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BA Athletics Club News Digest 7th October 2019


  • Saturday 12th October - Surrey League Matches; Men at Richmond Park at 15:00, Ladies at Priory Park Reigate at 13:00 #
  • Wednesday 23rd October - Five Mile Handicap at the Bedfont Club from 18:00 #
  • Saturday 26th October - Run-of-the-Month Milocarian Cross-Country at Sandhurst at 14:00 #

We will be meeting at 18:00 at the Bedfont Club this Wednesday and have a committee meeting in the bar afterwards. All members are welcome.

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at most of our events. The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Last updated: 29th July.

* Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps] (parkrun details updated 23rd Sept 2019) / # Club Points event.

Facebook: (formal "front window" club page), BA Runner Facebook Group (informal "back office" - ask to join).

Inclusions, with photos, please to Roderick Hoffman at

Dream Mile Results for Thursday 3rd October

  • Ian Cunningham 06:28
  • Neil Frediani 08:26

The next Dream Mile will be on Thursday 7th November and is currently in the diary as our Run-of-the-Month for November hence will be a points scoring event #. Hopefully we'll get back to the ten runner field size we were having recently.

The December event (traditionally with added Christmas spirit and mince pies) is likely to be on Thursday 5th December.

Roderick Hoffman obo Neil Frediani

Milocarian AC Home Match at RMA Sandhurst on Sat 26th Oct 2019 (BAAC Run-of-the-Month #)

Reminder to get your details on this event to Simon Turton at:

Simon Turton

Club parkrun results for Thursday 3rd October and Saturday 5th October 2019

Member 3rd / 5th Oct.* parkrun  ↓ Pos  ↓ Time  ↓ Grade↓ PB↓ Comment
TRUE Janice Jones Banstead Woods 102 00:29:28 59.11%
TRUE Paul PRESCOTT Bedfont Lakes 10 00:21:12 60.93%
TRUE Ian Cockram Bedfont Lakes 39 00:24:52 60.25%
TRUE Natalia Prescott Bedfont Lakes 73 00:27:54 53.05%
TRUE Sarah GORDON Bedworth 136 00:33:19 59.08% PB   96sec course PB
TRUE Bob Bannister Black Park 140 00:24:32 67.12%
TRUE Joe NOLAN Black Park 335 00:29:07 57.07% and Volunteer Coordinator
TRUE Janet Smith Black Park 554 00:35:43 49.37%
TRUE Julie BARCLAY Brooklands 24 00:22:17 81.23%
TRUE Paul WATT Brooklands 27 00:22:28 67.80% PB   63sec course PB
TRUE Zoe OSTLEY Brooklands 215 00:34:08 53.76% PB   26sec course PB
TRUE Mike Dennison Bushy Park 89 00:19:42 82.15%
TRUE Colin HAYLOCK Bushy Park 124 00:20:08 73.26%
TRUE Ian CUNNINGHAM Bushy Park 430 00:23:52 65.50%
TRUE Maria Jovani Crane Park 7 00:20:11 77.37% PB   F-1, 27 sec course pb, club record(F)
TRUE James Shoulder Crane Park 5 00:19:14 67.07% PB   M-5, 22sec course pb, club record from John Taylor
TRUE Ben Chaytow Crane Park 11 00:20:56 66.72%
TRUE Roderick HOFFMAN Globe 14 00:29:36 53.72% BA park #532
#N/A Ralph BEHRENS Globe 18 00:40:57 40.94% Lufthansa Running Club colleague
TRUE John Lennon Guildford 340 00:31:01 50.83%
TRUE Oliver MATHAI Gunnersbury 196 00:25:20 66.18%
TRUE John COFFEY Hazelwood 67 00:28:06 69.99%
TRUE Alice BANKS Higginson, Marlow 83 00:26:55 74.18%
TRUE Trish MCCABE Hilly Fields 226 00:29:25 52.69%
TRUE Scott DAVISON Hove Promenade 158 00:25:11 57.64%
TRUE Neil FREDIANI Hyde 84 00:28:58 56.33%
TRUE Adrian Haines Ifield Mill Pond 4 00:18:55 79.21% M-4, BA park #533
TRUE Jain Reid Inverness 299 00:34:12 50.93% BA park #534
TRUE Steve NEWELL Jersey Farm 156 00:46:31 40.74% Wilson Index advances to 50
TRUE Petra OTTO March 108 00:33:09 64.00%
TRUE David DUGGAN Nidda 36 00:29:09 54.55% BA park #531, also Bedfont Volunteer Coordinator
TRUE Stephen K TAYLOR Northala Fields 84 00:25:20 61.18%
TRUE Murray HOGGE Reading 37 00:22:12 71.62%
TRUE Frankie HOGGE Reading 36 00:22:11 66.72%
TRUE Christopher T KELLY Reading 308 00:48:36 31.34%
TRUE Tim Bellars Riddlesdown 17 00:22:19 67.74% run #14, park #14
TRUE Eddie GILES Salisbury 158 00:26:38 66.21%
TRUE Keith Johnson Sittingbourne 35 00:25:04 58.38%
TRUE Roderick HOFFMAN Neckarufer, Esslingen 73 00:29:07 54.61% *German Unification Day / BA park #530
#N/A Ralph BEHRENS Neckarufer, Esslingen 101 00:40:20 41.57% *German Unification Day
TRUE David DUGGAN Westpark 35 00:29:19 54.24% *German Unification Day

Volunteers include...[remember, we can only guarantee to include your volunteer efforts if you email us about them]

5th October 2019 parkrun Role
Caroline Cockram volunteer Bedfont Lakes Run Director
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford Event Set-up
Denis Foxley volunteer Harrow Run Director
Joan Foxley volunteer Harrow Finish token support

The fifteenth anniversary of the first Bushy Park time-trial attracted a bumper attendance of 1838 at the spiritual home of parkrun.  The only time that figure has been topped was on Christmas Day last year (just over 2000). We were represented by Mike Dennison (19:42), Colin Haylock (20:08) and Ian Cunningham (23:52).

Earlier in the week, Thursday to be precise, David Duggan and Roderick Hoffman travelled to Germany to join in the Unification celebrations and added some new parkruns to our list.  On the day itself, 3rd October, (30 years since the Berlin Wall crumbled (assisted)), Roderick ran 29:07 at Neckarufer Park in Stuttgart, while David Duggan finished in 29:19 at West Park in Munich leaving Roderick’s club record of 27:24 there intact.  Both stayed on until Saturday when David Duggan (29:09) was at Nidda in Frankfurt and a little quicker than Roderick Hoffman (29:36) at the Globe, Schwabisch Hall in the state of Baden-Wurttemburg {Roderick adds - did you get it, I was a World parkrun Tourist Globe Trotting on International parkrun Day}.

Jain Reid had been astonishingly loyal to Richmond Park until when she became infected with the tourist bug. This week she became our first member to run at Inverness (34:12).  There was a record attendance of 442 there, beating the previous high of 307.  parkruns beginning with the letter “I” are quite rare so to get two on the same day is certainly unique for us. Inverness has had a parkrun for eight years. Adrian Haines (18:55) made his first visit to Ifield Mill Pond in Crawley which started only last month.  Alphabet collectors have never had it so good.  “J” is also available now at Jersey Farm near St Albans.

At Black Park it was pacer day once again (first Saturday of the month).  The comprehensive scheme choreographed by Joe Nolan (29:07) and he tagged along for the ride himself this week and was pleased with his time. In December it will be the fifth anniversary of Joe setting up his pacer squad!

It was quite a good week for pbs and club records.  See table above.

Steve's parkrun stats - club parkrun stats - UPDATED

Full club parkrun database - {read access to new club parkrun database} - UP TO DATE - Download and explore.

Steve Newell / Roderick Hoffman

* Special Day parkruns

How come David and I were able to do an extra parkrun last Thursday?

Each parkrun country is able to nominate a day in the year for a Special Event. For the UK this is Christmas Day and most parkrun countries initially went with this also but they are now selecting their own special days. For Germany it was the Unification Day - celebrating that 30 years ago Germany was unified after 25 years of disunity. The next opportunity for an extra parkrun will be in the USA on Thanksgiving Day (28th November, also a Thursday) but please note that not all events will operate on a country's Special Event day (due to core team availability, volunteers and/or lack of permission from course owners and authorities). Some events may be announced late or initially announced and then cancelled.

After Thanksgiving Day there is the theoretical possibility of running on Christmas Eve in Norway, on Christmas Day in the UK and then Boxing Day in Poland (on a Thursday, so you have a chance to recover before the regular Saturday parkrun). You can bet your life that some parkrun tourists will attempt the treble and succeed.

Next year the German Unification Day falls on a Saturday so the German teams are assuming that they won't have an opportunity for an extra parkrun next year, not in Germany anyway.

For the full list see:

Each country is also permitted to host an additional parkrun on New Year's Day and to vary the start times to allow participants to achieve two finishes (max).

Roderick Hoffman

Events Coming Up - all linked in some way to BA or BAAC members

  • The Marlow Striders are promoting their Half Marathon and Marlow 7 events on Sunday 3rd November. See In the past this has been popular with members and I can see that Marlow Striders have been in special training for marshalling the event: Facebook video (see if you can spot a regular BAAC runner),
  • The Frieth Hilly 5k/10k races are on Sunday 20th October - see,
  • The Rugged Radnage 5k/10k races are on Sunday 17th November - see

UK Fire Services Cross Country Championships - 6th October

Stowe team runnersOn Sunday 6 October Chris Kelly, Steve Norris and myself competed in the 44th UK Fire Services Cross Country Championships, incorporating the Andy Brown Memorial Run at Stowe School in Buckinghamshire.

Home to the 1990 National Cross Country Championships, the very hilly course was extremely challenging with uneven ground covered in molehills and stinging thistles. The men completed four laps (8.65km), the ladies three (6.46km).  A kind official was informing athletes that they could retire before completing the requisite number of laps.  I ignored this advice as I did not want to become a repeat recipient of the Endeavour Medal which is awarded to the slowest guest and fire-service runners of the day. 

Tyne and Wear Fire & Rescue Service took the top three places in the men’s race with the winner, Graeme Taylor achieving a time of 32:19. The winner of the women’s race was Natalie Batey from Tyne and Wear Fire & Rescue in 27:17.

The entry-fee included a post-race dinner of Lincolnshire sausages, chips and beans in the school refectory.

Thanks to Sarah Kelly for supporting us during the race. 


  • Steve Norris (10th of 67 men) 37:25
  • Chris Kelly (43rd of 67 men) 45:17
  • Christine Munden (20th of 22 ladies) 50:04

Christine Munden

Marathon Results

There have been several marathons over the last couple of weekends. Whilst I referenced Ian at Berlin I missed three other runners, though note the different clubs being run for, the correct typing of our club name for affiliated entries is "British Airways AC":

Berlin Marathon Ian Cunningham British Airways AC 03:37:41  
Berlin Marathon Davinder Bhambi (no club) 04:02:56 Probably entered before he joined BAAC.
Berlin Marathon Jasvir Singh Modaher British Airways A.C 05:43:04  
Berlin Marathon Jain Reid British Airways Athletics Club 05:39:20  
Chester Marathon Piers Keenleyside Ealing Eagles 04:19:34 Ealing Eagles is Pier's 1st claim club
Chester Marathon Clara Halket British Airways AC DNF Had to drop out at halfway.

Hawaii Ironman this Sunday

The Ironman World Championship takes place this coming Sunday in and around Kailua-Kona on the Big Island in Hawaii. Olympic triathlon champion (2012, 2016) Alistair Brownlee will be taking part for the first time.  He qualified by winning Ironman Ireland in August when the weather was so bad the swim element was cancelled.  He been doing many half Ironman distance events recently and winning quite frequently so it will be interesting to follow the race on Sunday.  Not many athletes win in Hawaii at their first attempt.

Steve Newell

Running shorts

  • No luck in the London Ballet? See next week's digest for news on our club places.
  • Dear Ed, just back from Rhodes where bay to bay swimming was on my agenda. Today (5th Oct) I jogged a combined park and street run in 40Mins. (in new trainers). Well pleased! Andy Rayner.
  • Street-O is on tomorrow evening 8th Oct. over at Turnpike Lane. Be at the Westbury Pub N22 6SA from 18:20 onwards: details
  • Spotter's Badge to Clara for spotting the error in last week's digest - I'd typed that the first KLM flight was in 2020 not 1920. And thanks to the "100 year" explanation posted by Mike Thorn on Facebook.

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