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BA Athletics Club News Digest 5th September 2016


  • Tuesday 6th September - Round the Park - Waterside/Harmondsworth Moor 12:30 (details below)*
  • Wednesday 14th September - Brian's relay and social (tbc) - Heston Venue from 18:00*
  • Monday 19th September - Final Track & Field GP events; 100m and Hammer - Hillingdon track from 18:00*
  • Saturday 24th September - World Airline Road Race 10k and 5k - Chicago*

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml (updated 22nd August).

*Club Event Map: [long Google-map hyperlink you would not copy]

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Round-the-Park Tuesday 6th September Harmondsworth Moor start 12:30

The event starts near the wooden bridge beyond the main car park.  It is a two lap course and is approximately three miles in length, so just a bit shorter than five km. This is a fun event and ALL levels of runners/joggers are welcomed.  If you are not quite up to the full course you can do it as a one lap, two mile run. See last week's digest for the map and other details.

Paul Knechtl

Thanks again...

Dear British Airways Athletics Club

Thank you for all your help and support at the Standard Chartered Great City Race 2016.

It was a great evening for the participants and a great success and we could not have run the event without you all, so thank you. We hope that you and the group had an enjoyable time and it was lovely to meet you all at the post race reception.

A special post event mention by Hugh Brasher, Race Director, included how British Airways Athletics Club's superb running of the Disley Shuttle pedestrian crossing helped improve the event! "It was great to see such fantastic teamwork from everyone."

And a big welcome to a new volunteer group - Thurrock Gang Show SAS - who did a great job with Finsbury Air Cadets handing out the finisher tops.

Our London Marathon Charitable Trust received a record 5.7 million in 2015 as a result of London Marathon Events Limited staging of events. The Charitable Trust supports communities to inspire and increase the numbers of people regularly taking part in physical activities. We could not raise these funds without you, our brilliant volunteers, supporting us to host the events.

Once again a big thank you to everyone.

Yours Sincerely,

Jennifer Fash

Volunteer Manager

London Marathon Events

September Dream Mile Results

Previous Best Time Recent recorded time 01-Sep-16 Difference Best Time
Paul Knechtl 00:04:56 00:06:09 00:05:20 -49 seconds 00:04:56
Vaneeta Cro 00:11:38 00:13:02 00:12:33 -29 seconds 00:11:38
Neil Frediani 00:06:34 00:07:06 00:06:57 -09 seconds 00:06:34
Colin Russell 00:07:07 00:06:38 00:06:31 -07 seconds 00:06:05
Roderick Hoffman 00:07:08 00:08:04 00:08:06 +02 seconds 00:07:08
Matthew Stratful 00:05:43 00:05:53 00:05:57 +04 seconds 00:05:43
Steve Taylor 00:06:45 00:07:17 00:07:24 +07 seconds 00:06:45
Billy Parker-Brown   00:05:22 00:05:33 +11 seconds 00:05:22
Dave Bird 00:05:52 00:06:25 00:06:53 +28 seconds 00:05:52
Simon Ashford 00:06:18 00:07:06 00:07:42 +36 seconds 00:06:18

Warm, sunny, dry/humid, easterly head wind.

Paul Knechtl

Club parkrun results for Saturday 3rd September

3rd September family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
Alan Anderson 31:42 Gunnersbury 200th run at Gunnersbury 68%
Tony Barnwell 34:21 Black Park run #116, 48th at Black Park 54%
Ben Chaytow 23:01 Crane Park run #144, 121st at Crane Park 59%
Caroline Cockram 45:05 Bedfont Lakes run #239 36%
Ian Cockram 25:35 Bedfont Lakes run #359 57%
John Coffey 27:17 Bushy Park first parkrun for four months 68%
Jonathan Cox 22:49 Crane Park run #283, 7th at Crane Park 67%
Ian Cunningham 24:37 Bushy Park run #255, 218th at Bushy Park 62%
Scott Davison 24:31 Bedfont Lakes run #176 58%
Linda Dodsworth 27:04 Tees Barrage first run at Tees Barrage 58%
Steve Dodsworth 23:44 Tees Barrage first run at Tees Barrage 64%
David Duggan 29:19 Bedfont Lakes run #163 53%
Denis Foxley 25:53 Harrow run #46, 43rd at Harrow  66%
Joan Foxley 36:03 Harrow run #42, 41st at Harrow 59%
Neil Frediani 47:35 Bedfont Lakes volunteer tailrunner 33%
Alan Friar 26:54 Reading run #209, 141st at Reading 66%
Sarah Gordon 36:33 Markeaton first run at new course (Derby) 52%
Roderick Hoffman 29:40 Nose Hill (Calgary) first parkrun in Canada 52%
Kevin Holland 31:07 Poole run #60, 20th at Poole 55%
Chris Kelly 24:36 Reading run #301, 237th at Reading 60%
John Lennon 32:56 Bedfont Lakes run #219 47%
Kerstin Luksch 21:00 Gunnersbury run #195, F-4 71%
Daniela Mayerova 28:46 Wormwood Scrubs run #34, club course rec (F) 52%
Trish McCabe 27:06 Bedfont Lakes run #149 56%
Steve Newell 32:54 Gunnersbury 94th run at Gunnersbury 55%
Steph Owen 37:17 Gadebridge run #3. 2nd at Gadebridge 40%
Gary Rushmer 20:51 Crissy Fields club course record 74%
Bernard Sexton 19:29 Gunnersbury run #9, parkrun pb 66%
Barry Walters 20:30 Upton Court run #46, course agegroup pb 78%
Paul Watt 21:10 Rushmoor run #25 70%
Ian White 27:41 Bedfont Lakes run #33 54%
Joe Nolan volunteer Black Park

There were a couple of late results this weekend with two of our runners participating in parkruns several time zones to the West.

Roderick Hoffman (29:40) flew to Calgary to be on the start line at the inaugural Nose Hill parkrun in Calgary, Alberta.  parkrun Canada only started a couple of weeks ago at Kelowna on the banks of Lake Okanagan in British Columbia so Nose Hill is the second event nationally.  Numbers are already more promising than in France but we will have to see how things turn out once the winter sets in.

Gary Rushmer (20:51) set a new club record at Crissy Fields in San Francisco.

Occasionally runner Bernard Sexton (19:29) was our only sub 20 runner this week.  A parkrun pb for him.  He was at the 250th edition of the Gunnersbury parkrun (started 2011) where Alan Anderson (31:42) completed the course for the 200th time, part of an almost record attendance of 440.  That makes him only the second person in the world to complete 200 runs at two different parks.  He has done 208 at Bushy Park.  He does however run a distant runner up to Darren Wood who has 275 at Frimley Lodge and 257 at Bushy Park to his name.

Barry Walters (20:30, 78.21%) was at Upton Court, one of his favourite venues.

Sarah Gordon (36:33) was in reality running at a new park at Markeaton in Derby.  She had previously been at nearby Darley which was suspended a few months ago but where the local core team has managed to move the weekly run short distance and rebadge it while retaining the value of the original investment and all the archived results.

Steve (23:44) and Linda Dodsworth (27:04) visited the Tees Barrage parkrun for the first time.

Linda writes "We did Tees Barrage parkrun this week (Middlesborough/Stockton) en route from Sunderland to Yorkshire. An interesting parkrun along and across the river Tees, starting and ending near the Tees Barrage International White Water centre which looked well worth a longer visit. The parkrun is a 1 lap course which looks fast on paper but has some steps up to a bridge and lots of turns to slow you down. A scenic course."

Daniela Mayerova (28:46) set a pb and a female club record at Wormwood Scrubs where there was a higher than average turnout of 78.  John Coffey (27:17) appeared at a parkrun, Bushy, for the first time in several months and was one of 1210 runners there.  It must have been congested because that is the slowest John has ever run there (190 runs over 10+ years).

Our faithful group at Bedfont Lakes were part of a record turnout of 314.

Steve Newell (

Updated parkrun stats:

Steve Newell

parkrun Volunteering

First Saturday of the month pacing continuing to be very successful, with several new recruits to the squad every time and plenty of marvellous feedback. Attaching pictures of the pacer squad 'mission control' with the flag trolley and registration table and also a 'token organiser' that I constructed to help sort tokens after runners have finished. It folds up as a 'suitcase' for storage - 'BA doing our bit for parkrun' !

Black Park pacer mission control and token sorter

Joe Nolan

parkrun Tourism

So I made it to and back from the Nose Hill parkrun in Calgary. As well as being the first in Canada at 1,200m this is the highest altitude parkrun any club member has run at (unless one of us has managed one of the runs around Johannesburg without Steve noticing.  The Facebook parkrun statisgeek group* tell me that the highest point is 1,750m on the Harrismith run - you would join the mile high parkrun club, oh and carrying your own oxygen would make your result an assisted one).  Back to Nose Hill this is the only parkrun where a coyote was spotted whilst setting the course (makes a change from cows, deer and kangaroos).

*Yes, there really is a Facebook group called the "parkrun statisgeek group".  Though the mile high club and oxygen references are made up.

If you explore Steve's stats spreadsheet you'll see that with eight different club runners having run there Crissy Field (USA) now edges ahead of East Coast Park (Singapore) with seven but Root 44 (South Africa) still leads with nine club runners.

Roderick Hoffman

Running Shorts

Dingle Marathon

Did my 3rd Dingle Marathon today in 3:46:03. 2nd fastest time of three. Much improved on the 4:25 that I managed just two weeks ago at Leila's Run in Harpendon. Hopefully I can improve again in 3 weeks time when I tackle the Berlin Marathon for the first time - hope to be close to or sub-3:30

Piers Keenleyside

Where are they now - revisiting retired runners

Ian HudsonRetired runner Ian Hudson - orienteering himself somewhere in Norway; perhaps.

[Ian did also send me a photograph of him running but I thought that this was the more interesting one]

Oh and if anyone wants to get in touch with Ian I have his new gmail email address which has replaced his previous Demon one.

Roderick Hoffman

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