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BA Athletics Club News Digest 8th January 2018


  • No formal or informal club event this Wednesday
  • Saturday 13th January - Ladies Surrey League Match, Richmond Park from 13:00 (details below)
  • Wednesday 17th January - Club evening run and social - Cranford Community College and Queens Head* - details next week
  • Saturday 20th January - Club featured parkrun - Northala Fields* for 09:00 - details next week

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

*Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

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Inclusions, with photos, please to Roderick Hoffman at

Ladies Surrey League Cross Country Saturday 13th January from 13:00

Hi Ladies (and supporters),

First of all, a very Happy New Year to you all.

Please find here details of our next match.  As Division 2 our start time is 13:00 but get there in plenty of time.  Thank you to those of you who have informed me that you will be attending this event. We are expecting a good turnout of runners. After the run, we will be having a picnic on the grounds.   

Supporters are always welcome to join us, and if you are able to help out with marshalling on the day to allow all our ladies to run, then please let me know asap. I will be volunteering myself in the next couple of days if there is no other volunteer.  

As usual, please look out for the blue picnic table. I'll bring a tent to store our stuff if the weather isn't kind on the day.        

Clara Halket {}

BAAC Cross Country Championships 2018 - January 28th Cranford Park from 10:30

Hi all,

A reminder that we have the BAAC cross country championships coming up in Cranford Park, on the 28th Jan, with a 10.30 start.  There will be a team there from Milocarian, so it would be good if we could get a good turnout of men & ladies teams and bring friends if you wish.

We will also need a team of marshals and time keepers, if anybody is able to help out please can you let me know before the date, my email address is below.

Don`t forget we all have to park in the small carpark in Cranford park now, so if anybody can car share it might be advisable.

 Many thanks,

Gary Rushmere {}

The Club's Speedbird Ladies and Concorde Road Race?

The club has held these two annual events for as long as we can remember and it is good for the club that we do. The two events enable us to promote the club and we hear of other events and opportunities from the people attracted to our events.

We discussed the two at last week's Committee Meeting.  The Speedbird Ladies event is relatively easy to manage including knowing that we can rely on the club's male members to provide enough marshals for the course.  So, subject to us getting permission to use Harmondsworth Moor, we will be hosting another Speedbird Ladies event this year - and it is likely to be the first Wednesday in May.

The Concorde road race is much more difficult to organise.  There are multiple organisations we need to obtain permission from, or at least advise about the event, we need to arrange the hire of a Race HQ to cope with the potential field size, we have the issue each year of rubbish being fly tipped on or near the course and even though we have cut the distance down from 10k to five miles the event still needs a minimum of 14 course marshals as well as the finish team and other volunteers. The event is popular with those who run it, and they like the Concorde Brasses we give as medals.  Last year we had 121 registered for the event and 111 finishers, which was up on previous years. Despite the relatively high cost of the Concorde Brasses we were able to make a modest donation to charity with the proceeds from the event.  But as a whole the event is hard work and the club appears stretched by it.

So, should we have a Concorde race this year?  The Committee discussed that last week and need to make a decision at the beginning of February.  One key factor is that although I've been the Event Director for the last few years I've made it clear that I'm reluctant to be so again this year - that doesn't mean I won't be but we do need others to step forward and take on more of the responsibility of the event.

If you have got views on the matter, including if you'd like to get more involved in the set up and running of this year's event, then please pass them on to a committee member or to me at and/or arrange to join us for the next Committee Meeting at the Cranford Community College on Wednesday February 7th - advise the secretary Steve Hillier {} of your intentions.

Roderick Hoffman obo BAAC Committee  

Track & Field Training - every Monday

Don't forget that we have a Track&Field training session every Monday (well, most Mondays - we did take a break over Christmas). We meet at the Hillingdon Athletics Stadium (see club map) at about 18:00 and on a typical evening we'll do a warm-up followed by a team interval track session.  If you are interested then let Steve Hillier know to expect you. 

Club parkrun results for Saturday 6th January 2018

Steve Newell is away so apologies if any results or volunteer efforts have been missed.  Please email additions or corrections to me and also advise me of next Saturday's planned or actual performances - Roderick Hoffman.

parkrun #event size parkrunner 1st Claim Club Pos. G.Pos Run Time Grade runs there parks vol's Commentary
Bushy parkrun #716 1406 Ian CUNNINGHAM British Airways AC 239 219 00:22:55 67% 313 263 23 21
Bushy parkrun #716 1406 John COFFEY British Airways AC 575 457 00:26:39 71% 266 229 9 0
Bedfont Lakes #442 225 Scott DAVISON British Airways AC 30 27 00:23:39 60% 235 201 14 5
Harrow #140 172 Denis FOXLEY British Airways AC 114 77 00:32:17 53% 89 77 7 43 & volunteer coordinator
Harrow #140 172 Joan FOXLEY 155 67 00:37:57 58% 86 78 4 32
Gunnersbury #319 555 Piers KEENLEYSIDE Ealing Eagles 296 222 00:28:22 57% 189 131 30 37
Gunnersbury #319 555 Alan ANDERSON British Airways AC 457 302 00:33:38 66% 490 260 14 203 & pre-event set-up
Henley-on-Thames #29 109 Christopher T KELLY British Airways AC 12 12 00:22:58 65% 366 2 36 97 PB (by ten seconds)
Gadebridge #141 179 Richard RUFFELL British Airways AC 9 9 00:21:44 71% 136 5 71 5 PB (by 22 seconds)
Crane Park #300 280 Paul SINTON-HEWITT Ranelagh Harriers 16 16 00:20:18 77% 364 9 176 146 PB (17 secs). Volunteer efforts may be under-reported.
Crane Park #300 280 Jonathan COX Stragglers 49 44 00:23:09 67% 341 49 6 23
Crane Park #300 280 Chris EVANS British Airways AC 54 49 00:23:21 64% 190 4 4 31 PB (by 36 seconds)
Crane Park #300 280 Gregory BAILEY Wakefield District Harriers 58 52 00:23:28 63% 224 1 224 24 224 parks in 224 runs - f.a.o. Tim Bellars
Crane Park #300 280 Bob BANNISTER Runneymede Runners 85 70 00:24:40 66% 301 8 25 66 PB (by 105 seconds)
Crane Park #300 280 Trish MCCABE British Airways AC 141 34 00:27:00 57% 219 24 23 56
Crane Park #300 280 David DUGGAN British Airways AC 165 121 00:28:13 55% 235 12 39 210
Crane Park #300 280 Anne BANNISTER Runneymede Runners 260 110 00:29:10 66% 163 5 22 29 4 seconds outside her best at Crane, better age grade
Homewood #66 105 Ian COCKRAM British Airways AC 27 26 00:27:10 54% 417 4 59 260
Homewood #66 105 Caroline COCKRAM British Airways AC 80 18 00:35:59 45% 299 5 57 172
Maidenhead #147 378 Alice BANKS British Airways AC 124 22 00:27:15 71% 107 60 25 36
Ballito #132 454 Tim BELLARS British Airways AC 10 9 00:23:44 63% 10 1 10 0 Tenth parkrun in ten runs (but see Gregory above)
Leicester Victoria #112 306 Sarah GORDON British Airways AC 257 88 00:34:15 56% 178 20 91 11
Hasenheide (Berlin) #1 129 Roderick HOFFMAN British Airways AC 83 59 00:28:06 56% 282 1 217 19
Hasenheide (Berlin) #1 129 Petra OTTO British Airways AC 107 37 00:33:03 62% 36 1 5 7
Hasenheide (Berlin) #1 129 Ralph BEHRENS Lufthansa SV 118 73 00:38:56 42% 7 1 6 1
Northala Fields #189 332 Stephen TAYLOR British Airways AC 76 47 9 19 Volunteer marshal, park record attendance

Not the usual layout since I'm covering for Steve.  You'll note I've included some other bits of information from each parkrun and performance.

It is good to see Harrow parkrun reaching run number 140 - the nearest 140 bus stop is just 400m from the start point.  I've been using that bus for 48 years now - originally from 1970 from where I lived on Harrow-on-the-Hill to get to school at Harrow Weald.  Then from 1982 I used it to get from that same location to Heathrow to get to work at BA.  I then moved to first Northolt and then Yeading but still on that bus route. These days, having left BA, I still use it to get to and from the airport for my frequent trips abroad.  The bus #183 stops nearer the start of Harrow parkrun but run number 183 will be later on in the year.

Tim Bellars ran a new parkrun for the club (#377) at Ballito which is at "Sugar Rush Park" near the coast north of Durban, South Africa. This is a single lap course amongst the sugar cane plantations.    The "Getting There", "By car" directions are from Durban, 50Km away.  The "On foot" directions say "Same as for By Car".  I think they should add "allow more time".

Roderick Hoffman and Petra Otto ran the inaugural Hasenheide parkrun in Berlin, along with club friend Ralph Behrens of Lufthansa running club (the start is pictured below).  This then is the club's 378th different parkrun.  The 129 at the inaugural is probably a record for an inaugural on continental Europe.  Although English was the predominant language amongst the participants there were many Germans and the largest club representation was from Berlin Social Runners with 12 members doing the run.  47 of the participants were doing their first ever parkrun and another 10 had no barcode.  The uber-tourists weren't just from the UK - there was a Polish lady who has done 53 different parkruns and a Russian lady who has done 35.  The two lap course was largely flat except that it would have been 400m short so in the second lap they have added a 400m loop which goes up and down a wooded post-WAR rubble heap. Those who know Northala Fields might be able to imagine what I mean.

Hasenheide parkrun #1 underway

In the table "Vol's" reports credited volunteer efforts. Ian C, David, Caroline and Alan A do a grand job for parkrun.  Note that Paul Sinton-Hewett's volunteer efforts will be underreported - as well as setting up and building up parkruns everywhere he will fill into gaps when needed - for instance I can remember finishing at Crane Park one week when they were stretched for volunteers and Paul scanned my barcode having finished ahead of me.

Overall on Saturday, despite it being the first Saturday of the New Year, there wasn't a record attendance at UK parkruns - perhaps because of weather related cancellations.  Many parkruns however did have record attendances including Crane Park with 280 on their 300th run including many club members and friends from Bedfont.

'00th runs usually attract big numbers however Tooting Common had a massive 812 attendees on their 99th run - so how many will return for run number 100?  Remember that there was a huge battle with the council to get Tooting Common parkrun started, and the resolution reached included the expectation that the parkrun could attract up to 300 participants. On Saturday 123 of the attendees were doing their first ever parkrun and another 294 had only done up to 9 before that run. There were also 98 finishers who didn't present barcodes - so that sounds like a total of 500 newish runners in that area.  There is a clear need for more parkruns near that location.

New parkruns boosted the UK total numbers also:

Critchton Inaugural parkrun had 389 participants.  The parkrun was not swamped out by parkrun tourists - just 55 of the 389 had done more than ten parkruns whereas 231 participants presenting their barcodes for the first time and there were another 29 without barcodes.  Critchton parkrun "fills a gap" - it is in Dumfries which is 40km from the next nearest parkrun (Carlisle) and for the last two years has had a junior parkrun with 50 to 80 finishers each week.

In contrast Bakewell's inaugural (delayed by one week due to last weekend's weather) had 253 at their inaugural run but that included just 62 new parkrunners and 15 without barcodes.  There were 127 with more than 10 parkruns to their record including, in my opinion, a disappointing high number of parkrun tourists (given that Bakewell had asked for a quiet start).

Roderick Hoffman

club parkrun stats {not updated this week}


Hi Steve,

Happy New Year.  I see you must have picked up the New Year Day parkrun results earlier in the day, as it has my Wanstead run as 19.39.  As much as I would love to have run at that speed, sadly it is not so, the first results they published had everyone 2 minutes faster than they actually did....a nice new year present, but corrected later in the day and the results now show the correct times, so 21.39 for me. Probably best you update the club records with the right time.

I did also notice, not that it matters, you had my Xmas Day time at Tring as 22.39, when it was 22.09, 30 seconds faster, which on that course is quite a lot!   Natalie Ruffell ran that day as well, 2nd lady in 21:44, and only just behind a GB Olympian {Claire HALLISSEY - 2012 Marathon}, so not a bad effort.


Richard Ruffell

Cliveden 10k XC Sunday January 7th Results

Trish at ClivedenI had the pleasure of taking part in the 10k Cliveden XC on 7/01 for the first time. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this run. It was challenging but mastering the 172 steps twice felt like a good achievement. I had time to stop and take some photo’s and finished in a time of 1:03. I would like to complete this run again and aim for a sub 1 hour time.

Trish McCabe 406 1:03:07
Janet Smith 596 1:26:14

It was lovely to see so many familiar faces and thanks to Neil Frediani for his support and photo taking and it was good to see Poppy too.

Trish McCabe

Janet at ClivedenEd: I'm not sure that it helps, turning your back on the steps, before running up them but it is clearly the popular thing to do (Janet on the left and Trish on the right).  Neil did take many photographs, and they are on Facebook, including one of Trish at the top of the steps STILL smiling...but sadly it was blurred.

Running Shorts

If anyone is down in Oz esp. Sydney, two great jogs are:- Home and Away Bay outside 'Town' with a lovely beach and In 'Town' through the park and onto Circular Quay and the Bridge.

Great City!

Andy Rayner

Dear All,

I have attached details of the Thames Tow Path 10 which is a lovely 10 mile race mostly along the river Thames. It is on Sunday 8th April and is organised by West 4 Harriers. {website:}

Have a nice weekend


Alison (West4 Harriers)

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