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BA Athletics Club News Digest 6th July 2015


  • Wednesday 8th July - Rosenheim T&F Twickenham, Monday 13th July Veterans League Perivale
  • Thursday 23rd July - BA Fun Run and Little Legs at Harmondsworth Moor from 4pm. See below.
  • Wednesday 29th July - Ruffell Runaround Run-of-the-Month - Heston Venue from 18:00

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml (updated 5th July).

Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

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BAAC Annual General Meeting report

The club AGM was held last Wednesday.  Full report to follow.

Following two decades of hard work we marked the departure of Alastair Heslop from the committee (though he promised us he'll still have some involvement over the next year).  I am pleased to announce that we have welcomed a new member of the committee, Steve Taylor, initially to the "without portfolio" role.
A full listing of the committee members is on the website:

Steve Hillier

Magic Mile Results for Thursday 2nd July

Previous Best Time Last Recorded Time 03-Jul-15 Difference Best Time
Derek Baker 00:07:51 00:06:48 -63 seconds 00:06:48
Vaneeta Cro 00:14:33 00:13:10 00:12:20 -50 seconds 00:12:20
Chris Kelly 00:05:42 00:06:07 00:06:00 -07 seconds 00:05:42
Simon Ashford 00:06:18 00:06:43 00:06:38 -05 seconds 00:06:18
Richard Ruffell 00:05:59 00:06:21 00:06:16 -05 seconds 00:05:59
Roderick Hoffman 00:07:08 00:07:25 00:07:34 +09 seconds 00:07:08
Dave Dixon 00:05:21 00:05:06 00:05:16 +10 seconds 00:05:06
Ian Cunningham 00:05:52 00:06:03 00:06:15 +12 seconds 00:05:52

Conditions: Hot/Humid, Overcast, Dry, Slight easterly crosswind.

Thankfully the weather was a lot cooler than the record highs the day before. It was still quite humid though meaning fast times were hard to come by. With one result to come, there was one PB on the day, Vaneeta Cro reducing her PB by 50 seconds to 12:20. The couch to 5K training is certainly working. Good to see Dave Dixon out for a second month in a row recording another good time. Nearly everyone one seemed to be around 20 seconds slower than their best time Next event will be on Thursday 6th August 2015.

Paul Knechtl

The results for the Parkway mile, run on 1st July before the AGM, have not yet surfaced which proves perhaps that PK is more efficient in his absence than SN?  But perhaps others are to thank or blame.

BA Fun Run fast approaching: Thursday 23rd July from 16:00 with the theme "Summer Holiday"

Later on this week I'll be sending out details to those who have already offered to help marshal this event.  I'm still in need of more offers so please let me know. 

What's in it for you?  If helping the airline host a major charity event isn't enough then there is a food voucher which hopefully this year will also cover a beer.  Oh and you could be rubbing shoulders with an England goal-scoring legend (not yet confirmed) not to mention performers who your kids will have heard of.

  • The event is on Thursday 23rd July
  • The venue is Harmondsworth Moor next to the BA Waterside Head Quarters
  • I can arrange parking for you in the Waterside car parks (so avoiding the narrow concrete entrances to the moorland car parks)
  • The Little Legs is a 1,000m run from 16:30 for the under 10s
  • The Fun Run is a 5k race from 17:30 with all entrance money and sponsorship aiding Cancer UK
  • This year's theme is "Summer Holidays" [sorry - Cliff is not expected]
  • 200 runners have already signed up which is the number who ran last year so we expect a larger field
  • attendance counts towards the Round The Block trophy awarded each year

Roderick Hoffman

World Airline Road Race update - Flight Costs

If you are thinking of making it out to Dubai for WARR then we are keen for you to be there.  For those of you who are active BA staff then British Airways and BA Clubs are also keen that you make it to compete against the other airlines.  So much so in fact that they are prepared to help with flight costs!

BA Clubs rules are fluid and not well explained but...

1) In the past we have been able to request a standby ticket from BA Clubs to get us there and back (though we have had to pay some of the taxes and charges).

2) This year they have also said that if you want to use one of your own annual tickets - for the higher priority, cabin entitlement and/or to take family with you - then BA Clubs is prepared to contribute towards the tax element of your ticket.  This is, as you would expect, only available if you are a paid up member of BA Clubs but given the amount of tax on a LHR-DXB-LHR ticket this would have to be seen as a great deal! 

Please let me know if you are interested in taking BA Clubs up on either of these opportunities - we will need to check on a case by case basis to see what this will actually be worth. Note that the standby ticket has traditionally been equally available to members of regional BA Clubs but we've been advised that the tax rebate may only be for BA Clubs London members.

Roderick Hoffman BA WARR Team Captain

Do you remember WARR Dublin?

Here comes the foto-gallery:

Post around and encourage your airline colleagues to be part of WARR 2015 in Dubai!

Ralph Behrens (Lufthansa) 

Club parkrun results for Saturday 4th July 2015

4th July 2015 Family, Friends,+ Time parkrun Comment Grade
Alan Anderson 29:37 Gunnersbury 150th run at Gunnersbury 71%
Alan Friar 26:37 Reading run #165 66%
Benita Scaife 28:53 Cooks River, Downunder BA park #183 66%
Caroline Cockram 26:14 Telford run #187, BA park #185 61%
Chris Kelly 20:01 Reading run #243 74%
David Duggan 31:54 Bedfont Lakes Runnymede Runner 48%
Denis Foxley 24:33 Harrow 26th/109 69%
Eddie Giles 24:48 Upton Court 68%
Ian Cunningham 23:17 Bushy Park run #202 64%
James Glover 25:31 Alice Holt Forest course pb 58%
Janet Smith 34:32 Black Park run #32 49%
Joanne Sinton-Hewitt 28:52 Bushy Park run #249 59%
Joe Nolan 31:59 Black Park 32' pacer 50%
John Scaife 28:53 Cooks River, Downunder 56%
Kerstin Luksch 21:31 Gunnersbury run #146 69%
Paul Sinton-Hewitt 23:08 Bushy Park run #247 66%
Richard Ruffell 21:32 Banbury park #40, club course record 70%
Roderick Hoffman 26:30 Les Dougnes, France 2nd finisher !, BA park#184 57%
Scott Davison 23:20 Bedfont Lakes 60%
Simon Ashford 23:24 Chichester run #15, course pb 60%
Tony Hird 25:40 Gunpowder 58%

4th July is always a good time to look westwards and see how our parkrun cousins are getting on, especially this year when two of our members have run at half of the runs they have over there.  At Clermont Waterfront near Orlando in Florida there were 94 finishers, the equal second best attendance in the two years or so the event has been going.  Durham, NC, only attracted 19 runners, a few more than the two-year average figure of 15.  At Livonia, MI, which has been going for three years there were 54 runners against an average turnout of 21.6.  Lastly, over in San Francisco, the one most recently visited by one of our members and where Julie Barclay holds the VW50 age category record (22:41) there were just 27 runners where the average over six months has been just 17.
If those fields look a little sparse compared with Bushy Park (968 this week), Black Park (485) or Gunnersbury (351) then consider the situation with the recent start-up in France.  Les Dougnes, near Bordeaux, once part of the English Empire and the location chosen for the fight back to re-establish a foothold near a vineyard, attracted a fairly typical attendance of two.  The debutant was our own Roderick Hoffman spreading his wings in a new direction, clinching a second place for the first time and pleased with the time of 26:30 in the hot conditions.  The start time there, by the way, was 0830 local time. See also below.
Les Dougnes was one of three new parks visited by out members this past Saturday.  In New South Wales, Benita and John Scaife together with several family members were in Sydney for the last of their current series downunder, this time at Cooks River.  Caroline Cockram visited Telford (Shropshire) for the first time.  The club total has risen to 185 different parkruns.
On more familiar ground, Alan Anderson (29:37) ran at Gunnersbury for the 150th time, Simon Ashford ran a course pb at Chichester (23:24), James Glover (25:31) achieved a course pb and set a new club record at Alice Holt Forest.  Richard Ruffell fitted in (Banbury, 21:32) as his 40th park, taking another club record off Roderick, before going to watch Hamilton qualify at nearby Silverstone.
Chris Kelly was back at Reading for his 243rd parkrun.  Next week he is taking part in a mile swim in the Thames at Chiswick.  The time of high tide will allow him to run at Gunnersbury first, should he wish to do so.  Piers Keenleyside has admitted he has been doing so much running recently he has neglected his swimming and won't be joining in this time - the water may never be so warm again.
Updated club parkrun stats: 

Steve Newell

For once the "Consolidated Club Results" did include the full results for a given parkrun...

There were two volunteers, Alex acting as lead runner (as well as finishing first over the three lap course, he had done a warm-up lap to put down the course flags and then a warm-down lap to collect them afterwards), and Anita acting as starter, timekeeper, token distributor, scanner, refreshments and child minder (and with another on the way).

I became the 17th runner to complete the parkrun course and I'm currently 10th in order of age grade.

If anyone has half an excuse then get on a plane and turn-up to encourage Anita and Alex to keep going with this venture.  I flew from Heathrow to Toulouse (three flights a day) and drove the two hours from there to Bordeaux rather than face the M25 on a Friday and the once a day flight from Gatwick to Bordeaux.  However other airlines are available!  Obviously Anita and Alex need to attract local runners BUT UK tourists will provide encouragement AND will make the event better when locals start to turn up.

Roderick Hoffman

Information from UK Athletics

We get various communications from UK Athletics and some we'll pass on and others not based on how many people we think the communication will be relevant to.  Perhaps all of us who race should be aware of this one - although more some that others...

 Dear Club Secretary,

Athletes may choose to use supplements but should be aware of the facts and risks, so that their choice is an informed one.

There is no 100% guarantee that any supplement is safe and UKA has set out their position on supplements, providing clear advice to athletes, and those who support athletes, on how to reduce the real risk of inadvertent doping posed by supplement use. 

View the UKA Supplement Position Statement and any queries can be directed to or 0121 7138466.

Kind Regards,

UK Athletics Anti-Doping Team

I couldn't find anything in the detail specifically barring the consumption of chocolate; even at the quantities supplied at our regular socials.

Running Crossword

I haven't yet had a fully correct answer submitted so I'll present this again...entries please...

Easier Clues

Clues Across Clues Down
2. Three activities make one event (9) 1. Often a race for kids (3,3)
9. Activity for tired and retired runners (6) 2. A variety of athletics activities focused on one location (5,3,5)
11. Typically over an accurately measured tarmac course (4,4) 3. For drinkers with a running problem (4)
12. Distances to the extreme (5) 4. Typically up and down muddy hills (5-7)
13. Find your own way (12) 5. Clearing the way for runners and holding back spectators (11)
14. One by one team event (5) 6. The first runner announced victory then collapsed and died (8)
15. Indoor activities to build up and strengthen (3) 7. Monthly run imperial distance (5,4)
  8. Weekly time trial (7)
  10. Unstructured training with varied pace (7)

Prize - the usual one year's free subscription to this periodical to the first received with all the correct answers. You might get a mention also.

I'll publish the answers next week.

Roderick Hoffman

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