning that anybody who has not missed a day so far, has become a Silver Obsessive. There are three ‘obsessive levels: bronze level is 30 runs in a calendar year, silver is 40 runs and gold level is for 50 runs in a year.

Quite a few of us have achieved Bronze status and eleven of us have reached silver which shows a true love of and desire to parkrun. However, we have seven members who in previous years have reached the golden plateau; namely Chris Kelly, Alan Anderson, Ian Cunningham, Roderick Hoffman, Trish McCabe, Mike Dennison and David Duggan who ran an impressive 58 in 2019. A very impressive total is that of Jakob Stenham who has already amassed 45 this year and is presumably chasing his annual record of 62 set in 2019. Being in the JW11-14 category he of course includes junior parkruns but nevertheless, he has still run them. If there were to be a club award for most in the year, I would leave it to the committee to decide between David and Jakob. At present, only David Duggan, Julie Barclay and myself have managed the maximum 40 runs this year making Julie and me 'Silvers' for the first time. We do miss one week as we are off to WARR but will manage a parkrun in Seattle on the way home. Of course, foreign runs also count and David Duggan, having run in Germany, will undoubtedly be running again on Monday on Germany Unity Day.

Well done to everybody who ran, jogged, walked or volunteered this week.

Paul Watt

Matters Arising - Captain Newell

Steve reports that he "didn't just miss the Nobles parkrun by a few minutes, the ship missed the Isle of Man altogether. Gale warnings scared our captain away and we arrived in Cobh, near Cork, instead and not until lunchtime. Very calm here. The last port of call by RMS Titanic and still cashing in on that!"

Matters Arising - Bronze, Silver status

Roderick's bingo cardDavid Duggan does indeed increase his count for the year to 41 with his additional German Unification Day parkrun - which was also a new parkrun for the club, number 680 so we'll soon be chasing number 700. The next club member to hit 'Silver' after David, Paul and Julie could be Murray Hogge, currently on 39 or Make Dennison or Barry Walters currently on 38. By doing all of the special day parkruns it should be possible to total 60 5k parkruns in a year - but like mithril this might only be theoretical.

Another game played by parkrunners (both tourists and non-tourists) is annual bingo, using the seconds in the official parkrun results. To give you the idea the picture is my bingo card for this year. The objective is to get a complete row or column. The shading shows how many times I've hit that number of seconds, though for bingo extra hits count for nothing. So I'm not doing well, needing at least three times to secure a row (e.g. '0', '30' and '50' seconds) or five to achieve a column (the 20s and 50s). Later on this week I may add a tab to the database to enable you to see your card, and anyone else's, for any year the data is loaded for.

Roderick Hoffman

Full club parkrun database - {read access to club parkrun database} - Download and explore.

Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

> Roderick Hoffman

Letters to the Editor

At the time of this article being written, I was eagerly awaiting the London Marathon. Months in the planning and even longer since we booked our hotel in Belsize Park; it is now virtually here and it now seems real.

Julie and I have our official ID cards that also offer free use on the T.F.L. network on Sunday and quite right too as it cost £8 in petrol to collect them from the Bedfont Club!

Next year, I am pleased to say, the run is planned to be in April. Pleased because this year it is being run just one week after the Berlin Marathon and next year it is out-on-its-own in the calendar meaning that this time the elite runners are having to choose between the two, resulting in some not running in London. Thankfully, there are ten male entrants - seven of whom are Ethiopian - whose pbs are quicker than Sir Mo’s best of 2:05:11. It is a very strong field that includes two of the three fastest ever marathon runners of which returning champion Sisay Lemma is one and the second fastest in history Kenenisa Bekele is another.

The one noticeable absentee is the brilliant Eluid Kipchoge who chose his favourite Berlin, scene of his world record run in 2019. In fact, since September 2003, the men’s world record has been broken eight times and on each occasion, it was in Berlin. You cannot question his decision to run in Germany last week as he took 30 seconds off his own existing world record to finish in 2:01:09.
I simply cannot comprehend the speed of this run and I have looked at some facts and figures to help me understand but instead, I have become even more amazed.

Dulwich parkrun is seen as one of the nation’s fastest courses and it attracts the younger, fitter and faster runners and on the day before Kipchoges’s run, sixty runners ran a sub-20 parkrun there. The eight fastest 5k (40k) finishers totalled a joint time of 2:11:26 and at 40k in the marathon, Kipchoge was timed at 1:54:53. It is amazing that he was 16:33 ahead of the total time of eight of the fastest 5ks in London. He was actually faster at 40k than the eight fastest parkruns in the country combined. His average pace was 2:52 per km or 5.814m per second. In comparison my 400m pb on the track of 67.7 is 5.9 m per second which is almost the same pace as his marathon. Can you see why I am in awe, amazed and slightly jealous? My mood is slowly descending into total rot but at least I can say that I am much older! 

The ladies race will also be closely contested and it is the first ever marathon in which seven ladies have run sub 2:19:00. Defending champion Joyciline Jepkosgei is running as is Yalemzerf Yehualaw who won the Hamburg marathon in 2:17:23 back in April.

We can’t all be elite but we can all try to do our best and I am sure that all of our Club’s participants will give all that they have. Hats off to you all as I know that the race is possibly the easiest part of the journey and also the most enjoyable part; the hard hours of dedicated training with the related setbacks are very tough both physically and mentally.

Without Kipchoge, the race, the run, the spectacle and the atmosphere will be fantastic and I am sure that I will look back with very fond memories. I wish our runners the best of luck and hope they all have a good run and that they too will look back at the day with fondness.

Paul Watt

Ed: I posted Paul's letter on Facebook so that those running the marathon could read Paul's good wishes before the run. Ben Cooper replied: "Great write up. I too am constantly bamboozled at elite pace. At the Cardiff Half in 2016, Sir Mo managed 59.59 and I came home 40 something minutes later. Good luck to all participating tomorrow ... ".  I'm also reminded of my first marathon, the New York in 1983. It is great to be in the same race as top-class athletes but I wasn't so sure of that when someone shouted from the sidewalk, "[Rod] Dixon's won it"...I still had ten miles to go. Roderick

I've also heard from David Barnard this week who spotted an article in the Guardian that could interest several of our members - "The science of running marathons as an older person ".

Next Digest - Results, news, pictures, feedback, jokes, stories - send them to the editor, Roderick Hoffman, at

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