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BA Athletics Club News Digest 4th March 2019


  • Thursday 7th March Dream Mile Bath Road from 12:45 *
  • Sunday 17th March BA Cross Country Championships Cranford Park 10:30 (full details next week) #*
  • Wednesday 20th March NOW run at Brooklands near Weybridge from 12:00 (details next week) *

We meet at 18:00 at the Bedfont Club on most Wednesdays throughout the year.

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events. The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Last updated: 11th February.

* Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps] (parkrun details updated 5th February) / # Club Points event.

Facebook: (formal "front window" club page), BA Runner Facebook Group (informal "back office" - ask to join).

Inclusions, with photos, please to Roderick Hoffman at

Chairman's Editorial

It was great to see around 35 members at the awards evening last Wednesday.  That number at our new venue proves that we have arrived - having started 2018 at the Cranford Community College with showers set up for kids and, critically, no bar.

I didn't like nagging, but when we have an evening event and we commit to feed everyone who attends, we do need a show of hands so that we order enough food without the risk of having too much left over.  Last week we got it just about right - but only because around thirty of you did respond to my last minute nag!  I joked to one respondee that getting a response proved that I was being listened to (or that you were still alive). Then again, sadly, a large number of you still didn't respond!

The next internally organised events on the calendar include the BA Cross Country Championships on 17th March and then the Speedbird Ladies race on 8th May.  There will also be a Watersplash 5k event though we are yet to firm up on the course and date to be used.

Roderick Hoffman Chairman / Communications

February Five-Mile Handicap results

After a day of record breaking (for February) temperatures in the locality a good field of runners enjoyed excellent conditions for the fifth leg of the winter five-mile handicap series.

Paul Knechtl (31:12) was running the course for the first time and bettered the record previously held by Gary Rushmer.  The ever-present and consistent Maarten Stenham (36:49) was closest to target on the night and scored maximum points.  A steady run on the final night (27th March) will ensure he gets his hands on the trophy but there will be prizes for the runners up and third place in the final table.  The points table after five events will be included in the digest ahead of the final run on 27th March.  Only the best four scores from a possible maximum of six runs will be counted so there is still a lot to run for.

Times for run 5

  • Paul Knechtl (31:12),
  • Gary Rushmer (36:27),
  • Maarten Stenham (36:49),
  • Simon Turton (37:11),
  • Julie Barclay (42:29),
  • Jacqui Musselwhite (42:29),
  • Neil Frediani (46:00),
  • Roderick Hoffman (49:10),
  • Piers Keenleyside (50:26),
  • Steve Hillier (51:47).

Although Maarten was closest to the target he had already had a monthly prize so this month's prize went to the next nearest which was Steve Hillier.

Harry Wild, Christine Munden and Alan Anderson also completed a shorter walking course walking.

Steve Newell {}

Ladies Surrey League Match 4 2nd February Lloyd Park Results

Surrey League Match 4 Ladies TeamChristine Munden and I made it to the last match of season. The course consisted of 2 laps over varying and hilly terrain. It was your typical XC conditions with plenty of mud in parts.

Division 2 - results:

155 1010 Trish McCabe V40 BAW 50:01
191 1021 Christine Munden V45 BAW 56:03

Overall, after 4 matches the BA ladies team scored 4610 and finished in 44th place out of 45 teams taking part. This means there will be plenty of room for improvement next season. See all you ladies then.

Trish McCabe 

Ed: Whilst our individual ladies did their best to attend and compete it has proved difficult this year to field a consistent team.  For that reason, we are considering entering into the transfer market to reinforce the existing team members. Stay tuned!

The British Airways Athletics Club Annual Awards for 2018 (part 1)

The Chairman's Award: For many years now Simon Turton has been acting as an interface with the London Marathon Group. Simon TurtonThat has gone so smoothly it is easy to ignore the work Simon puts in. For instance, this year Simon has lined up 140 marshals for our London Marathon marshalling points before some marathon participants have done their first long run!Piers Keenleyside

Why is the interface with the London Marathon Group so important to the club? Well, in return they make a significant contribution to club funds. Secondly, they provide the club with additional guaranteed entries in the London Marathon (Gold Dust!). Thirdly, it enables us to watch Londonís key events from the front row Ė and guilt free since we know we are contributing to the running of the event. Truly a Win/Win/Win Ė thanks to Simon, this yearís Chairmanís Trophy recipient.

The Alamo Trophy: This is presented each year to the team member with the most notable achievement at WARR, not necessarily involving running. This year the achievement did involve running though not at the WARR races themselves, but in the Clover Point parkrun that a group of us attended immediately after. Without going into details of whys and wherefores suffice to say that Piers Keenleyside was an embarrassment to his waiting colleagues because he had doubled back on himself and eventually finished AFTER the tail walker!

Steve NewellRound the Block Trophy: This trophy can be captured by devising, marshalling and taking part in BA events throughout the year. In 2018, there were 49 points scoring events and more David Dugganthan 250 individuals picked up points with fifteen individuals scoring in ten or more events.

This year it came down to a competition between two club stalwarts.  While they both make it clear that they would be keen to see others in the club winning this award, their hard work must be recognised. The runner-up with 40 points from 21 events is Roderick Hoffman but the winner of the Round-the-Block trophy, with 51 points from 24 events is Steve Newell.

The Club parkrun Trophy: Awarded this year to David Duggan.  You may think that there are just 52 weeks in the year to complete a parkrun, and that you can either run or volunteer.  David knows better.  He clocked up 54 runs in 2018, including New Yearís Day and Christmas extras. And itís not all about his running.  He is also a serial volunteer, logging 104 parkrun volunteer activities over the same twelve months! And that included several run reports covering various parkruns around the world.

More next week.

Roderick Hoffman / Steve Hillier , with photos by Paul Brandon

Club parkrun results for Saturday 2nd March 2019

2nd MarchRunner Time parkrun Comment Age Grade
Chris Evans 23:12 Bedfont Lakes #499 run #230, 223rd at Bedfont 65%
Ian Cockram 25:33 Bedfont Lakes #499 run #470, 283rd at Bedfont 58%
David Duggan 29:41 Bedfont Lakes #499 run #297, 196th at Bedfont 54%
Joe Nolan 30:51 Black Park #509 run #319, 289th at Black Park 53%
Sarah Gordon 32:10 Braunstone #435 run #223, 71st at Braunstone 61%
Ian Cunningham 24:12 Bushy Park #778 400th finisher, 300th run at Bushy 64%
Barry Walters 23:44 California #2 1st run at California, park #33, BA park#475 69%
John Scaife 25:59 Canons Park #128 run #164, 1st at Canons Park 65%
Maria Jovani 23:02 Crane Park #360 run #263, 60th at Crane Park 68%
Scott Davison 23:12 Crane Park #360 run #292, 33rd at Crane Park 62%
Piers Keenleyside 30:00 Gunnersbury #376 run #224, 149th at Gunnersbury 54%
Joan Foxley volunteer Harrow #199 barcode scanner
Denis Foxley volunteer Harrow #199 token sorting
Maarten Stenham 21:05 Hazelwood #51 M-4, run #159, 20th at Hazelwood 65%
Lesley Chamberlin 28:29 Hazelwood #51 run #186, 12th at Hazelwood 67%
John Coffey 29:05 Hazelwood #51 run #319, 40th at Hazelwood 68%
Neil Frediani 36:58 Hazelwood #51 run #219. 2nd at Hazelwood 44%
Paul Watt 26:14 Hazelwood #51 run #99, 2nd at Hazelwood 58%
Alice Banks 26:53 Higginson #27 run #135, 7th at Higginson, course pb 73%
Steve Newell 36:22 Higginson #27 run #347, 2nd at Higginson Marlow 51%
John Banks 44:04 Higginson #27 run #7, parkrun pb + volunteer coordinator 39%
Ben Chaytow 25:12 Homewood #126 1st run  at Homewood, park #16 55%
Trish McCabe 30:17 Lloyd Park #450 1st run at Lloyd Park, park #35 51%
Steve Taylor 27:51 Northala Fields #247 run #111, 74th at Northala Fields 55%
Alan Anderson 41:39 Osterley Park #282 run #543, 13th at Osterley 55%
Chris Kelly 25:25 Reading #473 run #423, 329th at Reading 59%
Alan Friar 32:19 Reading #473 run #271,173rd at Reading 58%
Jain Reid 29:08 Richmond #603 run #43, 41st at Richmond 60%
Tony Barnwell 41:29 Rickmansworth #105 run #183, 20th at Rickmansworth 46%
Roderick Hoffman 29:34 Roma Pineto #49 run #338, 1st at Roma Pineto, park #264 54%
Eddie Giles 27:09 Salisbury #198 run #112, 34th at Salisbury 65%
Janet Baglin (Rowley) 35:53 Woking #226 run #1 52%
Tom Rowley volunteer Woking #226 marshal
Kevin Holland volunteer Woking #226 marshal

The final ladiesí XC fixture at Croydon was a distraction for some but Trish McCabe decided to get there early and try out the mud and the hills and got round Lloyd Park in 30:17.  Other members also visited a course for the first time including Barry Walters (23:44) adding our name to the embryo list of clubs at California (Finchampstead) which started last week, Ben Chaytow (25:12) at Homewood,  John Scaife (25:59) at Canons Park (Stanmore) and Roderick Hoffman (29:34) at Roma Pineto.  Roderick may have travelled the furthest but Maria Jovani still holds the club record there with 23:12.   There were XXIX runners and XI volunteers.

Ian Cunningham (24:12) ran at Bushy Park for the 300th time and reached the finish line in 400th place.  There were still another 1000 behind him.  Paul Watt (26:14) was one of five members to run at Hazelwood which will be celebrating a first anniversary any week now.  Paul is now on 99 runs and will complete his century next time out.  John Coffey (29:05), our original parkrunner was running there for the 41st time.  Janet Smith has a four digit barcode and completed her first run at Bushy way back in 2006 (almost a year before Alan Anderson got started).  She is also on 99 runs and has set the date for her 100th as 16th March.  Her chosen venue is Black Park {Ed: Oh no it isn't....Janet now says "The Dashers have a club champs at Maidenhead parkrun on the 16th so I will run my 100th there"}. She is baking a big cake for the occasion and hopes lots of runners will join her.

Six new parkruns started in UK this week and there are now more than 600.  Seaford Beach will use the flat concrete promenade by the Sussex coast and the turnaround point will be Splash Point.  It might be worth checking the tide-tables before planning a visit.  Post parkrun coffee at the sailing club.

This Saturday Bedfont Lakes will stage run #500 and Harrow will reach #200. Let them eat cake.

Steve Newell

Updated parkrun Stats - club parkrun stats

Tom's Diary

My daughter arrived on Thurs. from Chicago and she wanted to run the Woking parkrun. She normally runs a mile 2/3 times a week and not that many during their snow and yesterday was her first 5k since WARR so was very pleased to run 35.53.  I marshalled as did Kevin Holland - he looked really well and hoping to try a run ASAP after his operations and illnesses that really knocked the stuffing out of him. Today he did look nice and fit and very cheerful.

Obviously I could not attend Lloyds Park with an 11:00 am start.  As well as the BA Team of Trish and Christine - Kay Trinder, Julie Barclay and Jacqui Musselwhite ran for Woking.  Kay was 21st in 35:25, Julie 70th in 40:57 and Jacqui 103rd in 43:31 (209 ran).

Tom Rowley

Late Results - the Hillingdon Half from 1987

Betty GreenIn a moment of nostalgia, and that a friend ran in the Hillingdon Half last weekend, I dug out some old results and then wondered who was still around at BAAC. In skimming through the club website {} and looking to see if Barry still had all the club records I noticed that the ladies half marathon time looked different from what I remembered. I still have the Hillingdon Gazette and results for the 1987 Half Marathon and in there it shows Betty Green in a club vest running in 50th place at 1.19.19, I remember it because she was just in front of me {Ed: I'll ask Paul Brandon to check this}. It was also the year that Team Taylor won the actual club event...

The BA Team in those results was, discounting Team Taylor with ringer Barry running for them: In the top 100 places - Colin Bloomfield 1.13.34; Bob Brown 1.16.50; Bill Byrne 1.17.28; Bob Garner 1.17.36; Betty Green 1.19.19; Denis Foxley 1.19.34; Mark Sims 1.19.50; Malcolm Mowle 1.21.28; Chris Hardie 1.22.40. I can also see Malcolm Field in the start picture but not in the results, he might have been running on Bob Brown's number? that was the sort of time Malcolm would have done.

Below is another picture from the paper for those still around. Should at least make Graham feel old...

Glad to see the club is still going, if anyone who remembers me is down Bath way or doing one of our local Parkruns fell free to let me know. Southwick Park (Trowbridge) is my local, indeed our club (Avon Valley Runners) provide the support for it. I am now very slow, but still dabble in Sprint Triathlons. Sad to see that Brian passed away, a great chap.


Mark Sims

Team Taylor

Running shorts...

  • Apologies for not being at the awards but some updates - on Sunday 24th Feb. I did the Hillingdon 10k, (alongside the Hillingdon Half) in just over 42 mins, this was based at my old University Brunel, so got to see how much it has changed.  Natalie Ruffell was doing the Wokingham half, and was back in 1hr 26mins. Next up for me is the Berkhamsted half this Sunday.  Richard Ruffell
  • Berkhamsted Results - Richard Ruffell 1:38:06, Piers Keenleyside 2:06:15.
  • Street-O visits Brentford on Tuesday 12th March. Details .
  • The club had three runners in the monthly Hammersmith Handicap run last Tuesday lunchtime - Steve Newell, Christine Munden and Roderick Hoffman. Results lag by one month, so in January Roderick ran in 29:43 and Steve in 38:16. Expect to see February's results after the next run on 26th March.

Want to see your favoriate event, yours or someone else's performances here? Send them in...

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