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BA Athletics Club News Digest 6th May 2019


  • Wednesday 8th May - Speedbird Ladies (see below) *#
  • Monday 13th May London Vets League Match 1 Battersea from 18:30 (see below) #
  • Monday May 20th - Track&Field Grand Prix - 1000m, Shot, Long Jump, Welie Wanging! Uxbridge from 18:00 *#

We meet at 18:00 at the Bedfont Club on most Wednesdays throughout the year BUT NOT THIS WEDNESDAY (see Speedbird Ladies below)

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events. The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Last updated: 4th April.

* Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps] (parkrun details updated 5th May) / # Club Points event.

Facebook: (formal "front window" club page), BA Runner Facebook Group (informal "back office" - ask to join).

Inclusions, with photos, please to Roderick Hoffman at

Speedbird Ladies CourseSpeedbird Ladies this Wednesday - reminder

Schedule for Wednesday...

  • 15:00 onwards - I'll be setting the course. This should be finished well before 17:00 unless bits have to be revisited to replace washed out flour!,
  • 17:30 onwards - all men welcome to turn up to be assigned marshalling responsibilities - the more the merrier,
  • 18:00 All men welcome to test run the course,
  • 18:00 Onwards - Ladies turn-up for registration - we have over 70 already registered plus we'll have more turn-up on the night,
  • 18:45 Men to their marshalling positions - the forecast rain will have stopped (only 28% chance of rain according to the BBC),
  • 19:00 The 2019 BAAC Speedbird Ladies Race,
  • 19:40 Prize giving,
  • 20:00 Tidy up and go home (or round to the Five Bells).

Roderick Hoffman

T&F Vets League, Monday 13th May, Battersea, 18:30

After the team's success at the Rosenheim meeting at Sutton [expect a report on this in next week's digest], our next fixture will be at Battersea Park track on May 13th.  All over 35s are welcome!  Please think about the event(s) you would like to enter, and if you know before the day, please let me know as it helps with the declaration.  We will aim to cover all three age groups: V35, V50 & V60.  Any questions? feel free to ask.

The events will be:  Discus, 100m, 2K walk, High Jump, 400m, Shot, 1500m and Long Jump, to be followed by a 4 x 400m relay.

See you there!

Steve Hillier

Volunteers for Vitality 10K, BH Monday 27th May

I hope those of you who have run or volunteered at the Marathon are now fully recharged for the next outing!

London Vitality 10K is around the corner, and I am looking for more volunteers to help out at this event. This is a half day outing with food and shirt/jacket provided by the organisers.

We are asked to provide 40 marshals, and I thank those who have already informed me of their availability. There are places for another 10 volunteers. If you are able to help, I will be very pleased to hear from you, by Sunday 12th May if possible.

This year volunteers are expected to register online with LM Organisation. If you have marshalled at the Marathon you will already have registered under BA Athletics Club and will not need to do it again. If you have not registered previously, you will need to do so (me included). Let me know and I will send you a link to get onto the website to register. We need to get all volunteers on the register ASAP.

Separately, volunteers please let me have the following information:

  • Coach.   Yes/No
  • Food.     Meat/Veg
  • Shirt.      S/M/L
  • Mobile.   For the day

Some of you who have volunteered for this event have already provided this information, so thank you. As usual, we will have a coach to take us to the venue and take us back. You can also meet us at the venue if that is more convenient for you. For those who would like to take the coach, we are going to use the car park at Accommodation Lane in Harmondsworth (same as last year) as our meeting place. I will circulate final details nearer the time.

Thank you

Clara {}

London Marathon 2019 Reports (part one of several)

James Glover

Thank you so much for my place this year & please pass on my thanks to the committee too.

I had a great day, bit cold at the start & I think I got carried away & went off a bit too fast. I felt good until 20m & then started to slow. Had to walk for a couple of minutes at 25m but managed to get going again to run Parliament Square, Birdcage & Spur Rd - what a great job the marshals did & the crowd round the course were fantastic & very supportive. Think I drank too much Lucozade sport as I felt a bit dodgy later in the run. Also, I didn't like the 'LSport' bottles with no tops or the paper cups with 'LSport' in them - really hard to drink & loads get spilled, especially at the last station where your shoes were sticking to the road!

All in all another fantastic experience & thank you once again for the opportunity - I'll never forget it - also managed to raise a few quid for Macmillan - so great all round.

Hope your day went well too,

All the best,

James Glover

Diane Ross

Firstly a big thanks to Steve and the Committee for my place - it felt such a privilege to run "London"  - only my second ever marathon but what an awesome experience! The wall of noise as I rounded the corner onto Tower Bridge and then later at Canary Wharf was almost overwhelming, but massively encouraging. 

My knees started really aching about mile 16 but I just dug in and ticked off the miles, which seemed to get longer with each one. Meeting "Ian Beale" on the way round was fun, what a friendly guy. 

It was great to see family and friends marshalling at Parliament Sq., my usual spot, I hope to be back there next year and you may have won some new recruits as they enjoyed it so much! 

Have to agree with others about Lucozade jelly bean gels, they just got stuck in my mouth - not pleasant.

Thanks to all the marshals  - what a great job they all do. 

What a day, once I stop aching it may sink in that I have done London - thank you for the unforgettable opportunity. 

Diane Ross

Alison Joyce

Thank you & BAAC so much for giving me the opportunity to participate in the London Marathon yesterday. This was my first ever marathon at 60!  I had an amazing day full of highs and a few lows. I got round in 5 hours 18mins with all toenails intact. I'm hoping to marshal again next year. 

Alison Joyce

Gary Rushmer

Hi everyone, well done to everybody who ran yesterday.

Firstly I like to thank all the marshal's in that last mile, I was gone by then with my groin injury but they kept me going. 

My race started really well dropping down two zones at the start which helped not going off to fast, then fealing like I was still running well my groin all of a sudden went at 15 miles. I managed to run/walk to the finish in 4.21.

Again thank you to all the marshal's who had a longer day than I did, I'm complaining about my groin. 

PS: said I wouldn't but yes I've entered next year.

Gary Rushmer


Place (Overall) Place (Gender) Place (Category) Name Runner Number Category Race Status Time
15281 11128 1104 Glover, James (GBR) 21555 50-54 Finished 04:01:37
33582 12326 217 Joyce, Alison (GBR) 60708 60-64 Finished 05:18:09
37240 14393 1275 Ross, Diane (GBR) 60431 50-54 Finished 05:43:47
20358 14288 716 Rushmer, Gary (GBR) 21554 55-59 Finished 04:21:42

2019 May Dream MileDream Mile - May - Results

02-May-19 Paul Prescott 00:05:36
02-May-19 Jeremy Short 00:06:20
02-May-19 Simon Ashford 00:07:15
02-May-19 Neil Frediani 00:08:19
02-May-19 Roderick Hoffman 00:08:25
02-May-19 Steve Hillier 00:08:53
02-May-19 Melanie Miller 00:10:55

It was too soon after the London Marathon for Chris Kelly to risk a one mile sprint so he showed his versatility by acting as starter, tail to lead cyclist, finisher and photographer.

 For the first time since January we only had a light wind to contend with and times were consequently good.

We welcomed Mel for her first run with us.

Paul Prescott ran the fastest time on the course since November 2016. He becomes the joint 7th fastest, though Jeremy Short's equaling time had been wind assisted.  The record remains an unimaginably fast 04:56 by Paul Knechtl from 5th September 2013.

Club parkrun results for Saturday 4th May 2019

Steve's still away "Saturday was South Korea, parkrun free zone.   Today in Hiroshima at quayside free wife zone.  Steve".  So, I'm updating the parkrun results table.  IMPORTANT - if your time on Saturday, or that of someone you think should or could be included, isn't in the following list, please let me know so that I can add them next time.

Roderick Hoffman

4th May 2019 parkrun  ↓ Pos  ↓ Time  ↓ Age Grade  ↓ PB?  ↓ Comment
Neil FREDIANI Bedfont Lakes   00:30:44 53.09%  
Scott DAVISON Bedfont Lakes   00:24:37 58.50%  
Joe NOLAN Black Park   00:31:06 53.43%  
Lesley Chamberlin Bushy Park   00:27:08 70.52%  
Anne Bannister California Country   00:28:36 68.82%  
Chris Evans California Country   00:24:28 61.78%  
Trish MCCABE California Country   00:28:52 53.70%  
Caroline Cockram Coldham’s Common   00:25:05 66.84%   New event for BAAC
Ian Cockram Coldham’s Common   00:23:48 62.46%   New event for BAAC
Ben Chaytow Crane Park   00:22:53 60.52%  
Julie BARCLAY Dinton Pastures   00:22:48 78.36%  
Paul Watt Dinton Pastures   00:25:27 59.86%  
Piers KEENLEYSIDE Fire Service College   00:28:01 58.24%  
Richard RUFFELL Gedling   00:21:45 71.88%  
Maria Jovani Hanworth   00:31:49 49.08%   New event
Paul Davis Hanworth   00:33:26 40.53%   New event
Denis Foxley Harrow   00:31:24 56.16%  
Joan FOXLEY Harrow   00:38:59 57.12%  
Barry WALTERS Hazelwood   00:22:38 72.75%  
John COFFEY Hazelwood   00:28:38 68.68%  
John Scaife Higginson, Marlow   00:26:07 64.20% PB   PB by over 4.5 minutes
Ian CUNNINGHAM Homewood   00:24:10 64.14%  
Janet Cunningham Homewood   00:32:37 56.26% PB   PB by over 30 seconds
Roderick HOFFMAN Northala Fields   00:27:42 56.92%  
Christopher T KELLY Reading   00:21:21 70.80%  
Petra OTTO Snowden Field   00:35:30 58.87%   New event for BAAC
David Duggan Foro Italico   00:28:36 55.59%   New event for BAAC

Volunteers - The parkrun organisation have still not provided a report of volunteer efforts.  For that reason we can ONLY include specific volunteer efforts each week if we are emailed about them by 17:00 on the Monday after the run. I may look to include a periodic report on total volunteer efforts.

4th May 2019 parkrun role
Steve Taylor Northala Fields Token Scanning

Some of you may have read between the lines of my comment last week to realise that a new local parkrun was imminent - Hanworth parkrun launched on Saturday and locals Marie and Paul attended. I will now organise a Club Featured parkrun for Saturday 25th May. Hanworth parkrun takes place in Hanworth Air Park which is next to the swimming pool and leisure centre just off the A312 just south of Feltham. It is just over one mile away from Crane Park parkrun but there is no reason why the two can't coexist.

There were also three new-to-the-club parkruns run by Ian & Caroline at Coldhams Common (Cambridge), Petra at Snowden Field (Crowland in South Holland in the Fens - pictured) and David at Foro Italico (one of three parkruns in Palermo on Sicily). So how close to 500 does that take us? I've now loaded over 13,000 parkrun results into a database, and plugged in each runners' BAAC membership details (dates of when they joined and left the club), and the reports I've run suggest that we are now on 496. I'll be doing a new club parkrun on Saturday (Millennium Country near Bedford) and so we'll be getting very close to 500 - if you fancy finding a new parkrun that no one from the club has done, I have updated the club map with all of the current parkruns - those we've done in green, those we are yet to visit in pink.

Petra at Snowden parkrunI'm also making the new database available to all members, though only with read access. You will probably find that to use it you have to download it onto your PC and load it into an up-to-date version of Excel (and have some practical ability with Excel) HOWEVER I may be wrong and you may find the online version usable. The first few tabs are the data and after that there are various reports including, if you are interested, how well club members are progressing on the Alphabet Challenge, Seconds Bingo and the Wilson Index. If these make no sense to you then you are probably wiser than those to whom some sense is made!  If you do try to use the database and either succeed or fail - please let me know.

Roderick Hoffman

Steve's parkrun stats - club parkrun stats - NOT UPDATED

NEW club parkrun database - {read access to new club parkrun database} - UP TO DATE

Petra Otto adds

Brrrrr, what a very cold and windy first Snowden Field Parkrun in Crowland, near Peterborough {Ed: What do you expect at a parkrun called "Snowden"?}. Great atmosphere, a lovely course, but very hard work as the whole 5km was on grass. Definitely not a PB course, I think, despite it being flat. A lovely gathering of participants afterwards at the local coffee shop. I was happy trotting around in 35:30 mins. 112 runners took part.


Running Shorts

  • The last Street-O of the current season is on Tuesday 14th at Wimbledon - meet at the Dog & Fox (SW19 5EA) anytime from 18:15 ( ).
  • Tom Rowley points out that Kay Trinder ran a 0/50 PB time of 40.52 in the Frimley 10k on Sun. 5th.
  • Melanie Holman posts on Facebook "Revenge of the Fifth Half Marathon: That was the nuttiest, un-runnable half marathon ever with the best views, in some fantastic hills and an awesome medal to finish, no better way to get a PW time!"

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