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BA Athletics Club News Digest 6th November 2017


  • Wednesday 8th November - Quiz Night at Harmondsworth Five Bells - run from 18:00, food 19:30, Quiz 20:00.
  • Saturday 11th November - second Cross Country matches of the season - Ladies at Nonsuch / Men at Epsom Downs.
  • Saturday 18th November - Run of the Month - ASCA Cross Country Dublin.

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Updated 2nd November.

*Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

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Inclusions, with photos, please to Roderick Hoffman at

New Club Survey - 2018 Events

I've set up a new club survey with the specific objective this time of notifying you of some of the events we've got planned over the next twelve months. So grab your diaries and click on the link - - if you are quick the ten questions should only take you a few minutes and you'll be better informed about what is planned and we'll be better informed on when you may be joining in.

The survey also provides information on this year's club Christmas event.

Next week's digest will contain some initial findings and a moan about how few people have completed the survey.

Roderick Hoffman

Winter Handicap Round 1 "B"

With the club currently in exile away from the ancestral home of the old Speedbird Club a new five mile course was introduced making use of the first half of last winter's course as far as Norwood Green, a new link using Fern Lane (Heston) and a return to Cranford using the second half of the long established "Round the Block" course via Convent Way.  The start and finish was by the Zebra Crossing opposite the derelict Jolly Gardeners in Cranford High Street under a well positioned and extremely bright street light.

The route avoided the bustling shopping areas through Heston.

There was also a full moon and a clear sky.  Use was made of changing rooms and showers at Cranford Community School. On this occasion everyone started together and all the runners seemed to enjoy the last glide down from the top of the M4 bridge to the finish along a newly surfaced footpath.

Gary Rushmer 34:58
Simon Turton 36:18
Steve Taylor 41:54
Chris Kelly 44:58
Roderick Hoffman 47:43
Alan Friar 50:36
Steve Hillier 52:09

Alan Anderson and Tony Barnwell also started though no times were recorded for them.

The next 5 mile handicap event will be on Wednesday 22nd November starting and finishing in Cranford High Street.  The following run will be on Wednesday 13th December and after that on the last Wednesday of the month between January and March 2018. The course has been quite carefully measured with a surveyor's wheel and is much more like a real 5 miles than the (shorter) one used in previous years. Changing and showers will be available at Cranford Community College which is served by buses and has a large free car park.

The nearby Queen's Head gives a 15% discount on food and drink on production of a current BA Clubs card (turquoise).

The scoring system this winter will reward consistency and improvement and the best four of six runs will be taken account of in the final analysis. As we are using new courses, watches and distance measuring devices will be allowed for anyone's first run - thereafter reference to whatever you depend on mid-run is against the spirit of the completion.

Steve Newell

British Airways Run Gatwick Sunday 13th may 2018

Some of you will have seen the promotional material for this event launched last week.  The event will include a Half Marathon through Crawley and around Gatwick and a 5k that will include a Corporate 5k event, and a kids' Fun Run.  I've asked the airline sponsors for more specific details of how we can be included in the events and they have told me that there will be opportunities but they haven't yet been decided upon.  I'll pass on more information when I have it.  There may also be opportunities for us to be involved with the on the day management of the event itself.

See also:

Roderick Hoffman

Club parkrun results for Saturday 4th November

4th November family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
David Duggan 27:35 Tooting Common first run at Tooting Common 57%
Julie Barclay 21:42 Rushmoor run #109 81%
Jacqui Musselwhite 23:18 Rushmoor 1st run at Rushmoor 71%
Paul Watt 21:10 Rushmoor run #61 71%
Richard Ruffell 22:12 Rushmere pb, club course rec 70%
Steve Waite 27:44 Riddlesdown run #14, all at Riddlesdown 62%
Tim Bellars 22:28 Reigate Priory run #5, park #5, club record 66%
Steve Taylor 26:17 Northala Fields run #76 58%
Petra Otto 31:10 March run #30, 53rd place - best yet 66%
Alice Banks 27:18 Maidenhead run #98 71%
Benita Scaife 30:57 Maidenhead run #95 64%
John Scaife 31:00 Maidenhead run #108 53%
Caroline Cockram 25:28 Lowestoft 1st run at Lowestoft, club rec 64%
Sarah Gordon 32:09 Leicester Victoria run #169, 16th at Leicester Vic 60%
Becky Thurtell 24:54 Hoblingwell run #421, park #217 73%
Roderick Hoffman 27:58 Hoblingwell run #274, park #210 56%
Denis Foxley 26:44 Harrow run #84 65%
Mohamed Mohamed 21:20 Harrow M-4, run #15 61%
Joan Foxley 38:12 Harrow run #77 56%
Kerstin Luksch 22:03 Gunnersbury run #237 68%
Alan Anderson 34:09 Gunnersbury run #481 65%
Steve Newell 34:35 Gunnersbury run #287 53%
Jonathan Cox 22:50 Crane Park run #330 68%
Ben Chaytow 23:03 Crane Park run #178 60%
Trish McCabe 26:55 Crane Park run #207 57%
Anne Bannister 27:56 Bedfont Lakes plus token sorting 69%
Bob Bannister 25:00 Bedfont Lakes plus token sorting 65%
James Shoulder 20:26 Bedfont Lakes run #25, 20th at Bedfont 63%
Scott Davison 23:34 Bedfont Lakes run #225 61%
Ian Cockram volunteer Bedfont Lakes run director
Joe Nolan volunteer Black Park pacer system manager

A mixture of young and old this week as I spotted Mohamed Mohamed (M-4, 21:20) in the results at Harrow.  He is now in the 20-24 age group but used to run with us on a Wednesday from Heston when he was a teenager.  Meanwhile evergreen Tom Rowley is forever encouraging younger talent for his Woking club (Woking parkrun cancelled for fireworks display preparations) and they went mob handed to Rushmoor and this week included Jacqui Musselwhite (23:18) who ran for us at WARR, as well as Paul Watt (21:10) and Julie Barclay (21:42).

There was yet another chance (?) meeting of Roderick Hoffman (27:58) and Becky Thurtell (24:54), this time at Hoblingwell Woods in the London Borough of Bromley.  Roderick is now on 210 parks, Becky is on 217, so both are among the better travelled parkrunners [Roderick adds - it's tough at the top, there were three others at Hoblingwell on Saturday who have done more parks than either of us and a fourth who has done more than me].  Becky was a pioneer at Bushy Park before tourism became possible.  This was their 13th parkrun together, the fourth this year, but never at the same place twice.

Richard Ruffell (22:12) returned to Rushmere and a carnival atmosphere for the second anniversary celebrations.   Richard lowered the club record.  He is 2nd out of 112 in his age group there.  The man keeping him from the top slot is Mark Kleanthos, a notable triathlon pioneer and winner of the first BA Munchman Duathlon in 1987.

Two more club records were improved this week.  Caroline Cockram (25:28) is now the all genders record holder at Lowestoft and Tim Bellars (22:28) ran faster than anyone previously at Reigate Priory.  Tim is on 5 runs, all at different locations; where next? [Roderick adds - I accidently got into tourism by doing five different parkruns as my first five.  I kept going on that track to get to 52 in 52. My record was beaten by Gregory Bailey who is currently on 214 venues in 214 parkruns BUT Gregory is scheduled to repeat one later this month. As for where Tim will run next...his first three runs were on islands and I think his next will be also, albeit a bigger one].

There was disappointment for Alan Anderson (34:09) as the new course at Gunnersbury got underway.  This is where he is destined to complete his 500th run in a few months' time.  To many people’s surprise there are actually more uphill metres in the new course than the old!

A reminder – the next club designated parkrun will be at Bedfont Lakes on Saturday 25th November.  Expect some minor hills and be prepared for a few puddles if it is wet.  Pacers will be present to help us round.  Over the eight and a half years of parkruns at Bedfont, 47 of us have run there at least once.  The club records are held by Gary Rushmer (18:42) and Julie Barclay (21:54).

Steve Newell

Updated club parkrun stats

parkrun Stats

parkrun had its 4 millionth registration last week though note that 1.5 million of those have never run a parkrun.  The holder of registration 1million has run twice, the 2millionth has never run and the 3millionth has run once (and volunteered once). Runner A4000000 did run last Saturday. The most parkrunners to have run in a single week is 202,457, last April, though that record will be well beaten next year.

Black Combe parkrun started up last Saturday and therefore had a record field...but it is not being made public how many or who ran - although chances are they were all male.  The course is entirely within the grounds of a closed prison, HMP Haverigg, and is only open to inmates and staff.  It is probably illegal to name inmates at a prison so the results are unlikely to be shared.  My guess is that inmates who have previously run parkrun before will have been issued new barcodes for use inside. The parkrun has had a total of 79 registrations so the number of finishers is probably around 70.  parkrun tourists who pride themselves in having done all of the parkruns in the NW region of England now have a difficult dilemma - the conversation with the judge might be interesting "I committed the offence m'lord so that I can be detained in Haverigg jail for a minimum of one Saturday so that I can run the parkrun there".

Roderick Hoffman

Retired Runners Lunch - Tuesday 5th December 2017, 12.30 for 1 p.m.

This year's Retired Runners Lunch will return to One over the Ait in Brentford (by Kew Bridge) where an enjoyable afternoon was spent last December.  High Tide is mid afternoon.

There is no commitment so far to select from the set Christmas Menu (attached), we can just select from the regular Fullers Pub menu (which is what we did last year).

We need to pay £10 a head upfront for the Christmas Menu so please think about it.

Some people have already indicated that they will be attending. Others wanting to attend should let Steve Newell know by 22nd November.

Eligibility is very loosely defined.  The lunch started about ten years ago and intended for those no longer involved in corporate life who miss out of Xmas office parties.  Most people have run at least one marathon or been to WARR once but that is not a prerequisite.  Partners are most welcome. Those who can still run albeit somewhat slower than in yesteryear are very welcome. Kew Bridge is well served by buses and there are four trains an hour on the Hounslow Loop. Free parking is possible only a short walk away.

Steve Newell (

1000 mile challenge

On Sunday 5/11/2017 I achieved my 1000 mile running challenge, ahead of schedule having on 18/12/2016 set myself the challenge to run a 1000 miles in a year. I gave myself this challenge shortly after receiving the wonderful news that BAAC Committee had rewarded me with a place in the London Marathon. This was my first marathon and my greatest running challenge by far. Having worked out my marathon training would take me up to around the 462 mile mark I wasn’t content on stopping there. I thought I could run beyond that and to keep myself motivated throughout the entire year I set myself this challenge.

During this time I accomplished completing the following events London Marathon , 3 Half Marathons: Thorpe Park, Hampton Court Palace, & Richmond Running Fest. 10 mile Cabbage Patch Race, 5 10k races: Weybridge, New Forest, Surrey Hills, Kew Gardens and Richmond Park. I also took part in the Jersey Marathon Relay event.

Joining BAAC has greatly assisted me in achieving this goal i.e. for giving me the opportunity to take on my biggest running challenge. Getting involved in mid week training sessions consisting of in house events, winter 5 mile handicaps and assisting with the C25K all added to my accumulation of miles. Thanks BAAC, achieving this goal has made me stop and think of the distance I have covered not only in miles but how far I progressed in the year. I am aiming for a Parkrun PB next, well my motto is never give up trying!

Keep Running everyone!

Trish McCabe

Ed: End of year approaching - how have you got on with your 2017 challenges?  Or are you setting yourself some running targets for 2018?  Let the world know and you'll be more likely to succeed.

Marlow Half Marathon Results

Pos CatPos Bib Name Cat Club Gun Time Chip Time AgeGrade
625. 39. 638 Melanie HOLMAN FV40 British Airways AC 2:03:50 2:01:50 55.2%
897. 30. 561 Jasvir singh MODAHER MV60 British Airways AC 2:32:05 2:30:14 46.9%

New York Marathon Results

Well done to Chris Kelly who finished in a chip time of 3:42:10 and Ian Cunningham in 3:42:58.  Close you say, and you'd be right, although as Ian crossed the start line fifteen minutes after Chris they had no way of seeing each other or knowing how close they were running.  This is a graph showing the gap between them at each split - they "passed" each other three times and the biggest gap was of 104 seconds at 23 miles but by 25 miles the gap was down to just 22 seconds.

Ian and Chris NYCM

Street'O is coming to Hammersmith on Tuesday 14th November

Registration and start from 18:15 and 19:30 at the Black Lion, W6 9TJ. Entry cost is £4 (£2 for Orienteering club members) and for that you'll get the map showing the area and the control points and then it is up to you to visit as many controls as you can in sixty minutes. Bring a pen, a watch and a torch and a good sense of direction or knowledge of the area would be an advantage. You can treat it as a fun event and just walk or slow jog.  You can do it in pairs.  More details or tell me to look out for you.

Roderick Hoffman (

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