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BA Athletics Club News Digest 7th May 2018


  • Wednesday 9th - Speedbird Ladies - see below. #
  • Saturday 12th May - Hazelwood parkrun at 9:00 (see below). #
  • Monday 14th May Mid London Vets League 1 T&F - Battersea from 18:30 #

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

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 Speedbird Ladies 9th May #

Meet in the normal Harmondsworth Moor carpark for 6 o'clock.  The men may check the 5k course at six. The ladies race at seven. Lots of marshalls are needed. This is a club points scoring event.  Marshalls score 2 points. Racers score one. We would prefer our ladies to run. The temperature is forecast to be an average for the year of 17 degrees with only a 5% chance of rain.

Roderick Hoffman

PS Don't forget to enter and/or promote the Speedbird Ladies event on 9th May from 19:00 - see Either enter online or print off the application form from the site and post it to Steve Taylor via the address given.

If any BAAC "Second Claim" members have, or will, enter the event and you wish to run for BAAC then please ask your first claim club secretary before the day of the event - I wouldn't expect them to have a problem with this but they need to be given the option. 

3rd May Dream Mile Results

03-May-18 Ian Cunningham 00:06:14
03-May-18 Matthew Stratful 00:06:15
03-May-18 Jeremy Short 00:06:27
03-May-18 Neil Frediani 00:07:06
03-May-18 Steve Taylor 00:07:31
03-May-18 Simon Ashford 00:07:55
03-May-18 Steve Hillier 00:08:36
03-May-18 Joe Nolan 00:08:33

Conditions - Sunny, 12 degrees, dry, 10mph west headwind.

In beautiful conditions, just a bit of head wind to affect us, there was a close tussle at the front which was won by the in-form Ian Cunningham from Matthew Stratful. These were the fastest times of the year from any of us. At the other end of the field Joe Nolan with a 33sec improvement from his first run, last month, just pipped a fast finishing Steve Hillier.

Neil Frediani

Hazelwood club featured parkrun Saturday 12th May, 9am start #

The course is at Hazelwood Centre, Sunbury-on-Thames. Facilities include toilets, showers and changing rooms. There is also a cafeteria so there can be cake! Although the event starts at 9 please arrive at least twenty minutes early to enable us to take a photograph of team members.

Location of start

The event starts close to the main club house.

Getting there by public transport

By bus:

  • Route 216 from Staines or Kingston stops in Green Street opposite Hazelwood Drive.
  • Route 235 from Brentford Great West Quarter to Sunbury Three Fishes also stops in Green Street opposite Hazelwood Drive.
  • Route 555 from Sunbury Three Fishes to Whiteley Village store also stops in Green Street opposite Hazelwood Drive.

By train:

Alight at Sunbury station. Hazelwood Drive is a c.20-minute walk along Green Street on the right.

Getting there on foot:

Hazelwood Centre is accessible on foot from Green Street, Sunbury.

Getting there by road:

  • If using SATNAV, the nearest postcode is TW16 6QU
  • From major motorway: Leave the M3 at junction 1. Go around Sunbury Cross roundabout and turn into Green Street directed as Lower Sunbury. Go over the railway bridge and continue through two sets of traffic lights, (one is pedestrian). Turn right into Hazelwood Drive at the third set of lights and Hazelwood centre is at the end.
  • From north: Approach Sunbury Cross roundabout and route is as from motorway.
  • From south: From Walton-On-Thames, cross Walton Bridge and turn right onto Fordbridge Road B375 (Esso garage on corner of roundabout). Travel into Sunbury and turn left at Flowerpot pub mini roundabout. Hazelwood Drive is c. 300 yards on left.
  • From east: Follow A308 to Sunbury Cross then route is as from motorway. Alternatively, at Hampton, turn left at lights onto Lower Sunbury Road, then turn right at Flowerpot pub mini roundabout. Hazelwood Drive is c. 300 yards on left.
  • From west: Travel to Sunbury Cross roundabout and route is as from motorway.
  • Parking spaces for c.300 cars. Also cycle sheds available.

More information:

Rosenheim League 2018 Match One at Walton on Thames #

Jacqui_MusselwhiteNeil Frediani, Steve Hillier, Ian Haylock, Jacqui Musselwhite (see photo) and official Steve Newell turned up for the first event of this season at the new Walton track. Jacqui was making her debut enthusiastically and was supported by super fan Tom Rowley. Steve Newellís presence was greatly appreciated because we needed to provide help with marshalling two of the throwing events so helped to free up others for participation. Janet and Steve Hillier also helped with marshalling. Thank you all three of you.

Jacqui and Janet put the team into 3rd place in the ladies competition with Jacqui taking part in the 200m,400m and 800m and Janet in the hammer. It is looking good for the ladies competition with two others, shifts permitting, hoping to appear later in the season.

Event/Place Athlete Team Distance/Time
1 Jessica Westley K 36.63
2 Nicola Bell W 36.24
3 Janet Smith B 36.08
1 Cedelle Agyei-Kyem W 26.3
2 Tia Mckay E 28.9
3 Jacqui Musselwhite B 33.0
1 Laura Howley E 64.9
2 Rachel Pharaoh W 65.7
3 Jacqui Musselwhite B 71.9
1 Charlotte Vaughan W 2:18.0
2 Laura Howley E 2:34.1
3 Jacqui Musselwhite B 2:51.2

Steve Hillier threw the Discus, Ian Haylock and Neil Frediani ran 1500m (Ian to score) and Neil Frediani threw the Javelin

Event/Place Athlete Team Distance/Time
1 Paul Derrien M 35.22
2 Bernhard Jongejan W 28.09
3 Bilen Ahmet K 24.47
4 Neil Watson E 22.9
5 Steve Hillier B 17.65
1 Bernhard Jongeejan W 39.9
2 Paul derrien M 34.94
3 Bilen Ahmet K 27.82
4 Neil Watson E 27.63
5 Neil Frediani B 18.19
1 Craig Jarman W 04:24.8
2 Daniel Wolf E 04:27.7
3 Mark Snaith M 04:40.8
4 Ian Haylock B 05:10.8
And Neil Frediani   06:18.4

Neilís two results were pbs.

Neil Frediani

London Marathon Reports

A runner collapsed near us and David Duggan, Ian Cockram and I (John Lennon) went to help him. It was a while till St John's got to him, so we were with him for 15-20 minutes. I contacted the charity on his running top to ask how he was and they confirmed that he was ok. I've since received the e-mail below from the runner, thanking us & I thought I would share it with you. It's good to get positive feedback and nice to feel that we might have made a telling contribution:

ĎYour email has been passed to me by the charity. I Just want to say thank you so so much for your help after I collapsed. To be honest I canít remember much about me actually collapsing, but I have photographic evidence, and I would have been in a lot more trouble if it wasnít for you guys! Iím all better now, but as you can imagine I wasnít very well last week after the hypothermia! Unfortunately, I didnít finish the marathon this year, I could hardly walk to the taxi never mind the finish line, but thereís always next year!í

John Lennon

Firstly, I would like to say a massive thanks to BAAC for giving me the amazing opportunity of running the London Marathon.

I printed off a training plan to follow, as I like to actually Ďtick offí my runs once completed. Most of the runs were freezing, cold and wet, therefore no preparation for the actual day as regards to the weather!!

The sunny weather was just too much for me on the day. By the time I got to mile 5 I realised I needed to slow my pace right down as I wanted to finish in one piece and with a smile on my face. 

I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed the day despite being exactly one hour slower than my PB. To be able to soak up the carnival atmosphere, encourage others and not sustain any injuries is something Iím more than happy about. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in my twenties and had my first joint replacement in my forties so to be able to run is exhilarating for me let alone running in the best marathon in the world.

Well done to all the other runners and of course a massive thank you to all the marshals.

Many thanks

Sarah Baggs

January 2018 - Training hasnít been bad as short runs but boy have they been wet and cold.

February 2018 - So runs are getting a bit longer, still cold but even colder and snow has now entered the mix. My daughter has been admitted to hospital and been put on HDU. Iím staying 24 hours with her so training is on the back burner.

March 2018 - Daughter still in hospital and going to be put on life support, marathon training is certainly forgotten. Thank goodness at the last minute this didnít happen as she started to improve. After two weeks its back to training, short run done to get back in to it and a long run. Gone down with flu after the stress of the last couple of weeks. Feeling rough and coughing an awful lot but I need to do 16 miles. Well the weather started ok-ish but then a blizzard of snow started. Hands have swollen and canít bend my fingers as so cold. A hot bath is definitely needed. Had a few niggles this month, I think my calves are tight and making it painful on the heel of my foot.

April 2018 - Well still wet and cold with the training runs done 18.5 miles, 22 miles and 23 miles. Been huge puddles and lots of mud but also a lot of laughs with my training buddies. Think I am nearly marathon ready. Skiing at Easter, why did I think this was a good idea a couple of weeks before the marathon. Iím flying down black runs thinking I should be dressed in bubble wrap. Thankfully no injuries and made it home safe and sound. As I have been skiing then I havenít run, did a short run and then only, yes only, an 8 mile run. Before this that would have felt like a marathon on its own. I think I can do this but the thought of it still scares me to death. I will be on my own without my training buddies but there will also be thousands of people around me in the same position. Positive thoughts and mind. Expo day and I have found out that I am in red wave and pen 8 with my training buddy, fantastic news. What a great day at the Expo, just the marathon now.

Marathon Day - I feel sick and have never felt this nervous in all my life, Iím trying to force my porridge down. A very quiet walk to the start line with my training buddy. Found my kit bag lorry and now in a long queue for the toilet. Off to the pen, there is no shade and I feel zapped of energy before I have even started. There are cheers and I assume the first wave is off. 49 minutes later and itís our turn. I have to let go of my training buddies hand as she is slower than me and Iím off and left her behind. Itís so hot but Iím taking on little sips of water and pouring some in my hands for my face and over my head and on my pressure points. It helps for a while. I am managing to pass people as not really overcrowded as I had expected but I assume the waves have helped with this, this is my first marathon so I wouldnít know how it was before. There are people supporting from the start and as I have my name on my vest they are calling out my name, this is helping to keep my going. Itís mile 9 and I am really flagging, this heat is unbearable. I see my husband and my children and this is the boost I need. I give them a big sweaty cuddle and Iím off again. I am passing people dressed as phones, rhinoís, panto dames and lots of different costumes. How they can run in those is amazing as itís hard enough with just a vest and leggings on. The support still continues from the crowd which is absolutely amazing. About four stations have run out of water, I feel sick so I grab a Lucozade, this has made me feel sick even more. I see my family again at two other places and it is a huge boost again. People are being sick and having their legs stretched due to cramp. There are white lines on peopleís shorts and leggings which I assume is the salt they have sweated out. I have strided rather than run from about mile 13 as my calves were cramping as I ran, I wanted to finish and knew this was the best option. Mile 24.5 is coming up, getting a bit emotional as I have seven friends marshalling there for BAAC. I have big cuddles and lots of well dones from them and I only have 1.7 miles to go. There will be no sprint finish from me as I try and run again and my calvesí cramp again. Well itís 5 hours 45 minutes and 10 seconds since I left the start and I am at the finish, what an amazing feeling and such an amazing day. I said it was my one and only marathon but I will be entering the ballot when it opens on Monday 30 April. It is so hard to explain the emotions you go through, it is a day I will never forget and huge thanks go to BAAC for giving me this fabulous opportunity.

Mel Hammond

Club parkrun results for Saturday 5th May 2018

5th May 2018 family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
Zara Thorn 29:36 Nonsuch New member, run #6 50%
Kay Trinder 21:51 Woking F-2, run #96, new member 79%
Jacqui Musselwhite 22:46 Woking run #60, 56th at Woking 73%
Eddie Giles 25:52 Salisbury run #100 67%
John Coffey 27:43 Hazelwood run #280, course pb 70%
Bob Bannister 29:18 Bracknell 1st run at Bracknell, park #26 55%
Alice Banks 27:35 Frimley Lodge 1st run at Frimley, park #28 70%
James Glover 25:09 Guildford 1st parkrun this year 60%
Benita Scaife 35:30 Hampstead Heath 1st run at Hampstead Heath 56%
John Scaife 35:30 Hampstead Heath 1st run at Hampstead Heath 47%
John Lennon 33:04 Hogmoor Inclosure 1st run at Hogmoor, park #27 47%
Trish McCabe 30:01 Mole Valley 1st run at Mole Valley, club rec(F) 51%
Sarah Gordon 35:41 Sixfields Upton 1st run at Sixfields, park #94 54%
Caroline Cockram 25:28 Victoria Dock club record 65%
Ian Cockram 25:29 Victoria Dock 1st run at Victoria Dock 58%
Neil Frediani 26:14 Bedfont Lakes run #195 62%
David Duggan 44:59 Bedfont Lakes run #251 35%
Joe Nolan 29:50 Black Park run #307 55%
Janet Smith 35:14 Black Park run #86, 40th at Black Park 49%
Ian Cunningham 20:53 Bushy Park 2018 sb 74%
Grant Strydom 33:59 Bushy Park run #33, first this year 44%
Jonathan Cox 22:53 Crane Park 62nd run at Crane 68%
Scott Davison 22:30 Crane Park run #251, 23rd at Crane 63%
Ben Chaytow 21:56 Crane Park run #192, 2018 sb at Crane 63%
Chris Kelly 25:40 Didcot 55%
Alan Anderson 33:29 Gunnersbury 275th run at Gunnersbury 66%
Steve Newell 36:45 Gunnersbury 125th run at Gunnersbury 51%
Petra Otto 33:20 March run #47 62%
Steve Taylor 25:06 Northala Fields run #87 61%
Roderick Hoffman 47:47 Northala Fields walk or run #295 * 33%
Richard Ruffell 21:46 Tring age grade best at Tring 71%
Arlene Gallagher 48:07 Victoria Dock run #287, park #68 31%
Denis Foxley volunteer Harrow run director

The early May Bank Holiday and fine weather brought parkrunners out in record breaking numbers across the UK with 5km parkrun attendance exceeding 140,000, or 150,000 if you include all the volunteers.  Bedfont Lakes provides a model of consistency with exactly 250 finishers for the second time in three weeks.

We welcome two new female members in action this week.  Zara Thorn (29:36 at Nonsuch) has joined from Sutton and District AC while Kay Trinder (21:51 at Woking) is also a member of Woking AC.

Former Track and Field captain Eddie Giles who has been a parkrunner since 2010 finally reached his century with a 25:52 run at Salisbury.

John Coffey (27:43) continues to chisel away at the MV75 category record at Hazelwood, his new favourite parkrun.  Join him this coming Saturday and help him shave off another few seconds.

Several members were in holiday tourist mode and made a first appearance at a parkrun somewhere including Bob Bannister (29:18 at Bracknell), Alice Banks (27:35 at Frimley Lodge), Benita and John Scaife (35:50 at Hampstead Heath), John Lennon (33:04 at Hogmoor Inclosure), Trish McCabe (33:01 at Mole Valley), Sarah Gordon (35:41 at Sixfields Upton), Caroline (25:28, club record) and Ian Cockram (25:29 at Victoria Dock).

Steve Newell

Updated parkrun stats - club parkrun stats

* A big PW, but I did manage to finish ahead of twenty participants plus the tail walker. Roderick

parkrun Tourism

UK parkrun participation 5th May 2018 - click picture for more details.

UK parkrun participation 5th May 2018

Roderick Hoffman

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